| October 31, 2016

Intimate Wedding in Estes Park for Lindsay, Skip & Their Family!

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A few weeks before they planned to elope, Lindsay told me about her dream to travel up from Texas with a few of her closest family members and get married in the Colorado Rockies. Then she said the words that every photographer dreams of hearing, “Go ahead and pick out a spot for our elopement… wherever you say we should do it… that’s good with us.” I spent a whole day scouring Rocky Mountain National park for the most epic location for an adventurous mountain elopement and found a beautiful secluded spot off of Trail Ridge Road. On the day of her elopement, I arrived at their cabin in Estes Park at 6:00 am and a perfectly gorgeous sunrise started their day off beautifully. We drove up trail ridge road in the early morning light, and they said their vows at over 12,000 feet. It was arguably the most beautiful wedding I’ve ever been blessed to be a part of. 

If you are wanting to have a small wedding ceremony in RMNP, check out their list of their designated ceremony sites. 

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