Create meaningful
& inspiring imagery

while crafting the sought-after client experience that makes your photos matter

A revolutionary
photography course by
henry tieu & Maddie Mae

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You are a more powerful and creative artist than you realize

We all had a moment when we first dreamed of being a wedding photographer

You found your passion to create, document, serve, and be part of someone’s most beautiful day

This journey is so incredibly humbling and beautiful you don’t ever want it to end, right?

But it’s also not without obstacles, fears, sacrifices, and uncertainties

When “making art” becomes your job, all of a sudden it feels so serious

With the weight of that responsibility, self-doubt and comparison can creep in.

You’re not alone, and it’s ok to feel discouraged sometimes

You’re already enough, exactly as you are but we’re here to give you the tools and education to actually believe it.

My last wedding though I utilized some of the tips from the “getting ready” section and honestly they’re the best getting ready photos I’ve ever taken. If you’re on the fence about this course do yourself a favor and just go for it.

tabitha walsh

Destin, FL

I can feel my brain starting to work differently on elopements and it’s SO exciting. I feel like I’m always thanking Maddie and Henry but… seriously. So grateful to you both!


Phoenix, AZ

These are some of the sneak peeks we just delivered from this weeks elopement and, honestly, we feel like we’ve come on leaps and bounds since following your inspiring course. Thank you Maddie Mae and Henry Tieu!

Vanessa Lill & Chad Allen

Fruita, CO

Wanted to share my excitement—I finally photographed my first elopement! I have been working my way through the course and learning tons. Thanks Maddie and Henry for all your love and support.

anita birkland

Spokane, WA

Our goal?

To enable you to create with all of your heart and soul

while serving your clients to the fullest

As artists, we are all

Constantly striving to learn & grow
while knowing there is no ultimate destination

it’s all about the experience

It’s okay to feel a little lost…


Questioning if you have what it takes to be more creative—especially in the moment.


Doubting your artistic style. Wondering how to stand out in the “sea of sameness” in our industry.


Unsure how to handle the logistics of planning a meaningful day that also leaves space for creativity.


Feeling underprepared for unfamiliar landscapes, unpredictable weather, & uncontrollable light.


Struggling with how to balance posing and lighting while prioritizing an authentic client experience.


Finding yourself relying on formulas & cliches when documenting certain parts of the day.


Battling with your raw photos in post-production, trying to get them to match your artistic vision.


Feeling stuck on a plateau of “success”, even if you’re doing everything technically “right.”


Wishing you could experiment freely and take bold risks with your work but feel too afraid.

You’re not alone. It gets better.

And everything’s about to change for you.

It’s time for your creative revolution.


Your Own
Creative Style



the Client














But First!

Not sure you want to be an “adventure wedding” or “elopement” photographer?

Let’s check: Do these sound like your type of wedding days?

  • A meaningful backyard ceremony at a couple’s family home, with them & their 20 closest family & friends.
  • A couple exploring spots along the coast with their 2 best friends, and reading their vows on a beach at sunset.
  • A couple hiking up their favorite 4-mile long trail at dawn so they can exchange vows in seclusion at sunrise.
  • A private helicopter elopement on top of a glacier and then celebrating with loved ones at a brewery after.
  • Exploring an international destination with a couple for their elopement, surrounded by sailboats & ancient cities.

If you love small, mostly outdoor weddings…

You’re in the right place,

no matter where you live.

We all want to create more than just photos

We want our images to mean something

We want our work to evoke emotion,
be impactful to our clients,
remind them of the day they got married,
and truly tell their unique story

But when we’re struggling to get
the unpredictable outdoors,
composition, lighting, posing, and gear
to work for us…

we can lose sight of this goal or even feel like
it’s impossible for us to ever get there creatively

Here’s the truth:


You can help couples express themselves freely on their most important day while getting to express yourself fully as an artist.


“Creativity” isn’t a trait you either have or you don’t. You can intentionally learn, grow, find, and connect with your creativity & source of inspiration.


You can be more than “just a photographer” to your couples, and make a positive impact on their experience, while finding & being true to your style.

Imagine confidently going into your next elopement
truly believing this and having the skills to follow through

Bottom Line

You can create beautiful art and invite your
couples to be co-creators in the artistic process
—while crafting an honest, meaningful
experience they’ll never forget

Sure, it sounds great in theory, but…

How can you make this a reality?

We need:

Solid foundation
of knowledge & skills.
We fear what we
don’t know.

Tangible tools
& techniques
in real situations.

An inspirational
of what it
means to show
up and serve.

So you can confidently embrace the artist
you’ve always longed to become.

