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Having your dream business shouldn’t be left up to chance

What if you had a marketing superpower that could:

  • get you the number of inquiries you want
  • for the places & couples you dream to photograph
  • exactly when you want them?

Let’s be honest,

Relying on organic marketing alone creates a lot of stress and uncertainty for photographers

What’s “organic marketing?”

i.e. marketing your business by posting content on platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and your website (SEO) and hoping that content ranks “organically”—without using boosted posts or paid ads.

Don’t get me wrong

Organic marketing is important and it can be amazing when it works

But when organic marketing doesn’t work…

  • You get frustrated putting hours into creating amazing content only for it to get buried by the competition
  • You’re always wondering what you’re doing wrong—exhausted trying to keep up with each algorithm change to get your work seen
  • You get tired of waiting around to see if your constant efforts will pay off, and annoyed that you don’t have any control or guarantee that results will come
  • You’re stressed trying to figure out if you’ll get enough inquires quick enough to avoid picking up a part time job
  • You may even feel hopeless or jaded that you can never truly succeed without some amazing stroke of luck

Sometimes it feels like the only thing deciding your fate is when (and if) your organic marketing kicks in

The hard truth is…
even if you do everything perfectly,

getting traction takes time.

And you may not want to

(or be able to)


Luckily, there’s another way! 

Facebook & Instagram ads allow you to “skip the line
and get your content to show up in front of the right couples… 


  • No more stressing about it being “too late” for your organic efforts to get traction.
  • No more worrying if you’ll get enough inquiries to go full-time.
  • No more waiting to get enough inquires to raise your prices or waiting to be more selective with who you book

No matter what’s happening with your organic marketing
you can always rely on ads when you need them

Can you imagine being able to turn inquiries on & off like a faucet?

“Max Sadik is changing lives one Facebook Ad at a time! No, but for real, I booked my dream elopement last fall because of one of my ads and it gave me the push to specialize my business into only shooting elopements.”

Mirona Ciungara

Woah woah woah… ADS?

Yeah, I know Paid ads have a bad reputation among photographers

You’ve probably heard:But the truth is:
🗣 Ads are a waste of money and usually don’t result in a lot of bookings✨ Facebook & Instagram ads have the highest return-on-investment (ROI) of any paid marketing tool for photographers, and many photographers book their entire seasons, just from FB & IG ads.
🗣 Ads are a total “shot in the dark” and require a lot of money to test everything before you see any results✨ With some simple, step-by-step instructions, you can easily learn to set up your ads correctly right from the start—without wasting money guessing.
🗣 The only people who click on ads are low-budget price-shoppers and aren’t willing to invest in quality photography✨ Facebook & Instagram are the world’s most-used social platforms, with over 3.6 billion active users. And like any marketing platform, when you run ads with value instead of gimmicks or discounts, you’ll attract couples who value you
🗣 Running ads makes businesses look cheap, low-value, and desperate✨ High-end businesses in every industry like Ritz Carlton, Louis Vuitton, & Gucci—artists like Coldplay, Lady Gaga, Billie Eilish—and doctors, lawyers & therapists successfully sell high-end expensive services & products with FB & IG ads.
🗣 Organic marketing will always be better, because it doesn’t cost anything and is a more “genuine” way to market✨ First off, organic marketing isn’t actually free. It costs a lot of time, consistent effort, and patience—waiting to hopefully see results. And with a simple, intentional ad strategy, getting clients with FB & IG ads is just as authentic and a natural way to market as any other type of marketing.

I’ll be totally honest with you

3 years ago, I also believed these myths about FB & IG ads.

What changed my mind?

I ran just 1 ad campaign, that brought in $40,000 in bookings from just $500 ad spend.

and the average package price per client?


Intrigued? Let me rewind…

Hey Friend,

I’m Maddie Mae

Award-winning elopement photographer & Forbes-featured founder of Adventure Instead and Adventure Instead Academy

I have 11 years of experience in the wedding industry: 5 years as a big wedding photographer and 6 years exclusively photographing high-end elopements and intimate weddings. 

Using my skills learned in a business marketing degree, I grew Adventure Instead to a team of 2 Colorado-based elopement photographers (myself & Amber) all with the power of organic marketing strategies.

It was all going great, but 

in 2018, I ran into a problem. 

