Are you ready to help ALL couples
feel comfortable and safe being their
truest selves in front of your camera?

I’ll just come right out and say it…

Traditional posing methods
are awkward & uncomfortable
for you AND your couples.

I get it. We’ve all been there.

How many times have you…

  • Tried a prompt on a couple and saw them visually cringe… or had someone say “nah… not doing that”? Yeah that sucks.
  • Shown up to a session and as soon as you’re ready to take photos, you forget every prompt—like they just flew out of your head?
  • Felt embarrassed about looking at your phone or notes to remember what “cues” to give couples during a session?
  • Ran out of prompts and been at a loss for what to say or do in the middle of a shoot?
  • Looked at your shots after a shoot and been bummed about your posing?

Helping a couple have an amazing
experience and be themselves in
front of your camera shouldn’t feel
like cramming for a test each time.

And it doesnt have to.

What if you intentionally changed the way you approached posing & improved not just your photos, but the experience for your couples?

Just go on a quick journey with me for a second…

It’s Saturday morning and the sun is just starting to peek above the horizon. You’re standing with an excited, slightly nervous couple who’s ready to have their first professional photos taken together as a couple.

You sense the nervousness in the air, but instead of cracking another joke or trying to ignore it, you dig right in—pulling them aside and creating space for them to settle into the moment and truly connect with each other.

What follows is two hours of pure magic. 

Without a single cue card or awkward direction to “whisper a random vegetable into their ear” they just organically melt into each other, just like they would if they were at home hanging out on the couch.

When they lean into each other, it looks natural and connected—because it is.

When they wrap their arms around each other’s necks, and stare into each other’s eyes—it results not only in a gorgeous photo, but also a chance to deepen their relationship.

When the session ends, they hug you and say,

“Wow, we were so anxious about having our photos taken, but you helped us have so much fun and just be ourselves. We’ll never forget this awesome experience—thank you.”

Here’s the truth. This is

possible to do for all couples—not just

the naturally comfortable ones.

Your sessions don’t have
to run “hot & cold”

or rely on you remembering a set of one-size fits all contrived prompts
(which let’s be honest, are sometimes a bit cringey).

Learn how to create real honest experiences for couples like this every. single. time.

“The Permission Posing Course is SO GOOD—every photographer that cares about their clients’ experience should get it. The method/approach is modern, and honestly made so many things in my brain click that I didn’t know needed clicking. I’m delivering a gallery today for a deaf/mixed/same sex couple today, and it’s some of my favorite work. Prior to watching the Permission Posing, I would’ve been scared sh*tless to work with this couple and now I feel like I’m delivering the best work I’ve ever done, with a deaf couple! I used to struggle to hit 40 deliverable photos in a session—now I’m delivering around 100 my couples LOVE it! Get this course!”

– Emett Sclabassi

Welcome to the only posing course
not focused on posing

The Permission Posing Course

Cause your couple’s experience matters just as much as their photos

When you use Permission Posing, you inspire couples to express themselves freely & authentically—letting go of any expectations or ideas of how they should act.

The pressure’s off—you don’t have to remember 50+ specific cues either—horay!

What exactly is


It’s seeing your couple as real human beings you’re honored to take on a journey of connection, not props you need to pose.

It’s recognizing that couples already know how to interact & creating them space to do what feels right.

The very first posing course that teaches you how to create a safe, collaborative experience for your couples and be a trustworthy guide for them to be themselves & experience freedom in their movement & interaction.

Sounds great! But how?!

“Before the course, I never felt comfortable asking a couple to do something, and there were moments where I could tell the couple wasn’t completely comfortable but weren’t sure how to speak out about it. I was ALWAYS running out of posing ideas and it was so draining to try to come up with different poses. After taking the course, it is so much easier to give each couple space and permission to be themselves and only do what they’re comfortable with. It’s so much easier to let the couple act how they normally do in their relationship, and it feels much more like an experience than a photoshoot. I had taken a posing course from another photographer/educator previously, and I never felt like it suited me and my introverted side. It just felt like another course giving you a bunch of poses to try to remember. The Permission Posing course is WAY different! I would highly recommend it to any photographer who wants that extra confidence and connection reflected in their sessions.”

– Janelle Schank

Let’s backtrack a second…

I want to tell you about my experience on the other side of the lens.

A few years ago my partner and I (both huge introverts) were last-minute models for a photographer known for his “posing cards.” The entire shoot was focused on him taking shots he felt he needed and tossing awkward cues our way.

It was uncomfortable, unnatural, and so NOT us.

Our experience shocked me (and scarred my poor partner for life, lol). But the good news was that I finally got to see what it could be like for a couple when you’re not totally attentive to who they are, and how easy it is to unintentionally make the shoot all about the shots you want, instead of creating a safe space for your couple to interact freely and authentically. 

I realized there has to be a better way.

I wanted better for my couples than the experience I had.

That’s when it clicked:

Couples don’t need to be told how to interact with each other—they’ve been doing it for months or years & know each other’s bodies and movements better than I ever will. 

They need a safe space to recreate that intimacy & connection in front of a camera, free from random one-size-fits all inauthentic prompts or judgement.

Permission Posing
changed everything for me.

My photos, my process, but mostly—the way my couples feel when I photograph them.

And I want the same for

you & your couples

“I CANNOT describe how fulfilling and amazing it was. I did Maddie Mae’s permission posing before we got started and it made a WORLD of a difference. Probably the most authentic shoot I’ve ever done. And it just solidified the fact that this is what I want to do!! I just had to share because I’m so excited!”