We’re here to show you exactly
how to do just that.


A revolutionary photography course on how to find your creative style, take objectively better photos, and continue to put clients first.

42 Masterclass Videos

5 All-Day Elopements & Weddings

107 pages of resources

1 overarching purpose:

to give you the tools, techniques, & strategies needed
to master the art of adventure weddings and elopements

Hey Darling,

We’re Henry & Maddie

henry tieu

henry tieu photography

henry tieu

henry tieu photography

I’m a daydreamer &
a night-thinker.

I’m a daydreamer &
a night-thinker.

Before stepping into photography, I worked as a Registered Nurse in a Cardiac ICU. I’ve witnessed last breaths, tough goodbyes, tearful recoveries, and unexpected happy endings. These experiences were a constant reminder of how big the small things really are and how meaningful it is to capture life’s most delicate and impactful moments.

This perspective is at the core of my approach to photography. With the click of a shutter button, you can keep moments from slipping through your fingers and keep that story from being lost.

When it comes to education, I believe in care from the heart. That is the core value for me, and the knowledge that I share with you comes from a deep place of intentionality, vulnerability, and care.

I live with a strong awareness that this present moment is all we have. My heart lives on the outside of my chest.

I photograph with love—with all of its nuances & intricacies.

Maddie mae

adventure instead

I consider myself a
“nerdy creative.”

When I started photographing weddings, I found myself in the same spot as many other photographers: I was on the path for a different pursuit—a degree in engineering—but was drawn to the creativity & artistic freedom of photography. So I found a way to infuse data, science, & statistics into art.

I pivoted to a degree in business & marketing and leveraged it to build Adventure Instead. Now I strive to bring my love of logic to photography education. This pragmatic side of me is what drives me to produce tangible, actionable education, like The Elopement Photographer Course… because you deserve more than fluffy “insights” that aren’t actually useful to you. You deserve data-backed research and scientifically tried & true methods—and I want to share that with you.

I believe photography is an art & a science—you take the best photos when you understand both.

I balance empathy & logic, using my left brain, right brain, heart, and soul.

Before stepping into photography, I worked as a Registered Nurse in a Cardiac ICU. I’ve witnessed last breaths, tough goodbyes, tearful recoveries, and unexpected happy endings. These experiences were a constant reminder of how big the small things really are and how meaningful it is to capture life’s most delicate and impactful moments.

This perspective is at the core of my approach to photography. With the click of a shutter button, you can keep moments from slipping through your fingers and keep that story from being lost.

When it comes to education, I believe in care from the heart. That is the core value for me, and the knowledge that I share with you comes from a deep place of intentionality, vulnerability, and care.

30 Rising Stars
of Wedding Photography, 2020

Best of the Best Wedding Photos, 2021

Sony Alpha Ambassador, Sony Artisans of Imagery, 2019-2022

When I started photographing weddings, I found myself in the same spot as many other photographers: I was on the path for a different pursuit—a degree in engineering—but was drawn to the creativity & artistic freedom of photography. So I found a way to infuse data, science, & statistics into art.

I pivoted to a degree in business & marketing and leveraged it to build Adventure Instead. Now I strive to bring my love of logic to photography education. This pragmatic side of me is what drives me to produce tangible, actionable education, like The Elopement Photographer Course… because you deserve more than fluffy “insights” that aren’t actually useful to you. You deserve data-backed research and scientifically tried & true methods—and I want to share that with you.

30 Rising Stars
of Wedding Photography, 2018

Best of the Best Wedding Photos, 2021

Forbes Feature
 “The Woman Who Helped Spark the Adventure Elopement Trend” 2020

Quick Stats & Fun Facts

year you first
picked up a camera

Henry: 2017

Maddie: 2004

average price
couples book me at

Henry: $9,800

Maddie: $9,500

# of Years Photographing

weddings & elopements

Henry: 5

Maddie: 12

# of 5-star

clients reviews

Henry: 150+

Maddie: 150+

in the family

Henry: 1 husband + 3 dogs:

Harvie, Buster, Wilbur 

Maddie: 1 husband + 2 dogs: Fionn & Rosie

proud teaching moments

Henry: 90+ Workshop Attendees & Mentees

Maddie: 15,000 photographers helped through Adventure Instead Academy education


Henry: Taylor Swift

Maddie: Lin Manuel Miranda

Dream Elopement

Henry: A multi-day adventure elopement in Vietnam where I come from to fully leave a part of my culture in this love story
An Antarctica elopement with icebergs, fjords, & King penguins as witnesses

The Power of 2 Perspectives

We know a lot of
photography education is either:

All inspiration &
no measurable steps

which leaves you scrambling
for something tangible


All systems, formulas, & templates

which leaves you questioning how to be unique & stand out

This is why we intentionally joined forces
to create this course.

