| April 26, 2020

5 Creative Ways to Display Your Wedding Photos at Home

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5 At-Home Photo Displays We Can’t Get Enough Of


Two wedding photos sitting on a shelf.

YES! You’ve eloped! Don’t you wish that day amazing, adventurous, special day could last forever? While your actual elopement day and ceremony cannot last forever, your wedding photos will be there for you for years to come. Flipping through your elopement photo gallery can be an extremely emotional experience as there is nothing quite like reliving the best day of your life with the one you love the most. But let’s, face it – your photos deserve a place in your home (seriously, don’t let them sit in a digital gallery or USB drive!). It’s time to celebrate your epic day and put your elopement memories front & center.

Prints, albums and photo displays are an experience worth investing in for yourself and for every friend and family member who visits your home. Turning your wedding and adventure photos into a display or home decor is an amazing way to celebrate the best day of your life, everyday.

Grab your partner and tap into your creative spirit and display these memories in your home. These 5 creative displays will help you turn your photos into one-of-a-kind pieces of art!

Epic Panoramic Prints

Are you looking for a dramatic and eye-catching way to decorate your home? Make the most of your adventure wedding photos with split panel panoramic prints. Sometimes locations are just too wide and scenic to put in one frame — which is why we always try to snag some panoramic shots for you! By splitting a single image into two, three, or more pieces, you can easily create a large dynamic piece of art for your home.

A bedroom with four wedding photos hanging above the bed.

Design a Gallery Wall

Designing a gallery wall for your elopement photos is an easy way to bring some style into any room and beautifully showcase your adventurous spirit. We love the idea of mixing landscape prints and wedding portraits into one wall collage. There is no one way to create a gallery wall — which is why we love them! There’s lots of room for creativity here.

Depending on your style, mix and match frames and photo sizes and get to planning. We suggest arranging your frames and photo collection on the floor before taking a hammer to the wall.

Pro Tip: Consider bringing other details on to the walls! Like framing your handwritten vows or elopement announcements too. We’ve even had couples press and frame their wedding flower petals, or have an artist press and frame your bouquet like this.

A living room with a collage of six wedding photos hanging above a couch.

Create a Mantel Display

Depending on the layout of your home, your mantel and fireplace are likely a focal point for intimate gatherings with family and friends, so it makes sense to use that space to display your favorite wedding memories. Intimate elopement photos, landscape shots and more can easily be placed above the mantel!

A wedding photo on a mantel display hanging above a fireplace.

Leaning Prints

Another option for your wedding photos is to have them rest on a mantle or console tables around the house. We LOVE the leaning print trend because as creatives with an endless supply of landscape photography it’s hard for us to settle on one location for our prints.

Leaning prints are a great choice if you have a large quantity of prints and want a flexible design. The trick for leaning art is to make it look effortless and not like you forgot to hang your frames. Pro Tips:

  • Try leaning things on your mantel, bookshelves, the floor and console tables
  • Leaning art is a great option for renters!
  • If you live with kids or some rowdy furry friends, consider a combination of leaning art and wall-mounted art so nothing gets knocked over.
  • If you’re leaning a frame on a slick surface, be sure to add some non-slip strips to the bottom so it doesn’t slide. 
A wedding photo in a picture frame sitting on a table.

Create a Wedding Album

Investing in an album for your elopement photos is a great way to share your love story with friends and family. We believe there’s something really special about being able to actually turn pages when you’re looking at photographs. When you hire Adventure Instead, you’re getting more than just elopement photographers. We aim to deliver more than just a digital link for your photos. Your elopement and wedding day deserves to be printed in a quality, timeless book that you can experience the story of your elopement day over and over again in a beautiful and tangible way, and share it with those you love.

A coffee table book is the perfect way to relive the best day of your life without having to look at a computer screen. Whenever you have a company, they’ll be able to easily look through your elopement photos too!

A wedding photo album sits on a table.
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