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Colorado Elopement + Intimate Wedding Packages

What is an elopement? An elopement is an intentionally small, authentic wedding celebration where the focus of the day remains on the marrying couple. No distractions, no traditional expectations. We photograph elopements with up to 25 people, but often it ends up just being us and a couple! Why? Because an adventurous elopement between two people can be the most personal, intimate wedding experience!

Whether you’re getting married on a mountain top, standing before an alpine lake, or you’ve headed off to watch the sunset from the sand dunes – we’re here for it! Rent a 4×4 jeep and explore dirt roads to a secluded overlook, or bring us along for a weekend backpacking trip deep into the San Juan Mountains. Whatever your definition of ‘adventure’ looks like, we support that vision.

So cheers to you for choosing to elope your way!


Personalized, Not Conventional

If you’re considering a Colorado elopement, we firmly believe there is no better place to get married! Colorado allows self-solemnization, which means you can legally get married without an officiant or witnesses. Colorado also has an incredibly diverse landscape – a playground for every individual! Choose from snow capped mountains, towering sand dunes, pristine blue lakes, pillars of red desert rock, or even a field of wildflowers – there’s no limit to Colorado’s natural beauty. Once you’ve decided Colorado is your elopement destination, you just need to lock down a photographer who can help you plan the details! We offer local pricing for Colorado elopements because two of us (Maddie + Amber) live in this beautiful state!

Our elopement packages are totally unique to each couple – we’ve never photographed the same elopement twice. The structure and impersonal atmosphere of big traditional weddings is what we moved away from by specializing in elopement photography, which is also why we don’t offer all-inclusive elopement packages. Instead, we’ll help connect you with a hair & makeup artist, florists, or other vendors based on YOUR vision, not ours. All-inclusive elopement packages have the same cookie-cutter impersonalization that eloping couples are trying to get away from by ditching the traditional wedding. Our elopement packages include photography & extensive planning – the later of which can help recommend other vendors to complete your vision. But, we don’t provide a limited list of vendor options, because that just doesn’t fit what we believe a unique elopement photography package can be! No one knows you better than YOU, so you should have complete freedom to choose what details you include on your wedding day.

How do we do it?

By providing:

The UnBundled Experience

We never photograph the same elopement twice. Because we believe every couple deserves an experience completely tailored to their relationship. We’ll give you customized location ideas, personalized vendor suggestions, and a hand-crafted timeline full of unique activity ideas.

“Best-Friend” Photo Coverage

Your wedding day shouldn’t feel like a stressful, rushed, all-day photoshoot—it should be your best adventure yet, with you both just being yourselves and having the best day of your lives. So you can count on laid-back, FUN, & candid photos of it all.

Unlimited Expert Guidance

We’re here for you every step of the way. We are on call for you by email or phone from the minute you book us. We have guides, resources, and checklists for you to follow too!

Adventure Instead
Colorado Elopement Packages + Pricing

For the best damn day of your life

Colorado Adventure Elopement +
Intimate Wedding Packages

The definition of eloping? Having an intentionally intimate, authentic wedding experience where the focus of the day is actually about you two as a couple. If that day is with just you or 20 of your favorite people, we are here for it. And if it’s in Colorado? You’re coming to our home that we know like the back of our hand. We’ll help plan the perfect day in the perfect spot for YOU.

What’s included:

4+ hours photo coverage by Maddie Mae, Amber, or Tori

including your beautiful, full-resolution image files with printing rights and a digital gallery to view, download, print, and share your images worldwide.

Your Own Personal Elopement Consultant™️

Customized location scouting and research, permit assistance, personalized vendor recommendations, unique-to-you activity suggestions, hand-crafted elopement timeline for your best day ever, planning tools and unlimited access to our brains.

My travel is covered

No matter where you’re going, I wanna be there. That’s why my own travel costs to your elopement destination anywhere in Colorado that I can get to by 2WD car is exactly ZERO dollars. It’s always included because I really want to adventure with you (the only thing that might be extra is something super extra, like a helicopter, 4×4 tour, or hot air balloon).*Please see specific packages for additional details.

Optional Complimentary Officiant Services

(where applicable)

Packages available starting at…


Meet Your

Who you’re trusting with your wedding experience matters.

We are Maddie, Amber, + Tori. And you can trust us.

We’re the elopement photographers who make up the Adventure Instead team! Between us we’ve photographed over 300 adventurous elopements all over the world – we’re truly invested in ensuring that each couple we work with has the freedom to celebrate their wedding day however they want. We’re here to help you expand upon your wedding vision to create a day that truly exceeds all expectations! Throughout the planning process, we’ll scout locations, discuss all your preferences, and craft a truly unique experience JUST FOR YOU! As much as we love this job and could talk about it all day – we’ll let past couples explain just why an Adventure Instead elopement is truly the most authentic form of marriage celebration:

“Just hire them, you’ll die from happiness.”

