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How to Competition- Proof Your Business

The secret to standing out in a saturated market so you can get booked (even if you’re more expensive than your competition)

In this masterclass you will learn:


#1 lesson I learned in business school that has led me to more success than anything else—no matter what business I’m in


The 2 types of competitive advantages that make couples choose YOU over other options (and which one will work best for you)


The best method for getting couples to hire you… even if you aren’t the cheapest option (and even if you’re in a crazy saturated market)

I’ve taught thousands of photographers

Here’s what a few have to say:

Maddie Mae… Wow. What can I say? She truly cares about YOU and I believe that she honestly wants all of us elopement photographers to be successful. She leaves nothing to wonder about and it’s clear by how much specific information she provides that she doesn’t hold anything back. She is far more transparent and open than anyone would expect a photographer at her level to be. The more I gush about her the more fake I feel like it sounds but seriously she is awesome. Learning from Maddie was the best thing I could have done for my business. She is everything I could have hoped for as a teacher and has set me on the right path. I can’t wait to grow using what she taught me! 🖤


Maddie Mae is concise and super educated—she really KNOWS what she’s talking about and how to teach it. There’s a reason why she’s super successful. I really really REALLY appreciate the strategic business standpoint she has—having a degree in business gives her a super different approach in this industry. I learned so much from her that was so refreshing—a hugely different point of view from what photographers normally are taught. I’ve been to workshops that hit just some surface topics but Maddie does an amazing job at digging down DEEP and REALLY teaching! She is so focused on service and also has all the education and business knowledge to back up her approach. As a photographer that just started to build my business I knew a lot about what I needed to do… but not HOW. Maddie gave me all the tools and more—plus a heck of a lot of resources.

– Kayla

My biggest challenge in moving toward the elopement photography industry was always on how to get more leads. I need bookings to make money and survive so that part has always stressed me out. After really getting into the course, I started seeing change in my business and more and more leads coming in. After specializing my website and my marketing efforts through SEO, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook, I saw a 50% INCREASE in website traffic!!!

You can tell that Maddie put a ton of work into this course and the ideas, marketing methods, and information she shares is just great and very actionable. The marketing methods she teaches aren’t just cookie-cutter methods, you go in-depth into how to make your marketing efforts your own and true to your brand. I’m sooo excited with the direction my business is going after The Elopement Photographer Course!


Maddie mae


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How to Competition-Proof Your Business

LIVE! Monday August 21th | 12pm ET

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