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Business & Marketing

Business & Marketing


Get fully booked
every season

photographing unique elopements & non-traditional weddings that inspire you while getting paid a six-figure salary

If you are…

struggling to stand out, get enough bookings, or profit enough to have the lifestyle you love

Thrive will help you…

build and market a successful business that’s in demand… no matter what’s happening in the economy

“Our inquiries have doubled in the last month, thanks to applying everything I’ve learned so far from Thrive, and, we just had an excellent consultation with a client and they want to go ahead and book us!”

– Leticia Olson
Park City, Utah U.S.A.

Photography &
Client Experience

Photography & Client Experience

The Art of Adventure Weddings & Elopements

Transform your art

Cultivate an irresistible artistic style & luxury level client experience to become the sought-after photographer you were born to be

If you are…

Doubting if your skills can handle all environments or if your images & experience will satisfy high-end clients

Thrive will help you…

hone your photography skills and cultivate a red carpet client experience so you can confidently charge high-end prices

“I feel empowered, excited, present, and creative and the best part is that I feel fulfilled”

– Ashley Vallosio
Indianapolis, IN, USA


Wondering which program
is right for you?


The Business of Unconventional
Weddings & Elopements

If you want to…

  • Craft a unique brand that irresistibly attracts your perfect-fit couples
  • Maximize your profits with strategic pricing and irresistible packages
  • Get inquires consistently with powerful and efficient marketing strategies

The Art of Adventure Weddings & Elopements

with Henry Tieu

If you want to…

  • Find your unique style and spark your creativity
  • Master the planning, logistics, and photography skills of adventure weddings
  • Gain complete confidence in what you offer with a high-end client experience

Need both?




How to Leave No Trace

Let’s enjoy public lands responsibly

so all of us can experience the same great outdoors tomorrow as we do today — a collaborative course with Anni Graham, Gabi & Brandon Fox from The Foxes Photography, and the Leave No Trace Center —

With this 100% non-profit course, you’ll:

  • Learn how to preserve nature while still capturing epic Instagram bangers and
    giving your clients a great experience
  • Confidently understand the 7 principles of Leave No Trace so you can feel good
    taking clients on epic adventures
  • Collaborate with public lands officials to build trust and good relationships with
    land management offices
  • Become a certified “Leave No Trace Aware Photographer” giving your clients the
    confidence to trust you in the wild

“How to Leave no Trace was the differentiator between me and another photographer who was actually less expensive.”

— Shannon Durazo
Sedona, AZ, U.S.A.

100% of proceeds go directly to the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics

More ways to STAND-OUT from your competition

Email Templates & Questionnaires

The Complete Workflow Guide:
67 Done-for-you templates for every communication scenario that come in 4 brand voices so they actually sound like you

Client Welcome Guide Template

For Elopement & Intimate Weddings:
100 pre-written & beautifully designed pages full of expert guidance to give your booked clients a true red-carpet experience

Adventure Instead Presets

One-click presets for 70 unique lighting situations including harsh-light and blue hour, no tweaking required

Complete editing system to get your consistent results, indoors & outdoors, no matter the light or time of day

Explore the 

Adventure Instead Academy
Youtube Channel

When you’re laying in bed trying to fall asleep, but you can’t stop thinking about your business.

Videos to inspire & transform. The perfect compliment to a weekday evening.