Missy + Ray

“Her excitement for our elopement was infectious and her expertise on how to plan, prepare, research, etc. was absolutely incredible.”

Mike L.

“I cannot stress enough that you get what you pay for.”

Sami E.

“It was truly magical, the story of our lives and it would not have been the same without her.”

Jacilyn S..

Women Owned &
Operated Business


5 Star Rated
150+ Review


Leave No Trace

What will we do
all day?

You’ll smile. A lot. You’ll laugh, maybe cry (we usually do). You’ll have a whole adventure together that you enjoy every minute of.

That could be your wedding day.

Let’s throw out the rulebook for a second and just think:

If you two could plan the most enjoyable day together, from sunup to sundown, what would that day look like?

  • When you got up, what would the view & weather be like outside?
  • What would you go and do and see first?
  • What activities and fun would you have together?
  • What would make you two feel the happiest and most celebrated?

That could be your wedding day.

At some point, you’ll be in an awe-inspiring location to say your vows. But just like any
wedding day, there’s more to it than that moment. There’s more than just an hour of
“quick pics.” After planning and photographing more than 300 elopements, we know your
options are truly endless when it comes to having your perfect wedding.

No two elopements are the same, but we have examples of elopements we’ve done for
other couples so you can get started imagining all the possibilities.

You have earned the right to

Have a whole day dedicated to
celebrating your relationship.

Let us help you create an incredibly fun, stress-free
experience while we document the whole story of your day.

The Adventure Instead
Elopement Experience

What you get in all our elopement packages

Your Own Personal
“Elopement Consultant™️”

The “Did We Just Become Best Friends?” Questionnaire”…

As soon as you book, our first priority is to get to know you two and everything you want out of your wedding experience. There are no wrong answers—we just want to ensure we help you plan a day that’s really “you.”

Customized Location Ideas & Permit Assistance…

All of the photos you’ve seen on our site are in locations the couple had no idea existed until they hired us. After deep-diving into your questionnaire, your photographer (Maddie Mae, Amber, or Tori) will send you a customized, detailed, highly researched list of very best hidden-gem elopement locations that check all of the boxes of what you’re looking for.

Local Elopement Vendor Suggestions…

Once you’ve narrowed in on a spot, we’ll connect you with the absolute best of the best: local florists, hair & makeup artists, etc—we provide contacts for anyone who can help elevate your experience (think private chef, professional 4×4 driver, hot air balloon pilot, anyone?).

Hand-Crafted Timeline for your Day + Unique Activity Ideas…

Once the basics of your elopement plans are set, we’ll help you dream up an all-day (or multi-day) elopement experience that’s better than you’ve even imagined is possible.

Customized Client Portal & Elopement Planning Resources…

We’ve combined our experience from photographing over 300 elopements as a team and come up with the ultimate elopement planning guide and tons of additional resources that will help you avoid any classic elopement-planning pitfalls.

Unlimited Consultations & Planning Help…

We’re here for you every step of the way whether you need advice on travel, help finding a bomb-ass AirBnB, or want to know how to pack your wedding dress in a backpack.

Laid Back, FUN, & Candid Photo Coverage of Your Day…

Your wedding day shouldn’t feel like a stressful, rushed, all-day photoshoot—it should be your best adventure yet. It’s about relaxing, just being yourself, and having the best day of your lives.

All Your Photos to Keep forever

You’ll always get all of the full resolution, edited digital image files from your elopement day—delivered in an easy-to-use online digital gallery so you can view, download, print, and share your images worldwide.

Optional Complimentary Officiant Services…

All 3 of us are ordained officiants and we can legally sign your marriage license in most U.S. states. If you’re looking for someone to walk you through your ceremony, we know awesome celebrants who can do that for you too!

Why Elope with Us?

We’ll let our couples
do the talking.

“league of their own!”

“Adventure Instead is in a league of their own! There needs to be a new category to include Maddie because her photography is other-worldly. She was the very first vendor I hired once we got engaged and she was worth everything! As an out-of-state-bride, I was nervous about planning for our intimate wedding in CO, but Maddie helps with much more than just taking pictures the day of. She assisted us with finding a gorgeous ceremony site, first look site, and the spot we took our gorgeous sunset couple's photos. Maddie helped us with our timeline to make the day flow smoothly. Our friends and family are blown away by the pics! Hire Adventure Instead NOW!”

