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Starting the morning up Loveland Pass with the sun just starting to rise over the mountains, the pink alpine glow setting the stage for this intimate snowy elopement. Photos by intimate wedding photographer Maddie Mae.
Jared waited patiently for his stunning winter bride to arrive. Their intimate Loveland Pass elopement photographed by traveling wedding photographer Maddie Mae.
With a soft tap on his shoulder, these would be the moments they would remember forever, the few minutes before they became husband and wife. This snowy Loveland Pass elopement photographed by Colorado native, Maddie Mae.
Jared excitement couldn't be contained as he laid eyes on his stunning mountain bride. Donning a simple flower crown and a backless white lace dress, this was the woman he was about profess his love to. Photos of this intimate snowy elopement up Loveland Pass photographed by Maddie Mae.
Wandering their way through the mountains Mikayla and Jared hunted for the perfect spot for their vows. Colorado is a self solemnizing state, allowing couples to marry themselves without an officiant. This intimate elopement captured by wedding photographer Maddie Mae.
Giving him a smile worth a thousand words, Mikayla and Jared had come to the perfect spot up Loveland Pass where they would say their vows. The only witness to their elopement, their intimate wedding photographer Maddie Mae.
With pink sunrise skies and the cool white of the snow as their backdrop, Mikayla began her intimate wedding vows, personalized for Jared. Their snowy Loveland Pass elopement captured by their wedding photographer Maddie Mae.
Jared looked fondly at his bride as she finished her intimate vows. With the alpine glow lighting Mikayla, Jared began his vows. With the self solemnization laws of Colorado, the only witness to their marriage was their intimate wedding photographer Maddie Mae.
Exchanging their wedding rings as the sun creeped over Loveland Pass where they chose to throw out tradition and elope high in the mountains with just their traveling wedding photographer Maddie Mae there to capture every intimate moment.
Sharing their first kiss as husband and wife high above Loveland Pass lakes, Mikayla and Jared were just about to start on their adventurous hiking elopement all through Silverthorne and Breckinridge, Colorado. Photographed by intimate wedding photographer Maddie Mae.
With no one around but their elopement photographer Maddie Mae, Jared let out an excited scream to the empty mountains. He and his stunning mountain bride Mikayla, chose self solemnization for their intimate elopement up Loveland Pass.
Bundling up in vintage fur Mikayla and Jared hiked up Loveland Pass into the snowy white hills to share a few moments alone just after their intimate elopement ceremony. Photos by adventure wedding photographer Maddie Mae.
Stopping with the snowy Rocky Mountains behind them Jared and Mikayla shared a playful moment among the spring snow of Loveland Pass. Their intimate elopement captured by wedding photographer Maddie Mae.
With her lilac flower crown, fitted lace wedding dress and vintage fur, Mikayla was truly a vision from a winter fairytale - a snowy angelic bride. Photos of this intimate Colorado elopement captured by Maddie Mae Photography.
Jared looked dapper in his khaki slacks and dark suit jacket, his vintage suspenders peeking out, a nod to Mikayla's love of vintage fashion. Photos of this adventurous Colorado elopement taken by intimate wedding photographer Maddie Mae.
Like and old romantic movie, Jared grabbed Mikayla's hand, kissing it softly. Their vintage style a perfect contrast for the icy landscape of Loveland Pass where they celebrated their intimate elopement, captured by Colorado native Maddie Mae Photography.
Trekking higher into the Rocky Mountains as the sun shone down upon them like a natural spotlight. This vintage styled intimate elopement captured by traveling wedding photographer Maddie Mae.
The wind blew lightly as Mikayla and Jared hiked up Loveland Pass with their intimate wedding photographer Maddie Mae in tow.
With the wind softly blowing up Loveland Pass, this stunning vintage couple shared a sweet snuggle. The glowing white Rocky Mountains set the backdrop for this intimate elopement captured by traveling wedding photographer, Maddie Mae.