I wanted to hire a 3rd full-time photographer (Tori) based in the PNW (Pacific Northwest)—a location where we didn’t have any organic traction yet. 

We were getting consistent inquiries for Colorado, but basically zero for the PNW. We didn’t have an SEO presence for Washington or Oregon, and there was no way to book out Tori for a full season from our organic efforts.

Once I had the idea to hire Tori, I knew it would take about 12-months of waiting to get our marketing to that level, with organic tools alone. 

But I didn’t want to wait. I wanted to make my dreams happen now.

I had thought about running ads, but I was plagued by the same fears that most photographers have. 

I was afraid of losing money, I was afraid of looking “cheap,” and I didn’t think it was possible to book high-end elopements with Facebook & Instagram ads.


30 rising stars


Best of the best

Featured on

Google Ads




Texas A&M University

psychological marketing

And then I met

Max Sadik

Certified Facebook Ads Expert and 7-Figure Marketing Consultant

Max is a certified ads expert that specializes in the wedding & elopement photography industry…

Before that, though, he was a wedding photographer. After selling his successful construction company, Max started a full-time wedding photography business using the marketing skills learned from his bachelors in business management and an MBA.

For 4 years, he booked himself out with full seasons of weddings using only paid online ads. 

He realized, if he could book himself out (a self-admitted, pretty average photographer), he could help any photographer use paid advertising to fill their calendar.

So Max became certified through Facebook’s and Google’s advertising platforms and got a certification in Applied Behavior Economics—and learned how to run successful ad campaigns for hundreds of photographers to book out their calendars…

Max has also been trusted with over 100 course launches for many of the leading educators in the photography industry, including:

  • Adventure Instead Academy’s Elopement Photographer Course
  • Ben Hartley’s Booked Solid
  • Erika & Lanny Mann’s Two Mann U
  • Evie & Lindsey’s The Heart University
  • Dawn Charles’ Rise Photo Academy

Bottom line: Max has used paid ads to generate over 25 Million dollars in revenue for photographers & educators.

When I met Max, and tried his Facebook & Instagram
ad strategies for my own business…

everything changed.

  • I learned Max’s tried & tested FB & IG ad strategies for booking high-end photography services, and saw incredible results ($40k in bookings from $500 ad spend)
  • I learned that Max’s simple, yet intentionally-designed strategies work so well because they mimic the same, natural, authentic, value-forward way that you get clients with organic marketing
  • I learned that FB & IG ads aren’t a gamble, and that they don’t require wasting money on months of testing to see incredible results
  • I learned that paid ads are actually much more targeted & efficient way to get clients, because of how precisely you can choose who sees (and doesn’t see) your ads
  • I learned that paid ads aren’t the enemy of organic marketing—they actually work super well together. And I see exactly why the smartest business owners use both.

I learned that if you have a simple smart ad strategy targeting your correct audience,

You will get inquiries.


“Maddie Mae is concise and super educated—she really KNOWS what she’s talking about and how to teach it. There’s a reason why she’s super successful. I really really REALLY appreciate the strategic business standpoint she has—having a degree in business gives her a super different approach in this industry. I learned so much from her that was so refreshing—a hugely different point of view from what photographers normally are taught. I’ve been to workshops that hit just some surface topics but Maddie does an amazing job at digging down DEEP and REALLY teaching! She is so focused on service and also has all the education and business knowledge to back up her approach. As a photographer that just started to build my business I knew a lot about what I needed to do… but not HOW. Maddie gave me all the tools and more—plus a heck of a lot of resources. Learning from Maddie was worth the investment plus 5 times more. I feel like I learned my money’s worth from her in the first hour. I am SO glad I invested into myself and I can’t wait to apply what she taught me.”

Kayla Dolce

Ads give you back control & confidence

in a way that no other marketing method can

And by setting them up yourself

you get to be in the driver’s seat.

Because no one knows your goals and your couples, better than YOU.

“But I’m not an ad expert! How on earth would I do that?!”

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back

This is how you’ll do it

Facebook & Instagram
Ads Made Simple

For Wedding & Elopement Photographers

Your Ultimate Marketing Superpower

This course is so much more than just another Facebook ads course that only goes over some theory & a few basics…

Because you deserve to have access to *everything* you need to get the highest return-on-investment for every penny you invest in ads.