Each of us brings something unique to the table as

wildly different creatives.

henry is

“the heart”

an emotional feeler who tells remarkable stories through
creative images

Maddie is

“the head”

a data-driven thinker who leverages the technical to craft powerful photos

Together, we combine

artistic vision with strategic approaches

so you can reach your full creative potential
and remember why you truly started this journey

we Both care deeply about your education

But don’t just take our word for it

Craft incredible images that reignite your passion for photography, fuel your
artistic fulfillment, & create meaningful experiences for your couples

This self-paced course encompasses all of the skills you need—fundamental to advanced—to
conquer shooting in all environments outdoors and thrive as an intimate wedding

Not only will you take tangibly better photos, you’ll finally catch that “creative high”
you’ve been chasing and develop unshakable confidence in your skills.

Your creative revolution starts here.

A Look Inside the Course

What you’ll learn


Crafting Client

Essential Photography Skills

for Adventure Weddings & Elopements


Gear & Settings








Directing & Posing

skills in

the scenes


how to

But we don’t just teach in a classroom…

We filmed 5 different all-day & multi-day “mock”
elopements & intimate weddings for this course

So you can see exactly how to tackle every type of scenery,
lighting, and weather situation you could come across.

Styled by Viet Dinh of Rain & Pines

While these are “mock” wedding days, they are with REAL couples—and we treated them just like we would a real client. The benefit of them being “styled” is that we also had opportunities to teach & demonstrate live for your educational benefit.

You’ll join us & these 5 amazing couples in two ways:


You can watch the seamless,
all-day footage of each of the
5 shoots showing the whole
story of the day

Skills in Action

We teach our approach of how we
photograph each part of the day,
and then share full-length examples
from these 5 unique live shoots.

It’ll be just like you were there, live on location, at a
mentorship session with both of us—except you’ll have the
opportunity to go back in time and revisit it anytime you need.


Columbia<br>river gorge

Rainy Forest & Waterfall Elopement

Couple: Michelle & Spencer

Timeline: Full day, 2-person hiking elopement

Location: 📍 Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

Landscapes: Forest, river gorge, waterfall

Lighting & Weather: Rainy, foggy, cloudy

Activities: Hiking

Vendors: Styled by Rain & Pines

Day 1:

  • Meeting at the trailhead before sunrise
  • Hiking up at dawn
  • First look in the rain
  • Ceremony in the rain
  • Portraits in the rain & fog
  • Rainy waterfall portraits
<meta charset=”utf-8″>Oregon<br>Coast

Beach House & Rocky Shore Elopement

Couple: Emily & Justin

Timeline: Full day, 2-person elopement with officiant

Location: 📍 Oregon Coast, Oregon

Landscapes: Indoor, cloudy, blue hour

Lighting & Weather: Rainy, foggy, cloudy

Activities: Bubble bath, picnic, riding bikes, sparklers, campfire

Vendors: Styled by Rain & Pines

Day 1:

  • Writing vows together
  • Wedding day bubble bath
  • Detail photos
  • Getting ready
  • First Look
  • Beach ceremony with officiant
  • Beach portraits
  • Picnic
  • Riding bikes on the beach
  • Blue hour with sparklers
  • Campfire

4×4 Mountain Adventure Elopement

Couple: Debra & Shamarrae

Timeline: 2-Day Elopement with Overnight Camping

Location: 📍 Rocky Mountains, Colorado

Landscapes: Mountains, alpine lakes

Lighting & Weather: Harsh sun, alpenglow, blue hour, nighttime 

Activities: 4×4, Canoe, Camping

Vendors: Styled by Rain & Pines

Day 1:

  • 4×4 drive up to high-alpine lake
  • Outdoor getting ready photos & first look
  • Canoeing around the lake
  • Creative sunset photos with the mountains
  • Blue-hour picnic with roof-tent
  • Nighttime long-exposures

Day 2:

  • Sunrise ceremony at lake with alpenglow
  • Harsh sun midday portraits

Hot Air Balloon Desert Elopement

Couple: Rachael & Emily

Timeline: Full day Elopement + Hot Air Balloon Day-After Session

Location: 📍 Moab, Utah

Landscapes: Desert, Canyons, Rock Towers

Lighting & Weather: Harsh Sunlight, indoors (day & night), blue hour, stars 

Activities: 4×4 Jeep, Playing Music, Hot Air Balloon Ride

Vendors: Styled by Rain & Pines

Day 1:

  • Getting ready & detail photos in the dark
  • Sunrise ceremony at a canyon overlook
  • Mid-day break playing music together
  • Sunset photos with big desert rock towers
  • Blue-hour photos with Jeep
  • Star photos with surprise “moon alpenglow”

Day 2:

  • Sunrise hot air balloon ride day-after adventure session

Mountain Cabin Intimate Wedding

Couple: Nancy & Tim

Timeline: 2-Day Intimate Wedding

Location: 📍 North Cascades, Washington

Landscapes: Backyard of cabin, foggy mountains

Lighting & Weather: Indoor, cloudy, foggy, rainy, blue hour 

Activities: Group dinner, toasts, cake cutting, dancing

Vendors: Styled by Rain & Pines

Day 1:

  • Detail Photos at Cabin
  • Group Getting Ready Photos
  • Intimate ceremony on foggy mountaintop
  • Formal & fun backyard group portraits
  • Reception Detail Shots
  • Reception Speeches, Toasts, & Cake Cutting
  • Dancing photos outside at night
  • Fun Cell phone “exit”

Day 2:

  • Afternoon foggy mountain portraits
  • Foggy blue-hour photos with lanterns
  • Foggy nighttime photos with car headlights

Deep dive into the Course Curriculum

The 7 Series of Masterclasses

Discover how to get and stay inspired, learn data-backed techniques that are proven to increase creativity, and uncover how to find inner fulfillment in your work

Defining creativity & discovering your story | 1:02:54
Why “creativity” is actually a learnable skill and why it’s so important to cultivate in ourselves in order to do this job + real & raw personal stories of our journeys with art, photography, and finding deeper meaning, purpose, and inspiration for our own work

Developing creative thinking skills & cultivating your inner artist | 46:35
Strategies & researched techniques that will help you become more creative and how to find your own source of inspiration that will help you get & stay inspired long-term


List of our favorite books & resources to dive deeper into your own creativity where to find inspiration

Creative journal page template for writing down & remembering ideas

Learn exactly what goes into planning a meaningful, memorable wedding day for your couples and how you can tailor the process to enhance your creativity as an artist

We are experience creators | 24:55
Why the pre-planning workflow with couples is such a huge part of the overall product & service we deliver as photographers

Planning workflow overview | 37:56
Real & raw personal stories of our journeys The “big picture” of our planning workflow—each step we take, in order, from booking to wedding day

Location scouting & planning | 1:22:03
Strategies & tools to find and evaluate really cool locations for clients; permits, Leave No Trace, & back-up locations

Vendors, lodging & activities | 56:49
Pros & cons of recommending vendors, lodging & activities. Tools to research, evaluate, & share these recommendations with couples

Timeline planning | 53:22
Real & raw personal stories of our journeys Mindset, logistics, & strategies for building & sharing timelines for couples; handling “split day” and multi-day timeline ideas

Getting everyone geared up! | 46:54
What gear we bring for ourselves & couples every time we go out to shoot; how to make sure your couple is prepared for their day


Workflow overview diagram (of both Henry & Maddie’s workflow)

Customizable spreadsheet template for keeping track of planning steps

Customizable questionnaires for location scouting & timelines

Google Doc templates for location lists & timelines

Customizable packing lists to share with couples

Master the essential photography skills required to take a photo that’s both artistic and meaningful while confidently shooting in diverse landscapes and settings

The 5 levels of photographer needs | 17:23
Helpful framework that explains why we’re able to create better art on some days than others and how to improve day-of creativity

Knowing your gear & settings | 1:36:24
Review of the basics but focused more on the advanced nuances of settings; why & when we use each piece of our gear

Nerding out about light | 37:34
Understanding the 4 elements of light—how they affect each lighting situation and how we can manipulate light

Lighting situations: soft, harsh, golden & blue hour | 1:33:30
How to confidently tackle the 4 most common lighting situations we face outdoors—soft (open shade & cloudy), harsh light, golden hour, and blue hour

Lighting situations: nighttime & stars, flash, indoors, alpenglow, moody af | 1:44:20
How to thrive in tricky situations at night, with flash, indoors, bright backgrounds & shady foregrounds, thick fog, and rain

Composition: mentality, focus, & framing | 1:16:45
How to shift our mindset when we shoot and become more observant of the two most foundational elements of composition

Composition: contrast, proportion, balance, unity, & variety | 37:43
How to learn to see and utilize these 5 more elements of composition to create more tangibly beautiful art

Whose story is it anyway? | 25:47
How to foster a trusting and deep relationship with our couples so we can truly understand the story we’re telling on their day

