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Fellow wedding & elopement photographers...

  • A dream inquiry comes in and you need to reply *fast* to convince them you’re the best…
    but you know they’re probably talking to multiple photographers and you aren’t sure what to say to stand out from the competition
  • You’re getting ghosted … a lot (even after a good initial call) …
    and aren’t sure how to improve your booking process so dream couples stop falling through the cracks
  • Couples are all asking you the same questions and it’s taking you way too much time to individually answer them…
    and you wish your client workflow would automatically handle the heavy lifting
  • You want to create a red-carpet experience for your clients and get more 5* reviews…
    But you’re not sure how to improve and you don’t have time to figure it all out yourself AND do your actual job
  • Whenever you get uncomfortable questions, you’re not sure how to respond in a way that enforces boundaries while remaining professional (e.g., “Can I get a discount?” “Will you photoshop this?” “Can you take that clause out of your contract?)  

    So you stare at a blinking cursor and retype your email a million times over


tricky, time-consuming, and let’s face it...
utterly overwhelming

Here’s where it gets really tough...

You’re an expert at photography & crafting an unbelievable experience,

but you’re not an expert at copy and messaging (because no one is great at EVERYTHING).

So you buy a few templates or go the 100% DIY route
but immediately realize...

  • You have no clue what to say and spend hours anxiously staring at a blank screen only to rewrite each email 10x 
  • You’re not 100% sure what even belongs in a workflow and feel paralyzed before you ever start writing
  • The templates you’ve bought are not thorough, not inclusive, and definitely don’t sound like YOU
  • And to make matters worse, the templates are formatted in a way that makes copy + pasting into your CRM or email manager an absolute nightmare

Trust us—we know how you feel.

Unfortunately, not all email templates are created equal—trust us, we did our research.

Turns out, most are badly written, incomplete workflows, that are difficult to use, and overall… lackluster

So we put our heads together and created...the last workflow resource & email templates you'll ever need

And that's a promise.

So much more than just email templates...
Say "hey" to your all-in-one solution to creating ared-carpet client experience

The Complete Workflow & Client Communication Guide

for wedding & elopement photographers

with 65 done-for-you email templates & questionnaires

A comprehensive bundle of photographer-tested and copywriter-created email templates + workflow necessities that help you increase bookings, optimize time, and blow clients away. 

increase bookings

Couples want a photographer who’s organized, helpful, and always a step ahead. These templates ensure just that—increasing the likelihood you’ll stand out and get booked.

save time

These aren’t just prompts that leave you with more work. They’re complete, copywriter-created templates that sound like you and you can implement today.

Get More 5⭐ Reviews

Your workflow is the core of your client experience. A better experience is key to 5* reviews (and more bookings). This workflow guide with templates and questionnaires helps you get both.




Stop getting ghosted. Book more couples. No inquiry left behind.

28 wedding templates | 28 elopement templates

each in 4 brand voices

1. Contact Form

2. Thank-You Page (2 versions)

3. Initial Inquiry Response (2 versions)

4. Initial Inquiry Text Message

5. 1st Inquiry Follow-Up

6. 2nd Inquiry Follow-Up

7. 3rd & Final Inquiry Follow-Up

8. Booked Consultation Confirmation

9. Booked Consultation Reminder Email

10. Booked Consultation Reminder Text Message

11. Canceled/Rebook Consultation Email

12. Failed to Rebook Consultation Follow-Up

13. Follow-Up to Couple That Doesn’t Book

14. "Ready to Book" Immediate Post-Consultation Email

15. "Almost Ready to Book" Immediate Post-Consultation Email

16. "Almost Ready to Book" 1st Post-Consultation Follow-Up

17. "Almost Ready to Book" 2nd & Final Post-Consultation Follow-Up

18. "Not Ready to Book Yet" Immediate Post-Consultation Email

19. "Not Ready to Book Yet" 1st Post-Consultation Follow-Up

20. "Not Ready to Book Yet" 2nd & Final Post-Consultation Follow-Up 

21. Contract Sending Email

22. 1st Contract Reminder Email

23. 2nd Contract Reminder Email

24. 3rd & Final Contract Reminder Email

25. Retainer Invoice Sending Email

26. 1st Retainer Reminder Email

27. 2nd Retainer Reminder Email

28. 3rd & Final Retainer Reminder Email



The red-carpet experience starts here. Exceed all expectations.