Trekking onwards to their next adventure destination, they looked back and smile on their perfectly private elopement ceremony location up Loveland Pass. This intimate mountain wedding captured by Maddie Mae Photography.
Looking deeply into his wife's eyes, Jared couldn't help but smile at seeing the world of adventure that was ahead of them. This romantic winter elopement up Loveland Pass was captured by traveling wedding photographer and Colorado native, Mattie Mae.
They sank into the snow as they made their way off the beaten trails of Loveland Pass on their adventurous elopement. This romantic couple took to the outdoors in the middle of winter to celebrate their private nuptials with an elopement in the Colorado mountains with only their intimate elopement photographer Maddie Mae as their witness.
The Dillon reservoir is a stunning location of mountain views and deep blue water among a high alpine forest for any special event, intimate wedding or elopement. This mountain elopement photographed by intimate wedding photographer Maddie Mae.
Hiking down to Dillon reservoir, Jared and Mikayla meandered their way through old fallen forests with the snow capped Rocky Mountains off in the distance. Photos of this intimate adventurous elopement by traveling wedding photographer Maddie Mae.
Their playful love, the kind that only photographs can try and explain radiated far beyond the Dillon reservoir where they continued their adventure filled elopement with intimate wedding photographer Maddie Mae in tow.
Continuing their adventurous elopement, Mikayla and Jared trekked even further trying to get as close to Dillon reservoir, just north of Breckinridge Colorado. Their intimate wedding photographer Maddie Mae, capturing each affectionate moment.
As though looking out on the endless possibilities for their future while stopped at Dillon reservoir, this vintage inspired couple were the only people around for miles. Their inspiring love and intimate elopement captured by Maddie Mae Photography.
Pausing high above Dillon reservoir with the sun at their faces, Jared whispered promises made only for Mikayla to hear at their intimate mountain elopement. Photos of this vintage inspired couple by Colorado native, Maddie Mae Photography.
With the sun on their faces they stopped to enjoy it's warmth on the hill sides above Dillion Reservoir. They spent the day of their epic elopement adventuring to all their favorite winter spots with their traveling elopement photographer Maddie Mae.
Walking along the rocky shores of Montgomery Reservoir, Jared grabbed his bride, squeezing her tightly in the bright afternoon sunshine. Intimate elopement photography by traveling wedding photographer Maddie Mae.
All the white from the snow and frozen Montgomery Reservoir, made Jared and Mikayla light up like vintage stars on a snowy stage. This stunning intimate elopement captured by adventure wedding photographer, Maddie Mae.
In true Colorado spring fashion, Montgomery Reservoir was frozen over, a stunning sight for these adventurous newly weds. This snowy elopement through the mountains was photographed by intimate wedding photographer, Maddie Mae.
The embraced lovingly looking on at the frozen lake one last time before they moseyed home to take part in wedding cake. Photos of this winter hiking elopement through the Colorado mountains by intimate wedding photographer Maddie Mae.
Coming down the mountain, they made their way back home - a little wood and stone cabin just south of Breckenridge Colorado. This intimate elopement captured by Colorado native Maddie Mae.
Home is where the heart, and the cake is! Although they threw out many of the norms of a traditional wedding, they did pick their favorite dark chocolate cake to celebrate their snowy intimate elopement through the Colorado mountains. Photos by wedding photographer Maddie Mae.
Even their puppies dressed up for this special occasion. Matching both bride and groom with vintage style polka-dotted bow ties. This intimate Loveland Pass elopement photographed by traveling wedding photographer Maddie Mae.
Wandering with their pups into the grassy fields behind their cabin as a perfect adventurous book end to their non-traditional hiking elopement through the mountains near Breckinridge, Colorado. Their intimate wedding photographed by Maddie Mae Photography.
Grabbing each other's hand, Mikayla and Jared ran off into the tall grass with their two dogs. Their adventures only starting with their non-traditional hiking elopement through the Colorado mountains with their intimate wedding photographer Maddie Mae.


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