Storytelling with space, narrative structures & perspectives | 56:32
3 powerful storytelling techniques that are an endless source of inspiration for how to take photos that capture the *feeling* of the day

Storytelling with light, color, rulebreaking, M.O.O.D., & purpose | 1:19:26
4 more storytelling techniques that synthesize using light, composition, risk-taking, and your own viewpoint to tell a more powerful story

Storytelling for different audiences | 17:34
Presentation is everything. How to curate images to tell the most effective story for our couples and for outside audiences

The posing dilemma | 32:26
An honest look at why “posing” is such a polarizing topic and why it feels difficult to balance trying to take an amazing shot while being keenly aware of your clients’ experience

Directing & posing while prioritizing client experience | 1:16:32
How to communicate with your couples and invite them into the exciting process of co-creating art with you with kind, intentional posing that can become a memorable experience in itself


“What’s in our bag” checklist of photography gear for both Maddie & Henry

Pre-elopement/wedding day checklist of tasks to do before showing up at an elopement

Customizable scripts to help “set the tone” for couples at the beginning of your shoot

Lists of our “go-to” (non-cheesy & non-sleazy) organic prompts for couples

See how lighting, composition, storytelling, and client experience come together in action to shape our approach to photographing each part of a day.

Each topic includes a video of us teaching our approach + live on-location examples from each of the 5 Adventure Weddings & Elopements filmed for this course.

Getting ready | 1:12:54
How we “set the tone” at the beginning of a day, and tell the story in a non-cliche way of a couple or a group “getting ready.”

Details | 42:18
How we think about “details” and remember to photograph them, throughout a day organically, and as more styled “lay flats.”

First look | 40:54
Creative ways to approach “first looks” and how to help make them a truly meaningful part of the day for couples

Ceremony | 56:36
How to get achieve the best lighting, composition, & storytelling for ceremonies; different standing formations for intimate wedding ceremonies

Couples portraits | 1:04:32
Synthesizing everything in this course in our approach to couples portraits; examples shown in all types of lighting & sceneries from the 5 shoots

Couples activities | 43:21
How to photograph experience & process-based activities for couples including hiking, a hot-air balloon ride, 4×4 driving, canoeing, riding bikes on a beach

Group photos, dinners, toasts & dancing | 39:21
How we approach photographing the group moments at intimate weddings including formals and group activities.

Watch as 5 unique stories unfold across diverse landscapes, weather, and lighting situations to see exactly how we capture each day—from start to finish and every moment in-between

+ Learn More About the 5 Shoots

Rainy forest & waterfall elopement | Columbia River Gorge, Oregon U.S.A | 56:32
Michelle & Spencer’s full-day, 2-person moody elopement in the Columbia River Gorge, Oregon—hiking through a forest and to a waterfall

+ Full timeline & example galleries

Beach house & rocky shore elopement | Oregon Coast, Oregon U.S.A | 1:46:38
Emily & Justin’s full-day, 2-person elopement on the Oregon coast—with fun getting ready activities, an officiated ceremony on the beach, riding bikes, a picnic, & a campfire

+ Full timeline & example galleries

4×4 camping adventure elopement | Rocky Mountains, Colorado U.S.A. | 1:25:45
Debra & Shanmarrae’s 2-day adventure elopement in the Rocky Mountains included a  4×4 ride to an alpine lake campsite, canoeing, and a sunrise ceremony the next day

+ Full timeline & example galleries

Foggy mountain cabin intimate wedding | North Cascades, Washington U.S.A | 1:37:21
Synthesizing Nancy & Tim’s 2-day moody intimate wedding in the North Cascades, Washington—getting ready, hanging out, a group ceremony, dinner, toasts, & dancing with 15 of their friends, plus a day-after couples session

+ Full timeline & example galleries

Hot air balloon desert adventure elopement | Moab, Utah U.S.A. | 1:43:23
Rachael & Emily’s 2-day adventure elopement in Moab, Utah with harsh sunlight, canyons, desert towers, jeep photos at blue-hour, and an incredible day-after sunrise adventure in a hot air balloon

+ Full timeline & example galleries

Learn the specific techniques we use during post-production (beyond our own presets) to elevate our work and create final photos that leave our couples in awe

Post-Production Workflow Overview | 34:52
The “big picture” overview of our post-production workflow—each step we do, in order, from wedding day to client delivery

Editing Tricky Lighting Situations | 57:32
How to tweak presets to work with different lighting situations including harsh light, bright backgrounds, blue hour, hazy backlight, fog, & color casts

Leveling-up your images with spot-editing | 45:38
Beyond the basic adjustments—use brushes & masks to enhance lighting, composition, and storytelling in your work

