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You got into photography to take epic photos and serve awesome couples. 

But you didn’t go to business school… so now what?

The hard truth is, no matter how amazing your work is, you won’t get hired if no one knows who you are.

Marketing and branding are at the core of a successful photography business, but you already knew that.

That’s why


Because you know it’s about
more than just being a great

It’s about understanding how to build the backend of a business, where and how to find ideal clients, how to market yourself so you stand out in a saturated industry, and all the other crucial behind-the-scenes elements that go into a successful business.

And you might be thinking, “I guess I’m just going to wing it,” but you don’t have to (and honestly—you shouldn’t have to!)

But don’t worry,

Got Me

& that’s what I’m here for. 

To help you create a successful, scalable photography business that allows you to live the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

Whether that’s flying across the globe, hiking up and down mountains, or creating intimate wedding experiences right in your own neighborhood—you’re not alone & I can help you make it happen.

What do you need most right now?

Whether you’re just getting started or already “all in,” I’ve
got a resource to help get you where you need to go.

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Our free Facebook Group is the place to be & all that’s missing is you

Whether you’re looking for other photographers who just get it, dying for a space to ask all your burning business questions, or simply want support & connection.

PS: We’re 100% inclusive & a drama-free zone–our group is dedicated to providing a safe space for all & adding value, not noise.

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Free Resources

How awesome would it be to learn directly from a super-experienced, seasoned elopement photographer?

How excited would you be to know insider secrets like the best gear for adventure elopements, the coolest places to elope across the globe, and how to write blog posts that actually convert to real paying clients?

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could get inside their head (and their business!)—for FREE?

You CAN! I created TONS of free resources to help you break boundaries in your business without breaking the bank. Because you’re freaking awesome & you deserve it.

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Ready to learn everything there is to know about being a rad, adventure elopement or wedding photographer?

  • Looking to grab ahold of your dream to become an elopement photographer & create wedding experiences that are focused on what actually matters (& learn all the business stuff you NEED to know—like SEO, branding, marketing, pricing, etc.)? THRIVE – THE BUSINESS OF UNCONVETIONAL WEDDINGS & ELOPEMENTS COURSE is calling your name
  • Ready to feel confident AF with your editing and finally achieve consistency throughout your portfolio (hello consistent skin tones!)? THE PRESETS COURSE is your go-to
  • A nature-lover who wants to learn how to care for our planet & bake environmentally-friendly processes into your business (so photographers tomorrow can enjoy the same beautiful public lands we get to today)? THE LEAVE NO TRACE COURSE will be your new favorite

Each course was meticulously created with YOU in mind—nixing all the fluff & diving straight into the hard-hitting information that will actually change your life & business. Because we’re not here to add to the noise—we’re here to help create the next generation of elopement photography leaders, and we hope you’re one of them.

You want to


Do you do your best learning in person? When you can see & interact with your teacher and peers?

Would you LOVE to have 1-on-1 mentoring with one of the industry’s highest-ranked photographers?

I get it—there’s something to be said about in-person learning—so I’m bringing the knowledge party to YOU.

Looking for a group environment? 

Our Fans

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See what our fans have to say

“incredible breadth of knowledge”

Learning from Maddie Mae was the best investment I have made in my business. I felt that I was on shaky ground when it came to all the ins and outs of adventurous elopements and the instruction she provided has given me the solid footing that my business needed. She not only has an incredible breadth of knowledge about marketing, but is an impressive communicator and teaches in a way that you can actually comprehend and take action. I'm a bit of a perpetual student… so when I say that learning from Maddie Mae was by far the best learning experience I have ever had—it's no joke. Maddie genuinely wants everyone to succeed in the industry. She’s not just spouting community over competition, she’s living it.

“absolutely the BEST educator”

Maddie Mae is absolutely the BEST educator I have ever had! I have been in the industry for 14 years and learned SO much from her! She packs so much info into everything she teaches and breaks it down in a way that’s easy to understand! She communicates not only the “what”, but the “why” behind it. Her passion for education, attention to detail, explanations every step of the way, and her complete transparency is truly inspiring! I HIGHLY recommend Maddie Mae in all aspects of teaching & mentoring for elopement photographers!! Every single thing I learned from her has been SO valuable!

“totally worth the investment”

Maddie Mae excels at teaching! She knows her stuff backwards and forwards and it shows. I have been so impressed with how jam-packed and expertly organized her content is! There was more to learn about elopements than I expected. I’m very impressed with her focus on efficiency, business acumen, and branding. I’m just starting out in this market so learning from Maddie was a huge level up for me. It was so useful to realize all that I don’t know and it made me so excited to grow! Learning from Maddie was totally worth the investment.

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