The High-End Photographer Roadmap

3-day transformational live mentoring intensive to level-up your client experience and hone an irresistible style—giving you the keys to thrive in the high-end market

Live MARCH 14-16TH | 10am – Midday PDT | 1pm – 3PM EDT

We’ve all been there…

Wanting to raise our prices,
but worried we’re not even worth what we’re charging now

and every time an inquiry ghosts…
we wonder if it’s because another photographer is offering something we aren’t.

Maybe you feel like you’ve been doing “all the things” to market your business…

But You:

Still aren’t attracting the clients you really want, in the locations you dream of

Are confused how the higher priced photographers in your area are full for the season already when you’re fighting for every booking 

Seem to be stuck at a price point where you have to constantly hustle and you’re teetering on burnout 

Here’s a question:

What if instead of battling against all of the
middle-of-the-pack photographers in your area…

you had a clear path to thriving in the high-end market

knowing you could confidently raise your rates & make more with fewer clients at a much higher price point?

here’s some truth:

If you want to go up-market and attract high-end clients that just “have to have you!

it’s time to shift your approach from trying more marketing gimmicks
to honing and leveraging your ultimate competitive weapon:

A truly unique & stand-out photography style
& luxury client experience

Because at the end of the day…

Your photos & your client experience are what you’re selling. 

They are what you’re marketing.
They are the core of your brand.


Identifying & honing your own unique photography style
and developing a luxury-level client experience
are essential ingredients to thriving in the high-end market.


Because mid-market clients who hire “average” priced photographers see most of us as interchangeable (and usually, whoever gets in front of them first, gets hired)


High-end clients aren’t satisfied with just *any* wedding or elopement photographer they happen to come across…

they’re looking for THE ONE. 

And that’s who we’ll help you become with

The High-End Photographer Roadmap

3-Day Mentoring Intensive | March 14-16
2 hours of daily transformational
live reviews, teaching, and discussion

with Henry Tieu & Maddie Mae

Your clear path to creating irresistible work
and developing a high-end client experience so you can
thrive as a premium-priced photographer

Spaces will be limited

What you can expect over the course of three days

DAY 01



Create Irresistible Work

Through live reviews of full galleries submitted by attendees (submission deadline March 10) you’ll learn:

  • What high-end clients are looking for in your full wedding/elopement galleries that gives them the confidence to hire you over others
  • Specific, actionable steps you can take to level-up your storytelling, composition, and editing to refine your work for the high-end market (and also win contests & awards!)
  • Techniques you can implement at your next wedding, elopement, or styled shoot to create work that attracts your dream clients

This is a unique opportunity to get an outside, expert perspective and direct feedback on a full client gallery to identify your strengths, areas for improvement, and how to refine & own your style.

DAY 02



Develop a High-End-Client-Proof Workflow

We’re tackling your real-life “tricky client situation” questions and sharing:

  • The quality of experience high-end clients expect from a premium-priced photographer 
  • How to build a workflow robust enough that it predicts, solves, and answers client questions and problems before they even arise 
  • Specific solutions you can implement into your workflow immediately that will ease client fears and give your service that high-end, red-carpet feel

This is your chance to get feedback on any difficult situations you’ve found yourself in at a wedding or elopement to ensure your service or workflow are equipped to confidently book & handle the expectations of high-end clients.

DAY 03



Overcome the final hurdle – ourselves

We are getting real about the obstacles, crises, and fears that we’ve faced and conquered to become successful in this competitive industry.

Together we’ll tackle the barriers holding you back from going high-end:

  • Addressing our “inner critic” that tells us “we aren’t good enough” or that “we’re going to fail”
  • Tangibly proving that you haven’t maxed out your photography talent or creativity
  • Staring imposter syndrome in the face and learning how to believe in our own worth, so we can confidently convince clients of it 

Being able to grow as a creative isn’t just about knowing the exact techniques & skills to improve… We’ll be sharing our struggles and teaching you the tools that changed the game for us. 

We are ready to empower whatever is holding you back from taking this leap.

