| October 19, 2020

How to Choose the Best Flowers for your Elopement

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This is a guest post written by our friends at Lace & Lilies.

Best Flowers for Eloping

At Lace and Lilies, we love providing flowers for all weddings, no matter the size! Whether you choose to elope with just the two of you or in an intimate wedding with loved ones, we think it’s SO important to hire a professional florist for your special day.

If you are like many of our eloping couples, you’re choosing to elope to eliminate that extra stress, anxiety and pressure that often comes with traditional weddings. And, if thats the case — don’t add those feelings back in by trying to figure out what flowers to take to your adventure elopement or how to design florals for your day.

A bouquet of flowers in a backpack.

How to Choose Elopement Flowers

Choosing the best flowers for your elopement should begin with research. Pinterest and Instagram will be your best friends when beginning your floral search. Start saving those images and begin making a list of the florists you’re identifying with. Before booking your florist, be sure you have a budget established, an elopement day and location determined and some fun inspirational ideas on hand.

A bride and groom smile as they drink champagne near the water. The bride is wearing a flower crown and has a bouquet of flowers on the ground beside her.

Things to Consider for Your Elopement

START WITH A CONSULTATION: A floral consultation will most often begin with a discussion on color. The colors you choose for your floral designs will reflect the season and time of year. We’ll chat about flower and foliage varieties that are available and determine your overall aesthetic. Be sure to trust in the professional and let them guide you through color theory. Do your best to remain open to the ideas and creativity — a collaborative process always results in the most wonderful outcomes! 

A bride and groom read vows during their elopement ceremony. The bride is wearing a flower crown and has a bouquet of flowers on the ground beside her.

LOCATION & SEASONALITY: If you’re planning an adventure elopement, there are a few different things that need to be taken into consideration. The time of year, temperature, weather conditions and length of time the flowers will be in these outdoor conditions must be considered and discussed with the florist.

If you are concerned that your flowers will not last throughout the day — we have options for that! Our design team at Lace and Lilies loves to incorporate textured foliage accents, dried elements, and other unique pods, berries and plants that can withstand rougher terrain.

A man and woman hike up the snowy mountains. There is a bouquet of flowers in the woman's backpack.
A bride and groom hike up the mountains. The bride is holding a bouquet of flowers.

PRICING: It is a common misconception that elopement flowers will be priced lower than a larger, more traditional wedding. But, when determining your budget, we suggest that you plan on spending the same, if not more per item for an elopement. A florist will purchase your flowers in bulk and this will still be factored into the price point, even if each stem is not utilized in your designs. Having more than just a bouquet and boutonniere for your elopement is also a great idea and can help with your overall price point. Some fun items we like to recommend are bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, hair flowers, custom ceremony pieces, a tablescape design for dinner and candles. We encourage you to be creative and be certain there are flowers in all the places throughout the day that will be photographed by your amazing photographer! 

A bride and groom embrace on their wedding day. The bride has a red flower in her hair and is holding a bouquet of flowers.
A bride holds a bouquet of flowers.

Floral arrangements for adventure elopements need to check quite a few boxes – they need to be able to hold up while outdoors, traveling, maybe getting shoved in a backpack, & stay strong to not drop petals, leaves or seeds in the environment. If you’re unsure how to begin, get in touch with us today! We’ve worked with so many eloping couples and its always a treat to see their well-made bouquets looking FRESH in their sunrise adventure elopement photos.

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