21 wedding templates | 19 elopement templates

each in 4 brand voices

1. "You're Booked" Welcome Email

2. Initial Planning Questionnaire Delivery Email

3. Initial Planning Questionnaire Reminder Email

4. Initial Planning Questionnaire Confirmation Email

5. Engagement Session Planning Email (wedding) // Location Idea List Delivery Email (elopement)

6. Engagement Session Planning Follow-Up Email (wedding) // Location Idea List Follow-Up Email (elopement)

7. Engagement Session Preparation Email (wedding) // You've Picked Your Spot, Now What? Email (elopement)

8. Engagement Session Reminder Email
(wedding only)

9. Engagement Session Gallery Delivery Email
(wedding only)

10. 6-Month Out Check-In Email

11. Vendor Introduction Email

12. Timeline Questionnaire Delivery Email

13. Timeline Questionnaire Reminder Email

14. Timeline Questionnaire Confirmation Email

15. Timeline Draft Delivery Email

16. Guest Preparation Email // Vendor Preparation Email

17. 60-Day Out Final Payment Reminder Email

18. 30-Day Out Final Payment Reminder Email

19. Final Payment Overdue Email

20. 3-Week Out Preparation Email

21. 2-Day Out Reminder Email



An experience that does your photos justice. Finish strong.

8 wedding templates | 8 elopement templates

each in 4 brand voices

1. Day-After Thank-You Email

2. Sneak Peek Delivery Email

3. Gallery Delivery Email

4. Gallery Delivery Confirmation Email

5. "Can You Review Me?" Email

6. Review Follow-Up Email

7. Sharing Images with Vendors Email

8. Anniversary Email + Print Sale



Perfect answers to the toughest questions.

8 wedding templates | 8 elopement templates

each in 4 brand voices

1. "I'm Already Booked" Reply to Initial Inquiry

2. "I Don't Book That Far in Advance" Reply to Initial Inquiry

3. "We're Not a Good Fit" Reply to Initial Inquiry Email

4. "No Discounts" Email

5. "My contract is Not Negotiable" Email

6. "You Need to Add Coverage Hours" Email

7. Response to Cancellation Email

8. "Can you Photoshop That?" Response


Build genuine client relationships. Know exactly what they need.

2 wedding questionnaires | 2 elopement questionnaires


1. Initial Planning Questionnaire
Get to know your couple, their wedding day vision, and plan their engagement session

2. Timeline Questionnaire
Finalize the day-of photography schedule, get all the details & vendor info


1. Initial Planning Questionnaire
Get to know your couple, their elopement vision, and get location scouting info

2. Timeline Questionnaire
Design their elopement timeline, get all the details & vendor info

Including Email Templates and Questionnaires

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The 2 Questionnaires (Google Doc & Word Doc versions)

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Workflow Diagrams

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"Designing Your Workflow" & "Finding Your Brand Voice" Tutorial Videos

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Quick-Start Guide

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JUST THE wedding for $395


If you want to bundle + save

Get both wedding & elopement for $495

Meet The Copywriter We Partnered With

To create the world's best workflow & communication guide

Kaili Meyer

Sales Copywriter + Conversion Pro

After 6 years of writing sales copy for 300+ brands, Kaili has mastered the art of replicating a brand’s unique voice + pairing it with non-sleazy sales tactics to maximize conversions and initiate growth. 

She believes email has stood the test of time for a reason, and that all brands + businesses should harness the power of email marketing both in their sales strategy + workflow to make their lives easier and optimize the client experience. 

Aside from words, she’s obsessed with doting on her 3 fur babies, saying “Oh wow! Come look!” during every Arizona sunset, and impulse purchasing mass quantities of books on a weekly basis.

I've got questions!

To what extent can I customize the email & questionnaire templates?

Customize them as much (or as little!) as you would like! They are already 95% completely written for you—so if you just want to fill in the necessary information specific to your business, choose a single brand voice, and be done with it, go ahead.

If you would rather choose options from multiple brand voices and add your own personalized take for your unique specialty, then be ruthless with your customization—the choice is all yours!

These templates are for you to use in whatever way is best for you and your business, and you can customize them as little or as much as you prefer. There’s tons of education and tips that will truly help you make them your own.

Do I have to have a customer relationship management system (CRM) for these to work for me?

You don’t need to have a CRM to make these email templates work for you—one way to go about that would be to set them up as templates through your email services and manually send them.

That being said, a CRM will help you automate these workflows to reduce the amount of time you’re spending sending emails—a call scheduler can also help expedite this process. All of this is covered in more detail in the guide for these templates!


Are there any rules about how to use these templates?

In order to keep this guide as valuable as possible for you and your business—these templates are for your clients and leads only.

You ARE ALLOWED to use these templates and their text in part or whole and can modify them in any way for your leads, clients and workflow. No attribution is needed.

You AREN’T ALLOWED to redistribute or share these templates or their included text in whole or in part for any reason outside your photography business workflow. You’re also not allowed to reproduce the templates in whole or in part in any way that is for any purpose other than booking clients for your photography business. i.e. they can’t be published as part of a blog, or in an educational resource.

In short, you can use them however you want for your workflow with leads and clients, but don’t sell it, redistribute it, or share them publicly in any form (like on your website or social media) other than the contact form, thank you page and the questionnaires (if on a gated or password protected page).