This course is currently closed for Enrollment

This course has EVERYTHING you need to know to have incredible success with FB & IG ads:

  • 7 battle-tested ad strategies to choose from—specifically designed to get inquiries for your dream weddings and elopements (both local and destination)
  • 2 bonus ad strategies to book couples sessions & anniversary shoots in your off-season
  • Hands-on, step-by-step tutorials that make it easy to set up your chosen strategy correctly right from the start—without wasting money guessing
  • Marketing foundations, audience insights, tools & conversion secrets that are the keys to your ads’ success
  • In-depth workbook, budget estimators, data trackers, checklists, & more—so you are in full control of your destiny


When we say it covers EVERYTHING… we mean it.

In Ads Made Simple, we walk you through:

the 4 steps to run your successful ad strategy:



your ad strategy around your business, lifestyle, & goals



your target market & discover how your dream couples will find you



your own ad strategy based on 7 customizable templates



your ad account, select your audience, and launch your ad strategy

Let’s Break it Down  ⤵



your ad strategy around your business, lifestyle, & goals

Taught by Max Sadik & Maddie Mae

4 “Workshop-Style” Videos:

  • Create a strategy map that will guide your marketing & identify your unique value
  • Discover your mission, vision, & values to reveal your business’ true purpose & learn how to powerfully accomplish it
  • Determine your ideal lifestyle design based upon what you value & want out of your life—because you are more than just your business
  • Set measurable, attainable goals that will generate momentum in your business



your target market & discover how your dream couples will find you

Taught by Max Sadik & Maddie Mae

3 “Workshop-Style” Videos:

  • Identify your target market through in-depth research exercises that will have you thinking about how to connect with your dream couples in new & exciting ways
  • Discover your target market’s journey to finding & booking you to find unique opportunities to introduce them to you & your brand
  • Optimize your marketing methods to shape your couple’s journey by deciding what marketing channels to prioritize for your target  market’s planning process & your lifestyle design
  • Bonus tutorial video from Max, explaining the journey a couple takes when planning a wedding or elopement



your own ad strategy based on 7 customizable templates

Taught by Max Sadik & Maddie Mae

3 “Workshop-Style” Videos:

  • Identify your target market through in-depth research exercises that will have you thinking about how to connect with your dream couples in an new & exciting ways
  • Discover your target market’s journey to finding & booking you to find unique opportunities to introduce them to you & your brand
  • Optimize your marketing methods to shape your couple’s journey by deciding what marketing channels to prioritize for your target  market’s planning process & your lifestyle design


Set Up

your ad account, select your audience, and launch your ad strategy 

Taught by Max Sadik & Maddie Mae


Taught by Max Sadik & Maddie Mae

1 “Workshop-Style” Video:

  • How to get ready to launch your ad strategy so you can rest easy knowing that everything is set up correctly before you spend a penny

PLUS an in-depth “Toolkit”

of short, practical, hands-on tutorial videos where Max & Maddie “share their screen” & show you exactly how to set up & optimize *everything* for your strategy including:

  • 5 tutorial videos on getting your Facebook Business Manager set up correctly (the first step to ensuring success with ads!)
  • 9 tutorial videos explaining the different targeting options & creating audiences to make sure your ads land in front of your dream couples
  • 9 tutorial videos on how to set up and optimize a full ad campaign from start to finish including tracking, budgeting, A/B testing, and analyzing your results
  • 8 tutorial videos on how to ensure your website pages & posts are optimized to convert—so that you get the highest number of inquires possible from every penny you spend on ads
  • 9 tutorial videos on how to build your funnel & optimize the marketing methods used in all 7 strategies—including your FB & IG accounts, lead magnets, emails, chat messages, and your sales process itself.
  • 4-6 step-by-step setup tutorial videos for each of the 7 strategies including how it works, selecting the best content, researching & targeting your audience, and how to set it all up.

This in-depth toolkit with short, actionable videos is designed for you to consume “cafeteria style.”

You pick & choose what to watch based on which strategy you choose, and where you’re at in your business.