We know you’re not satisfied with being “average”…

Deep down, you know you were meant for more

This 3-day transformational mentorship experience will help you go from

Feeling interchangeable to being irreplaceable

Become “THE ONE” photographer that your dream high-end clients are looking for with irresistible work and a luxury-level experience

We’re ready to give you the keys in

The High-End Photographer Roadmap

with Henry Tieu & Maddie Mae

Join us for 3 Days for just $27

(that’s just $9/day)

Spaces will be limited

What photographers are saying about Henry and Maddie

Teaching the art of anything is a tough task—but Maddie and Henry have done it and more. It’s like seeing elopements with a whole new set of eyes. My couples are thrilled, *I’m* thrilled. I hardly recognize my own work sometimes. It’s a bizarre experience to look at images that I took and feel proud. So thank you Maddie and Henry. I feel like a broken record saying your education has changed my life, but it’s true!

Aimee, Rangefinder Rising Star 2022

I was so impressed with his professionalism and his down to earth way of teaching. I took away how much he loves and adores his couples and it challenged me to treat all of my couples with the same grace and love that he does.

Jess, Junebug featured photographer


We’re Henry & Maddie

henry tieu

henry tieu photography

henry tieu

henry tieu photography

@henrysdiary | 103k followers

I picked up a camera for the first time in 2017 and within 2 years, I transitioned from being a Cardiac ICU Nurse to a full-time destination elopement photographer where I get to help couples focus on the intentional experience of what it means to elope so I can document their day honestly, meaningfully and artfully.

Being able to leave behind photographs that become family heirlooms for each of my clients is something I’m truly proud of and fuels my passion.

Becoming a photographer who can create art that inspires your soul while growing a business that can bring in financial freedom doesn’t have to be a dream, it is a reality I’ve made possible for myself and countless mentees and students.

Maddie mae

adventure instead

@adventureinstead | 122k followers

With 300+ elopements under my belt, I’ve traveled to 40+ countries and all 7 continents to help couples create their dream elopement days and have been recognized by Forbes magazine as “the woman who helped spark the adventure elopement trend.”

When I first picked up a camera, I thought this was just a dream, but with strategies I learned in business school, I went from a struggling and undercharging, to a thriving 6-figure photographer in my first year full-time, documenting unreal elopements across 13 countries.

Guess who is what? I can teach you what it takes to reach this too. I’ve seen hundreds of photographers I’ve mentored achieve it.

30 Rising Stars
of Wedding Photography, 2020

Best of the Best Wedding Photos, 2021

Sony Alpha Ambassador, Sony Artisans of Imagery, 2019-2023

6 years | photographing weddings & elopements

$12,000 | Average price couples book me at

150+ | five star reviews

30 Rising Stars
of Wedding Photography, 2018

Best of the Best Wedding Photos, 2021

Forbes Feature
 “The Woman Who Helped Spark the Adventure Elopement Trend” 2020

13 years | photographing weddings & elopements

$12,500 | Average price couples book me at

150+ | five star reviews

We’ve taught thousands of photographers

Here’s what a few have to say:

This course has given me the confidence to show up in any situation and give my couples the best experience while also getting creative because I feel confident in my settings and technique. You’ll be thanking me later once you can raise your prices because you’re providing such amazingly beautiful images that tell the story of your client’s day and providing them with loads of great experiences.


Maddie, do you remember when I said elopements are not a sustainable business yet in Australia? And you said just do it and you’ll eventually be the #1 elopement photographer in Australia when they are? So far this year I’ve got maybe 20 inquiries, and probably 15 were elopements!! And I’ve booked 6! Plus I have 2 or 3 more just waiting on contracts. Last year I got maybe 2 or 3 elopement enquiries total. Then I do your course and BOOM—full time elopement photographer no problems at all. Traveling all over the country and the world, and charging double what most wedding photographers in this country charge. I will say, a little success story, I just sold my first elopement for over $10,000…6 months ago I was booking at $3,000.

– Jimmy

Maddie + Henry’s [education] definitely helped me actualize some goals this year: I booked my first ever hiking elopement in Lake Placid, I niched down to elopements and small weddings with 50 or fewer guests, and while this is my second year of going full time with photography, I’m on course to break 6 figures for this year’s earnings. I never thought this would be possible doing something that I absolutely love.