“best decision ever!”

“I am telling you choosing Adventure Instead was hands down the best decision we have ever made. My husband and I knew we wanted our wedding day to be about US. Spending quality time together, making memories without any stress and staying authentic. What Tori gave us was beyond our wildest dreams. From the very second we reached out, she helped us feel good about the cost and start brainstorming badass locations based on our lifestyle and the things we like. I cannot stress enough that you get what you pay for. 100% and much, much more. Tori says in contact with you the entire time, she’s up for anything and it seems like is continually doing research to make sure you don’t have to worry about a THING. She even was so kind to stop on her way from another wedding a couple months before ours and scout out our location, find a perfect first look spot and send us videos of the whole thing!! She’s so flexible with you and your family and just seriously the sweetest lil badass you’ve ever met. Our wedding day truly wouldn’t have been the same if it weren’t for Tori and Adventure Instead.”rn


“My husband and I are both in agreement that hiring Maddie was without a doubt the best decision we made for our wedding! Maddie is so much more than a photographer – she found us an amazing trail to hike for our photos, helped create a realistic day-of timeline, and even patiently taught me how to drive on rough 4WD roads on the way to the trailhead. Maddie goes above and beyond. She provides so much detailed information that wouldn't have even crossed my mind in the planning process. What kind of dress do you wear for an adventure elopement? What do you pack? How do you do your hair and makeup while hiking? She's seriously got it all covered in the files she sends you. My husband and I are both shy, introverted, and a little awkward in front of a camera. We were instantly comfortable with Maddie; she gave us such a great pep talk right at the beginning that almost made us forget there was even a camera. Even if you're not exactly sure what you want to do for your intimate wedding/adventure elopement, just talk to Maddie. She's got such a wealth of experience and seemingly endless great ideas; you really can't go wrong. Just five stars doesn't do Maddie justice; she's an incredible photographer and person.”

Just A Couple More

(More questions, answered.)

How do we know how much photo coverage we need?

Get in touch with us and this is the first thing we’ll help you figure out. During your free elopement consultation we’ll show you what’s possible and help you pick the right elopement package—and you can always add more time throughout the planning process.

Is it okay if we want to bring friends & family to our elopement?

If that is what makes this day feel like the best day ever, then YES. There is no boundary on what defines an elopement. Just that you both are all about it and your people that come are all about you!

What happens if the weather is bad?

Honestly? It will make for great photos. And for a story. And for the adventure of it. We are also experts at pivoting plans last minute. If we plan to hike to the top of a mountain and it’s a rainstorm, we’ll find you a STUNNING forest nearby to say your vows. Is the national park on fire where you were planning on getting married? We’ve got two back-up plans that are better than the original (this has actually happened!). Whatever Mother Nature throws at us, we’ll be ready!

How do you hike in wedding attire? And do we have to hike?

Adventure doesn’t equal hiking and trails are not a prerequisite for eloping! Some of our couples love it, some wouldn’t dream of it. But if you are someone who dreams of hiking for your elopement, there are so many ways to make it happen in wedding clothes. You can embrace the mess, pairing your dress with your favorite hiking boots and letting the train get dirty (we love the way that looks in photos!). Or we can pack in your clothes and we’ll help you get changed just before you say your vows.

Will you help us find a spot to get married?

A thousand times YES! We’ll get to know you both by asking deep questions and chatting on the phone and help you dream up a vision for your day. Then we’ll spend hours researching spots, catered to the exact adventure you’re after. We’ll send you a list of options and talk through all the possibilities with you until we nail down the perfect location.

Will you help us figure out permits?

Absolutely. We will help you research who to contact to figure out if your elopement location requires you to get a “special use” permit in order to have your ceremony there.

Do you help us with logistics like vendors, accommodations, and timeline?

Sure do. We’ll give you our personal recommendations for local vendors (who has helicopter pilots in their cell phones? We do.). We’ll help you find killer lodging that elevates the whole experience. And? We’ll make sure you have a timeline for every piece of the plan leading up to saying “I do.”

Do we need an officiant?

It depends! We are all ordained officiants and can legally sign your marriage license in most U.S. states. Certain states may require additional paperwork and/or processing fees but we’re happy to help! (P.S. Colorado doesn’t require an officiant or witnesses at all). If you’re looking for an actual celebrant to verbally walk you through your ceremony, we know some awesome people who could do that for you.

Do you photograph big weddings?

Nope. While we believe every couple should get married exactly the way they want to, our passion and experience is 100% for helping couples who are getting married with 25 guests in attendance or less.

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