– Kayla Plouffe

This is what you’ve been looking for: Your solution to never leading another “Simon Says” shoot again.

The Permission Posing Course

is an in-depth video course that will revolutionize your philosophy on how to approach couple’s photoshoots & turn them into an amazing experience for couples.

Warning: Unlike other posing courses, this one doesn’t come with a set of 50 poses for you to bark at couples & see what happens.

Here’s whats inside:

  • A 1-hour in-depth training by Maddie Mae about how to pose couples in a natural, organic way, making them feel valued and allowing them to trust you with their real & authentic moments
  • 3 raw & honest behind-the-scenes videos of real couples photoshoots (in Patagonia, Colorado & Hawaii) where Maddie Mae shows you how the Permission Posing philosophy works in action. See for yourself how Permission Posing revolutionizes how comfortable couples feel in front of your camera, and enables you to create an unforgettable experience for them (and of course take amazing images along the way).

The 3 Real Couples

Allie & Taylor – Hawaii

Brad & Jacob – Colorado

Le Mai & Arthur – Patagonia

But you’re not just being TAUGHT how to use Permission Posing—you’re
receiving concrete deliverables that empower you to put what you’ve
learned into ACTION and “bake it in” to your entire process.

With this course you’ll get:

“Get to know your couples” questionaire

that helps you get to know your couples better–so you can show up on shoot-day & feel wildly comfortable with each other

An outline of “the magic schpiel”

Practice & make your own (this 5 minute pre-shoot talk my guaranteed way to set the tone & ensure an epic experience for you & your couples)

A guide to “asking for the pose you want”

A list of phrases to properly ASK for the poses you want to try & a few direct, simple pose questions that work for nearly every couple—because YES, you should always ask FIRST

A guide to “asking for reviews”

A guide on the best way to ask for a review from your couples—ensuring you get great reviews that magnetize more dream couples your way 

Nailing your posing process
can change everything
about your business.

When your couples have an
incredible experience, they tell
everyone they know.

And when they post insanely gorgeous (clearly candid) photos—
people ask where they came from.

Permission Posing teaches you
how to do that every single time.

And the best part?

It’s just $350

Our Fans

What photographers and couples

are saying about permission posing

testimonial picture

"exciting and fun"

Can confirm – permission posing works with on partner interpreting for their deaf partner! Probably some of the most exciting and fun sessions I've done to date. We really met halfway when it came to posing – they knew exactly how to be together and even the shoulder rise was their idea!

testimonial picture

"go watch the course!”

If you haven't watched the Permission Posing course yet, you should go do it now. I do think it's important, as photographers, to have a working knowledge of posing- angling people towards the light in certain ways, encouraging clients to not let their arms awkwardly dangle, etc. But I also think we sometimes get in our own heads too much about nitpicking and directing people and it starts to feel much less natural. Thanks for the reminder to get out of our own way, Maddie. And everyone else, go watch the course!

testimonial picture

"freaking buy this!!!"

You feel this do deeply in your heart and soul, you wish you could relive every past shoot to give those opportunities this experience. I 100% had water eyes multiple times!!!!!

testimonial picture

"connection and spontaneity"

I did the magic spiel with my couple last night during their engagement session! I need to get better at it but it still totally helped bring the couple to this amazing place of connection and spontaneity. It makes me so happy that they felt safe enough to truly have fun in front of my camera.

testimonial picture

“best session ever”

Oh my gosh you guys!! Just had the best session ever! I want to do adventure sessions ALL DAY EVERY DAY!! These two rocked it. Maddie's Permission Posing Course is the best!

testimonial picture

“so good”

Loving the permission posing approach! Tried it a third time today and it was so good. Can’t wait to share some samples!

Before, The Permission Posing Course,  I was just using the same poses with all couples. This course taught me that couples interact with each other very differently depending on their values, personality, etc. Some poses/prompts would work very well with some couples but not with others. It wasn’t consistent. The permissions posing changed all of that, and completely allowed them to interact being 1000% themselves! The magic spiel part of the permissions course is where it’s at, though. I finally memorized my speech and used it at a couple’s session last year and it put them both into tears, and then they told me how it was such a stressful day and how the speech made them feel so much better and more connected. I used it for the first time at an elopement this year and we all cried. It was such a beautiful moment just the three of us, I will never forget it. When my copywriter reached out to them to find out what they loved most about working with me, hands down they said it was the speech I gave them. FREAKING MAGIC!

– Paige Weber

30-day “game-changing”

Guarantee or your money back

Been bummed about or let down by previous courses? I get it—that’s why I offer a 30-day money-back guarantee with every course.

It’s simple: If you watch all of the videos within 30 days and decide this course wasn’t game-changing to your posing, email me and I’ll send you a full refund. No questions asked.

Here’s the truth friend,

Your ability to get beautiful connected
photos of any couple has literally nothing
to do with how comfortable they are in
front of the camera

Why? Because their relationship with the camera isn’t what you’re capturing when you take
photos of them. You’re documenting their relationship to each other—and showcasing how
comfortable they feel when it’s just the two of them. 

That’s exactly the space Permission Posing teaches you how to recreate during all of your
future couples sessions.

How would it feel to have the 100%

confidence to tell every single

couple who wants to hire you:

“I have no doubt I can get incredible photos of
you two being completely real—if you’re
willing to show up, trust me, and just be
yourselves—connecting with each other the way
you always do—we’ll make magic together.” 

And absolutely mean it? 

With 100% confidence?

I’m In!