Honor your day with a long-lasting physical tribute to your story

Storytelling Albums

Why Albums Matter

"An image isn't a photograph until it's printed" - Andrew Funderburg


I’m a millennial. I grew up in the digital age—I’m as connected and tech savvy as anyone else. But the longer that I’m a photographer and the more photos I take, I have come to realize that only having photos in digital form means that really important pieces of my life and memories get buried in old social media feeds, and get harder and harder to find as time goes on. Technology changes so quickly, cloud storage and social media platforms change. If memories are now only existing in pixels and data—on hard drives and the cloud, they get lost and degrade over time. 

As your elopement photographer, you're not just hiring me for a set of images that will only sit on a hard drive, or exist only in a link online. Your elopement deserves to be printed in a heirloom quality, timeless book that you can experience the story of your elopement day over and over again in a beautiful and tangible way, and share it with those you love. My goal with each album is to tell the whole story of your incredible intimate wedding day—so that flipping through it feels like watching a movie—and really gives you the chance to pause and re-live each moment.

I am a person who values experiences way more than things—and an album is an experience worth investing in—for yourself, and for every friend & family member who gets to experience it too. It's a timeless piece of art—tangible, beautiful, and one-of-a-kind. Albums are the  best and most enjoyable way to experience your elopement day over and over again in the long term.

Feel Great About What's In Your Hands

Our commitment to 100% sustainable album materials & carbon-neutral shipping

  • Cover Materials – Eco Leather, Vegan Leather, Natural Cotton, and Sustainable Silk

  • Cover board – FSC certified 100% recycled material

  • Paper – from sustainable sources

  • Leather – sourced from suppliers committed to sustainability and the ethical treatment of animals

  • End sheets – 100% from sustainable sources

  • End boards – 90% recycled, 10% from sustainable sources

  • Shipping carton – 100% recycled cardboard

  • Box Inserts – 100% recycled kraft paper

  • Shipping – DHL or DPD carbon neutral shipping



8x8 ...........................................   $1000          *10 spreads included, can be upgraded

10x10 ........................................   $1,250        *10 spreads included, can be upgraded

12x12 ........................................   $1,500        *10 spreads included, can be upgraded

Additional Spreads * ................  $100                                                                                  

EVERY Album Includes

  • 10 spreads* (20 pages) to tell the story of your day

  • Eco-friendly cover option (Eco-Leather, Vegan Leather, Silk, or Fabric)

  • Custom Embossing with your Name & Date

  • Professional design service with 2 rounds of customization

Albums can be upgraded to a maximum of 30 spreads each *



A spread is 2 facing pages (side by side), forming one nearly seamless & flat surface—which your images are printed across  (photos are printed directly onto the page). 



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From a UK-based tannery committed to sustainability and ethical treatment of animals
The tannery is committed to zero waste, by using renewable energy sources and recycled water

Natural Cotton-Based Fabric

100%  natural cotton fabric with a  tactile open weave material

vegan leather alternative

This-PU material has a soft wonderful leather-like feel
It's PVC & BPA free, 100% made in Italy, and ISO 14401 compliant


sustainable silk

100% pure silk from an eco-friendly supplier, using carbon-neutral shipping
Supplier is  ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 compliant

How to Order

Get your album(s) in your hands in 3 easy steps


We'll do all the work of picking the best images and pre-designing your album for you, so all you need to do is:

  1. Pick your album size(s), length (number of spreads), cover material & color

  2. Once you've paid for your album(s), request any design changes you want (2 rounds of design changes included) and approve your final design

  3. Give us your shipping address and get excited for it to show up at you door!


Ready to get the process started?

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