Priced to Book

how to increase your bookings without lowering your rates

5-day live mentoring intensive teaching my proven high-converting pricing strategies
+ bonus pricing calculator 📈

✨ Live NOVEMBER 13 — 17
11am – 12PM PST // 2pm – 3pm EST

Tired of getting ghosted once people see your prices?

Oof—I know the feeling, and it’s a punch in the gut.

Over time, it can even make you question…

🤔 “Should I lower my prices?” 

“Are my packages working?”

Or worse, “Am I not worth what I’m charging?”

Listen friend—I know pricing is a touchy subject. 


It’s NOT about *number* you charge.
It’s about how well clients understand what they’re gaining.

Clients often start with a number, but that can be easily swayed when they
fully grasp the true value of what you offer

It’s all about strategic presentation

What *will* bring you more bookings (and profit) is:

  • refining what you include in your packages to attract your dream clients
  • restructuring your packages to make it easy for clients to book you
  • pricing based on the *value* your clients get (not what you offer)
  • changing when & how you present your pricing (to communicate your value)
  • revolutionizing your mindset so you can share your rates confidently


Priced to Book

my high-converting pricing method proven to
increase your bookings without lowering your rates


5-Day Live Mentoring Intensive | November 13-17
1 hour of daily transformational
teaching, q&a and discussion

with Maddie Mae

Your clear path to complete confidence in what
you’re offering and how you’re presenting it

so you can thrive as an in-demand photographer


Spaces will be limited

How you’ll transform your pricing
over the course of five days

DAY 01


11am – 12pm PST

2pm – 3pm EST

Refine what you offer

Through an hour long session of live mentoring with a Q&A you’ll learn:

  • What is value-based pricing strategy and why it’s the most successful pricing strategy
  • How to create as much value for your couples as possible so that you can maximize profits
  • Techniques you can implement to upsell hours and build trust… before a couple has even signed a contract

DAY 02


11am – 12pm PST

2pm – 3pm EST

Optimize your package structure

Through an hour long session of live mentoring with a Q&A you’ll learn:

  • Revolutionary pricing psychology & consumer behavior truths that will make it easier for clients to choose you 
  • How to present your packages in the most compelling way to reduce decision fatigue and maximize profits
  • How to structure your offers to incentivize couples booking you for more time

DAY 03


11am – 12pm PST

2pm – 3pm EST

My Foolproof Pricing Calculator

Through an hour long session of live mentoring with a Q&A you’ll learn:

  • Exactly how to calculate your cost of doing business so that you are charging profitable rates
  • How to optimize the rates you charge for each package to incentivize couples to upgrad
  • How to dial in your numbers to reach you profit goals

DAY 04


11am – 12pm PST

2pm – 3pm EST

Strategically present your pricing

Through an hour long session of live mentoring with a Q&A you’ll learn:

  • The top mistakes photographers make when presenting pricing that lead to ghostings
  • When and how to share pricing so couples see the most value in what you offer  
  • How we can influence decision making on how we structure & communicate our pricing

DAY 05


11am – 12pm PST

2pm – 3pm EST

Overcoming the final hurdle: confidence in your rates

Through an hour long session of live mentoring with a Q&A you’ll learn:

  • Addressing our “inner critic” that tells us “we aren’t good enough” or that “we’re going to fail”
  • Learning how to cultivate a growth mindset (and why you need one to make more money
  • Staring imposter syndrome in the face and learning how to believe in our own worth, so we can confidently convince clients of it


Thrive Pricing Calculator

($125 value)

  • Calculates your cost of Doing Business Calculator
  • Optimizes your package prices
  • Calculates your Travel expenses so you can roll them into your pricing

Real results from the Thrive Pricing method + calculator

“Omg, this pricing calculator is so sophisticated it’s blowing my mind!”

Ann Marie, Canadian Elopement Photographer

“Also, exciting news, the new price list I drew up and showed you a couple days ago that I created after using the Thrive pricing calculator, I sent it to a couple for the first time 3 days ago, just heard from them, package 2 (the one we are pushing toward) makes perfect sense for them and they’ll book that for an epic elopement in NZ next year 🙂 $13,000 invoice ”

Jimmy, Australian Elopement Photographer

What if it’s not your portfolio or your experience that’s holding you back?

What if, you just need to showcase your true value to your clients

This 5-day transformational pricing mentorship 

will help you go from:

Getting ghosted once you send your prices

to getting booked at your highest packages

Priced to Book

5-day live mentoring intensive to double your bookings without lowering your rates using my proven, high-converting pricing method for photographers

with Maddie Mae

Proven pricing methodology

Real-time Q&A  

Interactive & personal

Join me for 5 Days for just $27

(that’s less than $6/day)

Spaces will be limited to keep this experience intimate

1 year replay access available

Want to know more about who I am?

Hey, I’m Maddie Mae

Maddie mae


@adventureinstead | 125k followers

I once thought being a destination wedding photographer was just a pipe dream, but with strategies I learned in business school…

I made 6-figures in my first year as a full-time photographer, documenting unreal elopements across 13 countries.

Guess what? You can reach this too. 

I’ve seen hundreds of photographers I’ve mentored achieve it.

No matter what your dream is, it’s within reach.

