How to Stop Attracting Price-shoppers & Break into the High-End Market

3 steps to creating stand-out work and a premium client experience so you confidently book higher-paying couples who trust you as an artist

(even if you feel like you’re not ready yet!)

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You’ll come away with:


The truth about what high-end clients are looking for in a photographer and exactly why they’re willing to pay above-average rates


What separates “mid-market” photography from “high-end” photography and how developing your own signature style can magnetize premium clients


What a $10k+ photographer client experience looks like and how you can turn it into your secret weapon that separates you from the competition


We’re Henry & Maddie

henry tieu

henry tieu photography

henry tieu

henry tieu photography

@henrysdiary | 103k followers

I picked up a camera for the first time in 2017 and within 2 years, I transitioned from being a Cardiac ICU Nurse to a full-time destination elopement photographer where I get to help couples focus on the intentional experience of what it means to elope so I can document their day honestly, meaningfully and artfully.

Being able to leave behind photographs that become family heirlooms for each of my clients is something I’m truly proud of and fuels my passion.

Becoming a photographer who can create art that inspires your soul while growing a business that can bring in financial freedom doesn’t have to be a dream, it is a reality I’ve made possible for myself and countless mentees and students.

Maddie mae

adventure instead

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With 300+ elopements under my belt, I’ve traveled to 40+ countries and all 7 continents to help couples create their dream elopement days and have been recognized by Forbes magazine as “the woman who helped spark the adventure elopement trend.”

When I first picked up a camera, I thought this was just a dream, but with strategies I learned in business school, I went from a struggling and undercharging, to a thriving 6-figure photographer in my first year full-time, documenting unreal elopements across 13 countries.

Guess who is what? I can teach you what it takes to reach this too. I’ve seen hundreds of photographers I’ve mentored achieve it.

30 Rising Stars
of Wedding Photography, 2020

Best of the Best Wedding Photos, 2021

Sony Alpha Ambassador, Sony Artisans of Imagery, 2019-2023

6 years | photographing weddings & elopements

$12,000 | Average price couples book me at

150+ | five star reviews

30 Rising Stars
of Wedding Photography, 2018

Best of the Best Wedding Photos, 2021

Forbes Feature
 “The Woman Who Helped Spark the Adventure Elopement Trend” 2020

13 years | photographing weddings & elopements

$12,500 | Average price couples book me at

150+ | five star reviews

We’ve taught thousands of photographers

Here’s what a few have to say:

I just want to say thank you to you both for doing all these amazing workshops and for starting this group and everyone who shares their art. It’s truly sparking something in me and I’m such a new photographer so finding this creative spark is so so refreshing. I just appreciate it all. Grateful to be here! 🖤


I’m super new to the group. I attended the workshop this morning and am so inspired! I can’t wait to put my storytelling hat on for future weddings and see where this can take me. Can’t wait to see how incorporating these ideas will affect my work.

– Ailecia

Can we just do a big appreciation post for Maddie Mae?! She has put out so many amazing courses and free education that has helped so many. Unlike some other educators, she gives sooo much valuable for free. If only I had some of this education earlier!


Henry was a big inspiration for me to do more blue hour photos (and get the notorious lanterns, which I will start giving creds to Henry for 😘😂). So thankful to have gotten a TWO hour workshop for FREEEE to sit in with Henry and Maddie and hear all of their advice. Thank you guys so much for taking the time to do that! ❤


Maddie Mae + Henry Tieu, Thank you so much for an amazing workshop, this is probably my favorite you have done so far! I took 5 pages of notes! 


Break into the High-End Market


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Henry & Maddie