Cropping for powerful compositions & storytelling | 24:23
Tools and techniques for making powerful crops that improve your compositions and how to crop for social media

Creating GIFS | 57:22
How to make your GIFS smooth as butter and export settings for websites & social media

Creating double exposures | 47:21
Making artistic double exposures that stand out from the crowd—including “overlay” double exposures & “flipped upside down” double exposures

Stitching bokeh panos | 23:42
Techniques for stitching seamless panoramas

Set up a creative styled shoot to focus on your growth and learn how to continue to cultivate innovation, meaning, fulfillment, & tangible transformation in your work

3 types of styled shoots for practice | 29:42
Our strategies of how we set up different types of styled shoots for continuing to grow as an artist.

This is not goodbye | 05:22
How to continue to innovate and cultivate your inner artist so you can be more than just “inspired” after taking this course—and see a tangible transformation in your work long-term


By the Numbers



(Henry Tieu &
Maddie Mae)






All-Day Elopements & Weddings



You Asked—We’re Answering

(in the course)

How do you let a couple have an intimate elopement day while making sure you get coverage of the most important moments AND allow yourself to be creative?

How can I bring creativity into the planning process? Helping choose locations, timing, and activities that essentially become the couple’s day?

How do you reignite creativity and passion when you’re feeling burnt out or just over it?

How do you keep your eyes “fresh” during a shoot (especially in a place that’s photographed often) so your photos really “wow” a couple?

What’s your creative process for taking epic photos that aren’t just seen—they’re felt?

What’s the best way to shoot in tricky lighting scenarios like stars, indoors, thick fog, etc.?

When it comes to posing couples, how do you balance authentic interaction with getting well-composed, artistic shots?

How do I keep couples engaged throughout their day so it doesn’t feel like I’m third-wheeling while also getting creative images?

What post-processing techniques do you use to really elevate your work and turn an “okay” image into one that blows the couple away?

Unlike most courses where the educators decide what you learn, we wanted your questions to be our guide. These are just a few we received from Facebook groups & emails—there’s so much more inside the course.

Imagine what it’ll feel like

to never have these questions again.

To feel confident as hell in your work.
To know you have what it takes.

You deserve that.

we Both care deeply about your education

But don’t just take our word for it

student spotlight

I’ve been a full-time photographer for over 4 years now, and yet I know I still don’t know everything; I’ll never stop learning—my time with Henry was a true testament to that. Henry taught me so much—about photography, business, and also just about how to make people feel seen and loved and known. I feel creatively on fire and so, so thankful for Henry and our time together. THANK YOU, HENRY! 


The most important thing that Maddie has taught me is that the key is that couples have the best time ever – and when they are having the best time ever, and they trust you, and they know they are in good hands – that’s when the best photos happen.  Everything Maddie has ever taught me about client experience and posing is at the forefront of every decision that is made at any point during an elopement which has made the actual photo’s themselves art, just like frickin’ art.


Genuine. Innovative. Authentic. Knowledgeable. Transparent. These are the words that first come to mind when I think of my experience with Henry. After meeting Henry it’s easy to see why and how he excelled so quickly in the photography world and how consistently he stays at the top of the game. One of the best investments I could have ever made was with Henry and I’m still reeling from the experience.


The whole thing about getting five star reviews and happy couples, and created that experience for them from scratch, that’s where Maddie is just an expert, and she’s an expert at educating her students on that. If its how to shot starry couples portraits, or photographing in hard light, she take the type of photos that not only tells the story of the couples day, but also makes people stop in their tracks, and that’s what Maddie Mae has taught me for sure. 


PLUS—You’ll Have

Consistent Support & Community

with full-time access to the Adventure Instead Academy
VIP Facebook Group

Being an elopement and intimate wedding photographer is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world, but it can be lonely and tough—and going through it without support can feel even more overwhelming.

But you’re not alone—this VIP group is the perfect space for you to:

  • Seek encouragement & feedback from photographers experiencing the same things as you
  • Ask questions without fear of judgement or shame—because I promise someone else is wondering the same thing
  • Make friends and experience community & collaboration that goes beyond a screen
  • Share your successes and learn from the successes of others in the group—which creates a huge wealth of collective knowledge and advice
  • LEARN! There’s so much free education in this group around everything from editing to planning to location scouting and more

It might sound cliche, but this group is genuinely a family.
All we’re missing is you.

