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The Elopement Photographer Course

Grab hold of your dream to become an elopement photographer & help create intimate experiences for couples all over the world.

The Elopement Photographer Course is for YOU if…you’re looking to be more than just a photographer.

  • Learn everything there is to know about branding, marketing, and running your business like a true CEO (no more “winging it” only to feel frustrated when nothing works)
  • Get insider secrets from one of the world’s leading adventure elopement photographers (go inside Maddie Mae’s head with behind-the-scenes looks & direct access to her favorite resources)
  • Attract & book more perfect fit clients right to your doorstep with proven strategies that actually work (YES, even for YOU!)
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“incredible breadth of knowledge”

Learning from Maddie Mae was the best investment I have made in my business. I felt that I was on shaky ground when it came to all the ins and outs of adventurous elopements and the instruction she provided has given me the solid footing that my business needed. She not only has an incredible breadth of knowledge about marketing, but is an impressive communicator and teaches in a way that you can actually comprehend and take action. I'm a bit of a perpetual student… so when I say that learning from Maddie Mae was by far the best learning experience I have ever had—it's no joke. Maddie genuinely wants everyone to succeed in the industry. She’s not just spouting community over competition, she’s living it.

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“this course is 100% worth it”

Ok, I get it, investing in yourself is scary. But as someone who is a stickler when it comes to spending wisely, let me tell you this course is a thousand percent worth it. It’s set a precedent for all other educational resources out there and honestly, I don’t think there’s any that can top this course. Maddie is constantly adding new information, including real conversations with clients and BTS videos which are so incredibly helpful. This course goes beyond elopement photography – the marketing strategies that are explained in depth will benefit anyone in any sort of entrepreneurial endeavor. I felt lost when it came to SEO before purchasing this course and now I’m so excited to say that I’m ranking on page one for several of my keywords. Elopement inquiries have started coming in and I can honestly say this course was the best thing I’ve done for my business.

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"changed my business”

First of all, THANK YOU MADDIE MAE, FOR THIS COURSE! It has changed my business! I started a few years ago, but after two deployments and being active duty military with little time off, I am finally getting my feet on the ground and taking off with my business. I have taken other courses, but none like this! Maddie answered questions before I even knew I had them, and then some! I have completely redone my website with intention, and I am now getting regular inquiries when I was getting none. I knew nothing about marketing, and now I feel like I finally have a leg to stand on. If you’re on the fence, take the plunge! If you do the work, your business will transform! Again, thank you so much, Maddie Mae. You’re a lifesaver! Oh, I’d also like to add that I tripled my prices, AND I AM ACTUALLY GETTING BOOKED!!!

The Permission Posing Course

Toss away the cue cards & help ALL couples feel comfortable and safe being their truest selves in front of your camera.

Are you tired of stumbling over the same posing cues & feeling awkward AF trying to get your couples to look natural? Then this course is for YOU.

  • Learn how to revolutionize your philosophy on couple’s photoshoots & turn them into an amazing experience for couples (and you!)
  • Take more insanely gorgeous, totally candid photos that accurately represent your couples & allow them to show off their truest selves (no more tossing out awkward cues & hoping they look candid on camera)
  • Help your couples feel comfortable & confident intimately interacting in front of your camera (because let’s be honest—it’s not an easy feat!)
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“freaking buy this”

You feel this so deeply in your heart and soul, you wish you could relive every past shoot to give those opportunities this experience. I 100% had watery eyes multiples times!!!!

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“it's SO GOOD”

I watched the entire permission posing course yesterday and it's SO GOOD. The method/approach is modern and honestly made so many things in my brain click that I didn't know needed clicking.

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“fulfilling and amazing”

I CANNOT describe how fulfilling and amazing this shoot was. I did Maddie Mae's permission posing before we got started and it made a WORLD of difference. Probably the most authentic shoot I've ever done. And it just solidified the fact that this is what I want to do!!

How To Leave No Trace – For Wedding & Elopement Photographers

Public lands make amazing backdrops for some of our favorite couple’s photoshoots—but they need our help.

Partnering with the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics, this course was created to help photographers bake environmentally ethical principles into their businesses. Learn how to…

  • Make less of an impact when you shoot in & explore gorgeous parks, forests, and other public lands (it’s not about being perfect, it’s about being better)
  • Gently & respectfully share relevant, helpful information with other photographers regarding caring for our planet (there is no shame here—simply learning & growing)
  • Use the Leave No Trace principles in your branding & marketing to help inform clients on your environmental views & policies (so there are no awkward conversations come shoot time)

Adventure Instead Presets

Finally achieve consistency in your portfolio, regardless of lighting
situation, with awesome presets created for real-life lighting..

Presets coming
FALL 2021

Finally achieve consistency in your portfolio, regardless of lighting situation, with awesome presets created for real-life lighting.

Difficult lighting driving you insane? Tired of pulling your hair out trying to get skin tones just right? These presets are about to become your BFF.

  • Created for difficult lighting situations–not perfect scenarios (because shoots rarely have perfect lighting from start to finish–but that shouldn’t hold your editing back)
  • Packaged with tons of additional tools & resources so you have everything you need to rock any lighting situation & feel good AF about your presets (no more #onesizefitsall or wondering “how does that work?”)
  • Pre-tweaked to save you time & give you complete confidence while editing (so you can put down your computer and adventure instead without feeling off about your skin tones or background)

Templates & Guides

The blueprints you need to make your elopement
photography business run like clockwork

Contracts for elopement photographers

Take your business seriously & protect yourself legally with fully comprehensive & customizable contract templates made just for Adventure Elopement Photographers!

Because you don’t think you need one…until you DO (and trust me–you do!)

  • Crafted specifically for adventure elopement photographers–because let’s be honest, your job is a little unique from most
  • Easy, fill-in-the-blank template saves you time & ensures your contract is 100% customizable to your needs
  • FREE ‘Become a Legally Legit Adventure Wedding & Elopement Photographer’ – Contracts, Insurance, Liability + everything else you don’t know… but need to with Maddie Mae and Paige Griffith of The Legal Paige

Workshops & Mentoring

Take your business to a whole new level by working side by
side with Maddie Mae and other experts

Mastermind Workshops

Take your business to the next level with a 4-day, 3-night, in-person experiential workshop where you’ll…

  • Spend 4 full days learning hands-on from experts who can give you specific, tailored advice to support your growth even further (using the Elopement Photographer Course as a guide)
  • Get to add an incredible, all-day elopement to your portfolio (with Maddie Mae right there to make it super rad & fun)
  • Connect with an awesome community of like-minded elopement photographer and walk away with amazing friendships (because we all could use a little extra support)

1-on-1 Mentoring Mastermind

With the brand new, 1-on-1 mentoring mastermind, 10 photographers have the opportunity to get up close & personal with award-winning photographer Maddie Mae over the course of an entire year. 

  • 1-on-1 personalized mentorship to hone in on your business opportunities and help take you to the next level
  • Direct access to Maddie Mae and continued educational & experiential opportunities throughout the year

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