I’ll be real with you

Going Through the 4 Stages of This Course Doesn’t Do it Justice

Take a sneak peek inside to see what I mean

And you’ll have so much more than just videos to guide you

This course gives you all the resources & tools necessary to rock your ad campaign

100+ page course workbook

Follow along with the videos and complete each actionable exercise along the way.

Visual Diagrams for all 7 strategies (+2 bonus)

Your go-to blueprint to follow while creating your own customized ad strategy

Asset checklists for each strategy

Complete checklists of everything you need in order to set-up your ad strategy

Strategy Map for Your Business

1-page business & marketing plan

Lifestyle Design Budget Calculator

Calculate the cost of your lifestyle

Cost of Doing Business Calculator

Calculate your business costs

Ad Campaign Budget Estimator

Estimate your investment in ads

Inquiry-to-Booking Data Tracker

Track & optimize your sales process

These tools combat “analysis paralysis,”

give you clear ways to make informed decisions, and save you hundreds of hours trying to create these resources yourself.


You don’t have to be an ad expert, to set up a rock-solid ad strategy

If you can:

  • Shoot a camera in Manual mode
  • Edit in Lightroom or Photoshop

You can easily learn how to set up Facebook Ads

And you’re not in this alone

With this course, you’ll also gain access to:

Membership to the “Adventure Instead Academy VIP Community”

  • Make friends and experience community & collaboration from the second you start your Facebook and Instagram ads journey
  • Bounce ideas off of fellow photographers in our private group for wedding & elopement photographers who are serious about their business
  • Get feedback from Max, Maddie Mae, & other high-level educators & photographers on your marketing materials and ad campaign set ups

Dedicated places to get your questions answered by Max Sadik + Maddie Mae

  • Have technical questions about your ads or a question about a specific video in the course? You can also comment directly on the video right in the course—and Max & Maddie will be checking & answering these comments every business day!
  • Have more questions? We’ll also have weekly posts in the AIA VIP community dedicated to facebook ads, and you can also post directly in the group or email any time!

Why should you invest in a course

When it comes trusting us to teach you strategies that will actually make a difference in your business, we get that you can’t just take our word for it.

Listen to what others have to say about us:

"the most trustworthy educator out there"

Invest in Maddie and she will invest in you! Get […] anything else this woman creates I was a course-aholic for over a decade as a traditional wedding photographer buying up anything that would promise me 6 figures and success. Over and over again it was absolute garbage and a total waste of money. The Elopement Photographer course was double, even quadruple, every other course I had bought before but it’s the only one that’s ever given me any return (and actual REAL business knowledge!) Maddie is the most trustworthy educator out there and only produces things of extremely high quality. Not only will she provide a fabulous product, but she will also continue to create free resources to keep helping her students. I’ve never seen someone care so much about their students AFTER they’ve already handed over their money. She goes above and beyond!

"wants to see people's success"

Maddie Mae is extremely selfless and passionate about teaching others the ropes. I am being completely honest in I would never think about sharing my secrets and tips in a competitive market but she really wants others to do well […] It’s not only full of infinite knowledge but it’s coming from the heart of someone that wants to see people's success.

"no one out there who is going to do more for you than Maddie"

Holy moly, I am a teacher myself and therefore have very high standards when it comes to education… [Maddie's] course is the BOMB!! I literally bought this course at the same time I bought my first camera, with the plan for a complete 100% life/career pivot. I cannot IMAGINE trying to get into this industry WITHOUT the course. I feel like I have saved myself years of slow, inefficient learning. Bonuses: the community here is supportive beyond belief, it’s like having a whole team supporting each other through the process, and….. Maddie Mae is a goddess/genius/superhero. Fact. There’s no one out there who is going to do more for you than Maddie: her support, kindness and generosity are beyond compare.

"kindness, patience, and constant education"

Max is a WEALTH of information and SO easy to talk with. I had a mentoring session with him for Facebook Ads and he walked me through every step with kindness, patience, and constant education on what it all meant – because lets be real here. Facebook Ads are hard and there is so much to wrap your head around. I went into the session not knowing up from down and left with at least 10 homework pieces (with an understanding on WHY I should be doing all those things) and a clear idea of my end goal. I was banging my head against a wall and now I feel like I know where to start. Thank you for saving my sanity, Max! […] ps- even if you’re not a total noob to Facebook Ads, he is absolute wealth of information. 10/10 would recommend.