Learn to create lasting art while preserving nature

You’ll Receive the “How to Leave No Trace for Elopement and Wedding Photographers Course” by Maddie Mae, Anni Graham, Gabi and Brandon Fox for FREE

As an elopement photographer, you know how important public lands and our environment are to not just us, but future generations of photographers and couples. That’s why we’re including FREE access to the How to Leave No Trace for Elopement and Wedding Photographers Course when you enroll in the Art of Adventure Weddings and Elopements. AND we’ll make a donation to the Leave No Trace Foundation in your name when you do.

Because in our opinion, there’s no other option than to leave no trace.

Let’s Talk Investment

Everything you’ll gain when you enroll

The 42 Masterclass Videos in Art of Adventure Weddings and Elopements

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Behind-the-Scenes of 5 Mock Elopements & Intimate Weddings

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107-Page, In-Depth Companion Workbook with visual examples, lighting diagrams, example images, and image settings

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Additional Resources including: workflow diagrams, questionnaires, customizable spreadsheets, templates, tools, & checklists

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12-Week Completion Plan for this course— with accountability and support

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Support from Maddie & Henry plus 1000+ other photographers in the Adventure Instead Academy VIP Facebook Group

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FREE BONUS: The How to Leave No Trace for Wedding & Elopement Photographers Course (normally $95)

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Why is this course a better investment
than an in-person workshop?

Both of us love in-person workshops, but we hate leaving them, feeling
like there was so much more to share.

So we decided to create this ultimate online course
that can actually teach you everything we know about
how to photograph adventure weddings & elopements

Bottom Line:

what you’ll learn in this course, could not be taught
at an in-person workshop.



Filming this course required






Filming Days


Hours Each
Filming Day

So you can learn how to photograph in every type of
lighting, weather, and landscape you might run into…

and gain every bit of knowledge we’ve have from a combined
20+ years with a camera in our hand.

900+ hours were spent making this course

And unlike an in-person workshop…

  • You’ll be able to learn from the comfort of your own home (or on the go)
  • You can fit all of this education into your own lifestyle, right now
  • You’ll have the best view in the house (instead of competing for space with 20 others)
  • You’ll get to see the final edited photos we captured live, right when we take them
  • Anytime you want another hit of inspiration or education, you can rewatch it again
  • Anytime you have questions, we’ll be there for you in the VIP Facebook group

So yeah… you get a lot more than an in-person workshop

How does this course compare to 1-on-1 mentoring?

Let’s break it down another way:

1-on-1 Mentoring

One 4-Hour 1-on-1 Mentorship with just Henry = $3000
Fully booked until late 2023
One 4-Hour 1-on-1 Mentorship with just Maddie = $3000
Fully booked until late 2023

8 hours of teaching, from just one of us = $6000
There are 38 hours of teaching from BOTH of us in this course

Total cost to learn all this at a 1-on-1 mentorship
= $28,500 + travel, no “replays”

38 Hours of learning
from both Maddie & Henry
Watch on-demand, at home or on the go, replay anytime
5 Behind-the-Scenes “Virtual Mentor Sessions”

of 5, All-Day Elopements & Intimate Weddings
It’s just like you tagged along with us!
In-depth workbook, 12 week accountability completion plan, additional resources, and ongoing support from Maddie &
Henry in the Adventure Instead Academy VIP Facebook Group

= 1 payment of $2900
or 12 monthly payments of $290

For the price of 1 new camera body…
or the proceeds from just 1 wedding or elopement booking…

You can change the course of your entire year

& make better art than you ever thought possible

Still on the fence?

Don’t take our word for it..

Take a listen to what other photographers like you are saying.

Andrea, OHIO

aimee, arizona


Shanmari, ohio


VAnessa & chad, Colorado

ALLISON, alberta



aimee, arizona

Andrea, OHIO


30-Day *Life-Changing*

Money-Back Guarantee

We truly believe this course can change not only your photography—but also how you feel about your art & your perspective on creativity in your life…

If we’re wrong, we will give you every penny back.

If you watch every video within 30 days of enrolling in
The Art of Adventure Weddings and Elopements and genuinely don’t feel it was helpful in your creative journey, email and we’ll send you a full refund.

All we ask is that you show up and put in the work.

Sound good?


What if I PHOTOGRAPH BIG WEDDINGS? Should I still buy this course?

Yes! Elopements and intimate weddings are wedding days too—and even though this course focuses on skills needed to specifically photograph elopements and adventure weddings… everything we teach will be highly relevant to photographers wanting to document larger events in a more artful, unique, and personalized way. The course also includes a lot of outdoor photography skills that could be used to plan and photograph engagement sessions, destination sessions, day-after sessions, and honeymoon sessions. While we primarily utilize available light sources such as the sun, window light, lanterns, car headlights, and headlamps, we do teach also teach flash in this course so you can use it as tool when needed. Photographers in many different niches can take the principles in this course and apply them to their work to experience heightened creativity, fulfillment, and expertise.

