Travel Schedule

For those who feel the most at home in places they’ve never been

There’s nothing more inspiring than

A new, unexplored place.

Let me guess: you are fueled by the desire to explore the world, and have new adventures—together. The idea of picking somewhere on the map that you’ve always dreamed of going—bringing along your wedding clothes, vows, and rings, and getting married there—excites the crap out of you.

We totally get it. We too are  passionate explorers and have been  to over 40 countries—there is no limit to where we’ll travel to photograph a good love story. 

Wherever you are in the world, or wherever you dream of getting married, we’ll be there as fast as we can pack a bag and grab our passport—and you can count on our extensive travel experience to help you find the most incredible location to elope.

Our Travel Schedule for 2023 Elopements

See if we still have space for your elopement!

And don’t forget that there are three of us here, so even if our schedule says we’re traveling, we can still be available for other locations.

2023 Travel Schedule

Maddie Mae and Amber are based out of Colorado, and Tori is based out of Oregon; however, we all travel frequently abroad to capture couples’ epic destination elopements.

The following travel schedule is designed based on the best time of year to be in each location and our current bookings however many dates are flexible.

There are NO travel fees for any elopement or couples session that fits into our booked travel schedule!

*Remember that there are 3 of us! So if the schedule indicates we’re traveling, we still may be available for other locations—so be sure to reach out and see if we still have space for your dream destination.

  • January // Southern California (Joshua Tree & Death Valley), Argentina
  • February // Hawaii, Utah, Arizona
  • March // arizona, Utah, New Mexico, SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, HAWAII
  • April // ARIZONA, UTAH, new mexico, Oregon, California, morocco
  • May // Oregon, UTAH, Arizona, GREAT SAND DUNES NP Colorado, Greece, Iceland, Faroe Islands
  • June // Colorado, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Switzerland, Alps/Europe, Olympic NP Washington, Upstate New York, Isle Royale np Michigan, Greece, Iceland, Faroe Islands
  • July // Colorado, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Montana
  • August // COLORADO, Oregon, WASHINGTON, Alaska, Grand Teton np Wyoming, Norway