"turns out I had a lot more to learn"

Max Sadik is the man – join his facebook group and consider his one-on-one coaching. I’m only on my second session with him and I’m having crazy “AHA!!!!” moments constantly. And I an not a newbie! I know my shit, have shot 140+ weddings, have done hundreds of sales meetings (used to manage a bigger studio)… I thought I knew what I was doing. Turns out I had a lot more to learn than just Facebook ads.

"feel very comfortable going full time"

Got it, Max! Thanks for all you do! I just put in my two weeks notice at work yesterday and feel very comfortable going full time, largely because of your advice, insights, and the awesome community you’ve fostered! So THANK YOU!! You’re the man and I hope for the chance to buy you a beer sometime.

So, Whats my investment?

12 "Workshop-Style" Videos & 50+ Step-by-Step "Shared Screen" Tutorial Videos

7 Wedding & Elopement Ad Strategies & Funnels + 2 Bonus Off-Season Strategies

100+ Page Course Workbook, strategy diagrams, & asset checklists

Lifestyle Design Calculator, Cost of Doing Business Calculator & Ad Campaign Budget Estimator

Strategy map for your business + inquiry-to-booking data tracker

Access to the “Adventure Instead Academy VIP Community”

Your Investment Options

One Payment of



**The lowest price this course will ever be**

6 Monthly Payments of



**The lowest price this course will ever be**

Both options include a 30-day refund guarantee—if you begin the course & realize that it’s not the right fit for you & your business, all you have to do is send an email to letting us know and we’ll process a refund, no questions asked. 

30-day “life-changing”

or your
money back

Take the plunge & learn rock-solid ad strategies—RISK FREE. WE GUARANTEE your business & life will never be the same.

We get it, it’s a long course, but you watch at least 50% of the videos within 30 days of starting the journey and decide it wasn’t helpful, email us and we’ll send you a full refund.

That’s it—super simple. No questions asked.

We’re in this together and we want want you to have full confidence this course will help you reach your dreams and trust in YOURSELF you have what it takes to get there.

Still Have

These are the most frequently asked questions about this course—but if the answer to your burning question isn’t here, feel free to email or ask in the Weddings & Wanderlust Facebook Group!

What is the difference between Facebook & Instagram ads? How does this course cover both?

This course does cover both Facebook & Instagram ads, and here’s how: all Facebook ads are created in Facebook Ads Manager, and you can either create Instagram ads in the app or through Facebook Ads Manager. 

We recommend creating either Facebook or Instagram ads in Ads Manager to take advantage of the full spectrum of options available to you (and, as a huge pro, the process of setting up an ad will be similar for both platforms)!

What happens when Facebook or Instagram have an update? Will this course no longer work for me?

Many of the marketing concepts & general theory will remain the same through any updates—but we also recognize that both platforms typically update at least once a year and are committed to keeping up with these changes and breaking them down for you, including re-recording any necessary sections of the course to stay up-to-date. 

If you have questions soon after a platform update, we will also be happy to help answer them in the Adventure Instead Academy VIP Community.

What if I am lost and need help? I don’t know if I’m enough of a “techie” to run ads.

If you can learn how to shoot a DSLR camera, edit in Photoshop or Lightroom, AND run your own business, you are absolutely, 100% technically capable of learning how to run your own successful Facebook & Instagram ads. 

There is a learning curve to any new software or program, but with the technical step-by-step toolkit videos, you will have us breaking down exactly how to use this platform—even if you’ve never opened Facebook Business Manager or Facebook Ads Manager before.

How does this course work for big wedding photographers AND elopement photographers? Aren’t they too different?

There are a lot of differences between planning a big wedding and planning an elopement—but there are many similarities between the two as well, which is what this course focuses on.

To provide one example, both types of couples typically search for planning resources before they are ready to hire a photographer (although the types of questions they ask tend to be different, which this course walks through). 

This course is all about helping you reach the types of dream couples that you want to be serving—which goes further than big wedding vs. elopement. So whether you want to serve just eloping couples, just couples pursuing a more traditional wedding, or some blend of both, this course will help you get your desired type of bookings.

Will this course work for me if I am not a wedding or elopement photographer?