If I already have “The Elopement Photographer Course”, do I need this one?

Yes! “The Elopement Photographer Course” by Adventure Instead Academy is a purely business & marketing course, and nothing about how to actually take photos is taught in that course.

“The Art of Adventure Weddings & Elopements” is purely about the artistic photography side of our jobs and does not cover any business or marketing.

In short: these courses are complementary—not replacements for each other. We strongly suggest enrolling in both if you’d like to take your success as a photographer to the next level.

Looking specifically at the curriculum, both The Elopement Photographer Course and this course teach a few similar topics on how to help couples plan and prepare for their wedding days. However, this course (The Art of Adventure Weddings & Elopements) approaches those topics from an artist’s perspective instead of a business owner’s perspective. It also includes Henry Tieu’s take and has a section devoted to vendor, lodging, & activity recommendations, both of which are absent in The Elopement Photographer Course. Overall, there is less than a 10% overlap between these two courses—and with that slight overlap, the topics are taught from very different angles (business & marketing vs. artistry).


We want to be fully transparent that while this is an incredibly in-depth resource, there are 2 photography-related topics that we intentionally decided to not teach to the fullest extent in this course so that it was the most efficient with your time and useful to the most photographers (no matter their camera brand or editing style).

1) This course is not a “how to use your every setting on your exact camera” tutorial. Yes, we will revisit & confirm that we are all on the same page about some basics like “the exposure triangle” and important focusing settings that are universal across all brands, but due to the number of camera brands out there, this course does not cover the “getting started” basics about how to use your exact model of camera.

2) This course is not a comprehensive tutorial on how to use Lightroom or how to make your own presets from scratch. Yes, we do share the post-processing techniques we use to elevate our work beyond using our presets (including advanced techniques like GIFS and double exposures) and we also share tips on how we adjust our presets to work better in difficult lighting situations, but this should not be considered a “how to edit from scratch” course. We specifically designed all of the information shared in the “Post-Production” section to be relevant to any photographer no matter their editing style or preferred workflow.

Lastly, it should be known that this course does NOT directly teach about the business or marketing side of being a photographer. While so much of what is taught can be used to improve your business success in very tangible ways, if you are looking for a course about how to get better at SEO, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.—this course is not going to cover that, and you might want to look at The Elopement Photographer Course instead (which is a purely business & marketing course).

We’re truly focusing on the ART of Adventure Weddings & Elopements with this course.

Is this course a good fit for a beginner photographer?

Yes! If you know how to use your camera in manual mode and you are interested in learning everything you need to know to artfully photograph elopements and/or small weddings, this course is the perfect fit for you. We’ll cover everything from the basics of the “exposure triangle”, the exact gear we use, and the fundamentals of lighting all the way to more nuanced & advanced topics such as technical shooting conditions in difficult light and weather, advanced composition, storytelling, and directing & posing.

If you’re just starting out in your career, this course will give you the strong foundation of skills, knowledge, help you find your artistic style, and set you up for incredible success.

is this course a good fit for an advanced photographer?

Yes! We held absolutely nothing back in this course, and you’ll get it all from us—everything we have learned from having a camera in our hands for a combined 20+ years, it’s yours. We’ll make sure there’s not a single gap in your knowledge & skills—including how to take photos in every type of lighting, weather, and type of scenery you could run into (especially the difficult ones like blue hour, harsh light, and at night). You’ll learn advanced composition techniques, advanced storytelling techniques, and exactly how to find your style of directing & posing while prioritizing client experience. If you’re an advanced photographer who’s feeling a bit stagnant, uninspired, or craving some deeper meaning and artistic freedom—the “Creative Mindset” section will also help you re-connect to your source of inspiration and feel confident in your artistic voice again. This course does not just cover the basics—it goes more into depth on every topic than either of us have ever been able to teach in any other setting (including workshops & 1-on-1 mentoring).

At the end of the day

Your artistry starts with you

And you deserve:

To take beautiful, unforgettable photos that are more than “just photos”

To create space for creativity & exploration when co-creating art with your couples

To have the tools, freedom, and knowledge to realize your vision with confidence

To fall in love with your work & what you can accomplish

To recognize your value as an artist & pursue your fulfillment

This course gives you all of that and more.
And we created it because it was something we needed, too.

You have the opportunity to choose you
& the inspired artist you deserve to be.

Get ready to make the best art you’ve ever made

What do you say?

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from the bottom of our hearts…

Thank you

Henry & Maddie