13 years

photographing weddings & elopements


Average price couples book me at


five star reviews

30 Rising Stars
of Wedding Photography, 2018

Best of the Best Wedding Photos, 2021

Forbes Feature
 “The Woman Who Helped Spark the Adventure Elopement Trend” 2020

I’ve taught thousands of photographers

Here’s what a few have to say:

Learning from Maddie Mae was the best investment I have made in my business. I felt that I was on shaky ground when it came to all the ins and outs of adventurous elopements and the instruction she provided has given me the solid footing that my business needed. She not only has an incredible breadth of knowledge about marketing, but is an impressive communicator and teaches in a way that you can actually comprehend and take action. I’m a bit of a perpetual student… so when I say that learning from Maddie Mae was by far the best learning experience I have ever had—it’s no joke. Maddie genuinely wants everyone to succeed in the industry. She’s not just spouting community over competition, she’s living it.

– JackLEEN

Maddie, do you remember when I said elopements are not a sustainable business yet in Australia? And you said just do it and you’ll eventually be the #1 elopement photographer in Australia when they are? So far this year I’ve got maybe 20 inquiries, and probably 15 were elopements!! And I’ve booked 6! Plus I have 2 or 3 more just waiting on contracts. Last year I got maybe 2 or 3 elopement enquiries total. Then I do your course and BOOM—full time elopement photographer no problems at all. Traveling all over the country and the world, and charging double what most wedding photographers in this country charge. I will say, a little success story, I just sold my first elopement for over $10,000…6 months ago I was booking at $3,000.

– Jimmy

Maddie Mae… Wow. What can I say? She truly cares about YOU and I believe that she honestly wants all of us elopement photographers to be successful. She leaves nothing to wonder about and it’s clear by how much specific information she provides that she doesn’t hold anything back. She is far more transparent and open than anyone would expect a photographer at her level to be. The more I gush about her the more fake I feel like it sounds but seriously she is awesome. Learning from Maddie was the best thing I could have done for my business. She is everything I could have hoped for as a teacher and has set me on the right path. I can’t wait to grow using what she taught me!


Maddie’s elopement photographer course is my business foundation. Maddie covers everything in this course, from digging deep within yourself and discovering your brand, to pricing, portfolio building, website optimization, social media marketing, business workflows and legalities like contracts, permits and SO much more! If it wasn’t for Maddie’s education I would not be so close to launching my business already after just a few months. She just covers everything revolving around being a successful elopement photographer and talks about things I would have never known or realize as a beginner in specializing for elopements.


I’ve been to workshops that hit just some surface topics but Maddie does an amazing job at digging down DEEP and REALLY teaching! She is so focused on service and also has all the education and business knowledge to back up her approach. As a photographer that just started to build my business I knew a lot about what I needed to do… but not HOW. Maddie gave me all the tools and more—plus a heck of a lot of resources. Learning from Maddie was worth the investment plus 5 times more. I feel like I learned my money’s worth from her in the first hour. I am SO glad I invested into myself and I can’t wait to apply what she taught me.


This 5-day transformational mentorship experience will help you go from

Being ghosted to fully booked

Become the photographer that your dream high-end clients will pay for

I’m ready to give you the keys in 

Priced to Book: My High-Converting Pricing Method for Photographers

with Maddie Mae

Join me for 5 Days for just $27

(that’s less than $6/day)

Spaces will be limited

Your Questions – Answered.

How will I get access to join the live mentoring calls?

Just like the group mentoring calls I do for members of Thrive, I’ll be hosting these private, live group mentoring calls on Zoom. As soon as you sign up, you’ll receive the zoom links for all 5 days of calls and be able to add them to your calendar + get reminders to show up. 

What if I’m not able to attend all 5 days?

I can promise you that even if you attend just one of these calls (or even part of one), you’ll come away with incredible value. But don’t worry, if you have to miss one (or arrive late or leave early), I’ll be recording these mentoring calls and you’ll receive free replay access. The call recordings will be private and only available to those who sign up for this exclusive experience.

Why is this only $27?

Private mentoring sessions with me typically run $3,000 and I’ve only ever offered group mentoring to enrolled members of Thrive. However, I know that the 2023 season has been difficult for so many photographers, and I hate seeing such talented and passionate creatives struggling to compete against each other for price, when I know there is a path for each one to confidently thrive in a league of their own. I love helping other photographers succeed and actually considered offering this experience for free, but settled on a very low cost so that I could keep this experience more private and personal, and to motivate everyone who signs up, to show up and get their full value.

What’s your refund policy?

I don’t want to hold onto anyone’s money who isn’t happy with the education we provide. So if for any reason you sign up, attend live and aren’t happy for any reason—just ask within 14 days and I’ll give you a 100% refund. Also, if you choose to join me in Thrive to get access to more mentoring with us, your $27 payment for Priced to Book will be 100% credited to go toward the cost of the course..

Still have questions? I have answers!

Shoot me a message by email

 and I’d love to connect with you.

Are you ready to spend five days with me?

I’m excited to meet you
& give you my clear high-converting pricing method

Hope to see you there,


Join me for 5 Days for just $27

(that’s less than $6/day)

Live NOVEMBER 13-17TH | 11am – Midday PDT | Midday to 1pm MDT | 2pm – 3pm EDT

Spaces will be limited