All of the marketing techniques and theory behind designing ads is applicable no matter what type of photography business (or any business!) that you are advertising—but the 7 strategies specifically are taught through the perspective of weddings & elopements.

Is it possible that my type of couple is not on Facebook or Instagram?

Your target market includes many dream couples that match the criteria that you are looking for—and while some of those couples might not be on Facebook or Instagram, the majority of others will use either Facebook, Instagram, or a combination of both.

What are the main differences between ads and organic marketing? Is one better than the other?

The best marketing strategies include both organic marketing and paid advertising. 

Organic marketing can be a great way to generate new content, attract new followers, and engage your audience without having to take money out of your business bank account. 

Ads can supercharge this organic marketing strategy by making sure your best content gets in front of the people you want it to reach and lets you hone your marketing objectives. 

Neither are necessarily better than the other since they have inherently different purposes, but they work best together!

Is it true that ads attract price-shoppers?

With a well-thought-through strategy that imitates organic engagement, you can reach high-end clients instead of price-shoppers. 

When Adventure Instead ran our campaign to help book our third photographer out in the Pacific Northwest, we ran ads that resulted in an average of $7,000 booked per couple!

Is it true that if I run ads my organic reach on IG will be substantially reduced?

Nope, this is not true. Think about it this way—Facebook & Instagram want you to spend money on advertising for their platforms…

If running ads reduced your organic reach, then that would discourage you from running more ads in the future. They want you to come back and spend more money with them, so they’ve designed ads to only have a positive impact—not a negative one.

Wouldn’t it be better for me to just hire a pro and not mess with ads myself?

Nobody knows your brand, your target market, your long-term goals, and your ad objectives better than you. Even if you spent hours & hours breaking it down for a pro ads manager, they still wouldn’t have all of your contextual knowledge.

Knowing how to run & maintain your own ads empowers you to make all the decisions and to always do what’s best for you—since nobody will ever have your business’ best interest at heart like you do.

Having to hire a pro also means continually having to factor that into your ads budget, whereas a one-time (or 6-month payment plan) investment into an ads course that can teach you how to create & run your own ads allows you to redirect that money back into your ads budget—which ultimately helps you see a better return on investment on what funds you are investing in ads.

I don’t have thousands of dollars per month for ads… will this work for me on a small budget?

Absolutely. Some ads cost as little as a dollar per day to run, and you can be strategic with how you can best achieve your goals with the ad budget you currently have available to you.

I want to book more work outside of my local area. Could ads be the key to becoming a destination photographer?

Yes—ads are one of the best ways to book more destination work. Let me talk you through two scenarios here…

You post a photo from an Icelandic-styled shoot on your Instagram account and direct your followers to read a blog post about how to get married in Iceland, hoping to book more in Iceland.

You have 10,000 followers, and 10% of those followers see your this post = 1,000 followers

50% of the followers who see the post also read your caption = 500 followers

Of those 500 followers who read the caption, 50% are recently engaged and haven’t yet hired a photographer = 250 followers

Of those 250 followers who read the caption & are looking for a photographer, 10% are interested in getting married in Iceland = 25 followers

Of those followers who saw your caption, are looking for a photographer, and interested in getting married in Iceland, 20% click on the blog post…

So at the end of this, between the various filters, only 5 followers even made it to your blog post about getting married in Iceland.

So how does this compare to ads?

You create an eye-catching ad using the visual from your Icelandic styled shoot that links to your blog post.

You then use advanced targeting options to specifically reach couples that are either in long-term relationships or engaged and have expressed an interest in Iceland.

Any person who now sees this ad is already a lot “warmer” of an audience—because there are fewer “filters” for the content to go through.

If you had a 1% clickthrough rate (meaning 1% of the people who saw your ad clicked on it)… you would only need to show that ad to 500 people to get the same results from your organic post that went out to an audience of 10,000 followers.

Hands-down, one of the best parts about ads is that you can target people based upon where they are interested in—in addition to the fact that they have expressed interest in wedding photography or other stages of planning a wedding. This can absolutely be the key to booking more destination weddings & elopements.


  • Defy the “waiting game”
  • Challenge the notion that you have no control over your next booking
  • Decide where & when you want to shoot with dream couples
  • Seize control of your inquiries & your lifestyle with the power & possibilities of paid ad strategies

This course is currently closed for Enrollment