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The Best Places to Elope in Oregon

Picture it— snow-capped mountain peaks glistening in the sunrise; an alpenglow casting dreamy pinks, oranges, and golds across the sky.

Or, picture this— lush, soft moss climbing the branches of centuries-old trees in mystical forests, or the Pacific Ocean crashing against rocky beaches as you lace your fingers into your lover’s hand.

You probably think we’re reading this straight out of a storybook— except, we aren’t.

It’s not a fairy tale. It’s not a movie.

It’s not a dream you’re trying to fall back asleep for just so you can experience a few more minutes of bliss.

It’s your elopement in the dreamiest of locations and it’s as real and tangible as the love you have for your soon-to-be partner— it’s Oregon, and it’s pure magic.

This otherworldly elopement destination is located in a region known as Pacific Northwest and it’s one of the most ethereal places in the continental United States.

Eloping in Oregon means choosing to elope in a location that has jaw-dropping views everywhere you turn— it’s an ideal location to say your personal, private “I Dos” (or whatever you plan to say— they’re your vows, after all).

Because Oregon encompasses so many diverse landscapes, exciting adventure possibilities, and endless opportunities for exploration, it can (admittedly) be, a bit overwhelming to try to narrow down where to elope in Oregon.

As avid Oregon fans ourselves, we know how hard it is to pin down the best places to elope in Oregon but fear not— we’re destination elopement professionals with years of Oregon exploration under our belt.

We’re here to help.

An Oregon elopement gives you the possibility for infinite areas to explore with a variety of terrain, moods, and landscapes— we truly believe that every couple can find a gorgeous elopement spot all their own within the state lines of Oregon, no matter what they’re looking for.

Here are a few of— what we consider— the best places to elope in this gorgeous state:

A slow and cold fog rolls into this shot of an Oregon forest. Tall evergreen trees peek up from the bottom of the frame, all covered in an Oregon mist that’s made this state famous for destination elopements.
A bride and a groom stand among a lush Oregon meadow as they read their vows to each other. These elopement photos were captured as part of a destination elopement ceremony captured by Oregon elopement photographers Adventure Instead

The Oregon Coast

Hundreds upon hundreds of miles of rugged Oregon Coastline are waiting for you and your PNW elopement.

On the east side, you’ll spot towering evergreens lining the coast and when you turn to the west, you’ll have incredible views of the Pacific Ocean, sea stacks, caves, waterfalls, and massive boulders.

Not only can you walk along the coast together, but in most areas, you’re able to drive your vehicle directly on the beach (we’ve had several couples who want to include their adventure vehicles in their shoot— we definitely encourage you to add in all the details you want on your elopement day).

An ideal spot for sunset elopements (can’t you just picture exchanging vows as the sun sinks beneath the Pacific?) this the perfect location choice for couples who want a lot of elopement options in a small space.

Oh— did we mention that there are countless dog-friendly beaches and campgrounds on the water? (Come on, we know that matters to more people than just us).

A bride and groom run along the rocky, sandy beach of the Oregon Coast. The bride, pulling her dress up to reveal hiking boots beneath chases after her groom as they head toward the water, an enormous boulder looming in the background. These adventure elopement pictures were captured by Adventure Instead, an Oregon elopement photographer.
This image shows the jagged, rocky Oregon Coast. Water crashes at the base of enormous reddish-gray granite boulders along the beach. The coastline is moody, misty, and has a slight fog curling up toward the sky. This adventure elopement photo was captured by Oregon elopement photographer Adventure Instead.


Crater Lake National Park, Oregon

Aptly named, Crater Lake National Park is an Oregon icon that features a massive, crystal-clear lake which circles about 26 miles— it also sits about 7,000 feet above sea level.

Lined with dramatic peaks that reach up about 8,000 feet, you’re blessed with panoramic views of both the epic sunrise and sunset. Imagine exchanging vows, kissing your new life partner, and being greeted with stunning water and dramatic views of the sky.

What’s better, Crater Lake is more than just an epic view (a happy bonus of most PNW spots). If you choose to integrate a little extra adventure into your elopement, you and your partner can hike any (or all) of the 90 miles of trails, stargaze in a location known worldwide for its clear skies, or hop on a boat to Wizard Island for a little extra excitement.


Any Oregon Waterfall — And There are Hundreds to Choose From

It’s not enough that Oregon has gorgeous, snow-capped mountains, insane dune areas on the east side of the state, and all the old-growth forests you could ever hope to see— it’s also absolutely overflowing with waterfalls.

When we say that, we’re not exaggerating— Oregon actually has over 230 waterfalls nestled in the state.

A lot of these waterfalls are tucked away in gorgeous corners of national forests and the vast Oregon wilderness, but many of them are just a short trip from Portland (which makes for a perfect choice if you’re looking to have either a Portland elopement or a adventurous destination elopement).

Oregon’s waterfalls are almost always covered in lush, green foliage— unless you visit in the winter, then you might be lucky enough to catch some snowy waterfall magic!

Like we said, there are waterfalls peppered all throughout the state, but if you’re looking to stay close to a city, there are plenty that are 30-45 minutes away from Portland.

A bride and groom climb up a wooden ladder laying over a mossy rock in an moody, misty Oregon forest. There’s tons of green, lush foliage surrounding the couple as they hike through an area with a mini waterfall.
A bride and groom stand beside an Oregon waterfall as part of their destination elopement in the PNW. The two stand at the base of a cascading waterfall in an Oregon forest. This elopement photo, captured by Adventure Instead, an Oregon elopement photographer, was part of an epic, just us day that this couple wanted for their adventure elopement experience.

Mt. Hood

If you’ve ever seen a breathtaking photo of an Oregon mountain peak, it’s most likely a photo of the iconic Mt. Hood.

This breathtaking mountain is an epic snow-covered peak that’s absolutely worshiped for its glorious views and jagged cliffs (that provide you with insane views of the Columbia River Gorge beneath it). Mt. Hood is also home to tons of waterfalls that you’ll certainly want to see – or consider planning your elopement next to.

But Mt. Hood is more than just epic scenic beauty (although, it’s definitely got that going for it— you can tell how beautiful it is all the way from Portland where you can see it from anywhere in the city on a clear day, it’s also an active volcano.

Nothing says unique elopement idea like eloping on an active volcano.

Mt. Hood is also a wonderful choice for couples who want to elope in Oregon because it’s full of amazing opportunities for adventure. There are miles upon miles of scenic hikes for the backpackers, lots of snowshoeing opportunities for winter elopements, and plenty of alpine lakes dotting the mountain to explore.

Even better, Mt. Hood is just a short distance from Portland (just over an hour and a half), so it’s the best of both worlds for couples who seek a compromise between a Portland elopement and a rugged, adventure elopement.

Oregon is home to miles upon miles of lush, amazing rain forests. In this picture captured by Adventure Instead, an elopement photographer, giant trees grow in a moss-covered, old-growth forest.

We hope we were able to help you narrow down your Oregon destination elopement wish list.

If you’d like to hear about even more locations, that’s okay, too— there are thousands of magical spots to elope in all over Oregon that you can make all your own.

We’re more than happy to start helping you put together a dreamy Oregon elopement— as PNW professionals and Oregon elopement photographers, we’re always ready with off-the-beaten-path location recommendations, adventure opportunities, and even local vendors to reach out to.

Contact us with questions— we can’t wait to hear from you to help you plan your destination elopement!




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