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I loved this engagement shoot with Karina and Adan in Downtown Denver. It was derby day so even though there were tons of fancy-dressed inebriated people with huge hats on running around, we found some quiet corners and let their beautiful relationship shine through. This is what they had to say about each other: "Adan is the most loving, caring person I know, always thinking about others before himself. I love his sense of humor, he is such a prankster that i need to be alert all the time! I also love how passionate he is about his dreams and achievements, and his imagination runs like crazy in that head of his! Let's just say he is a kid at heart! Which all of this made me love him even more!" - Karina

"Karina, is a very  beautiful woman. She is loving, playful, always knows how to make me laugh, always gets my joke,s and can handle all my pranks! She can make me laugh even when I'm mad or sad, we can always make up when ever were mad at each other. We always pull a joke after a bad conversation and she still loves me after! I love her so much." - Adan

Their genuine love and laid back caring relationship really shined through in the photos. I can't wait to shoot their wedding this fall!


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