Maddie and Henry have really given me the confidence to help my couples plan an incredible elopement, give them a great experience and bring my photos to the next level. I especially love watching the behind the scenes videos to see how they shoot and lead the couple through the day!


Maddie and Henry are super engaging in their teaching and include plenty of hands-on visual aspects. Beyond just the teaching, there is real world application in the full all day elopements they show as well. [Their education] has taken my images to the next level and created a better experience for my clients.


Are you ready to spend three days with us?

We’re excited to meet you
& give you a clear path to the high-end market

Hope to see you there,

Henry & Maddie

Join us for 3 Days for just $27

(that’s just $9/day)

Live MARCH 14-16TH | 10am – midday PDT | 1pm – 3PM EDT

Spaces will be limited

How do I know this experience is right for me?

This will be a game-changer for you if: 

  • You feel like you’re doing “all the right things” with your marketing, but you seem to have hit a plateau of success and maybe even fear that you’re not talented enough to charge more (spoiler alert.. you are!)
  • You’re constantly comparing yourself to the higher priced photographers in your area wondering what’s different between your work & theirs.
  • Your work is good, but you worry it blends into the crowd and you can’t quite figure out what’s the difference between your work and the premium-priced photographers that you follow.
  • You’d love to charge more and work with higher-end clients, but deep down you’re scared you wouldn’t meet their expectations so you keep playing it safe
  • You fear you might be the one getting in your own way with how you’re thinking about pricing, which is preventing you from pricing your services at what you really want to charge.
  • You’ve had the thought, “I love photographing couples but I don’t think I can handle the hustle for another season…” which has made you wonder if you even chose the right path to begin with.

You’re ready for this! 

Let’s put fear aside and conquer our goals together!
There’s room for all of us at the top.

Henry & Maddie

Spaces will be limited

Your Questions – Answered.

How will I get access to join the live mentoring calls?

Just like the group mentoring calls we do for members of our course, we’ll be hosting these private, live group mentoring calls on Zoom. As soon as you sign up, you’ll receive the zoom links for all 3 days of calls and be able to add them to your calendar + get reminders to show up. 

What if I’m not able to attend all 3 days?

We can promise you that even if you attend just one of these calls (or even part of one), you’ll come away with incredible value. But don’t worry, if you have to miss one (or arrive late or leave early), we’ll be recording these mentoring calls and you’ll receive free replay access. The call recordings will be private and only available to those who sign up for this exclusive experience.

How will I submit my client gallery or client questions for live review?

A: Unfortunately the submission deadline (March 10th) has now passed, but please don’t worry, we will have ample time for live Q&A each day, and we promise that you will learn a TON from seeing your peers galleries reviewed and pre-submitted questions answered. We have reviewed over 200 submissions and selected a wide variety that showcase common issues that many photographers face so that this experience will be as educational to every single person in attendance possible. We promise you will learn so much from this experience that you can immediately apply to your own work and business.

Why is this only $27?

Private mentoring sessions with us typically run $3,000 and we’ve only ever offered group mentoring to enrolled members of our course. However, we know that the 2023 season has been difficult for so many photographers, and we don’t like seeing such talented and passionate creatives struggling to compete against each other for price, when we know there is a path for each one to confidently thrive in a league of their own. We love helping other photographers succeed and actually considered offering this experience for free, but settled on a very low cost so that we could keep this experience more private and personal, and to motivate everyone who signs up, to show up and get their full value.

What’s your refund policy?

We don’t want to hold onto anyone’s money who isn’t happy with the education we provide. So if for any reason you sign up, attend all three days live and aren’t happy for any reason—just ask within 14 days and we’ll give you a 100% refund. Also, if you choose to join us in our course to get access to more mentoring with us, your $27 payment for The High-End Photographer Roadmap will be 100% credited to go toward the cost of the course.

Still have questions? We have answers!

Shoot us a message at

 and we’d love to connect with you.

Get ready to thrive in the high-end market with

The High-End Photographer Roadmap

Live MARCH 14-16TH | 10am – MIDDAY PDT | 1pm – 3PM EDT

3 Days of transformational live mentoring for just $27

Spaces will be limited

Henry & Maddie