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Finding Adventure in Bandon Beach

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Oregon’s coastline is marked with hidden gems and Bandon Beach is certainly one of them—riddled with incredible rock formations, quiet beaches, and breathtaking overlooks. This cute coastal town has everything you need for your dream Oregon elopement from accommodations to views. Once we discovered this area we couldn’t wait to share it with you!

Why you should choose the Bandon Beach in Southern Oregon for your elopement

This less-trafficked area of the Oregon coast has everything the most iconic areas such as Cannon Beach have to offer and even more! Silky dunes, giant rock features, numerous trails, even sandcastles—all while being easily accessible. There are countless incredible locations to explore throughout the day (of course we know the best spots). This stretch of the coast is truly a dream—we can’t wait to take you here! 

Now, imagine this…

The day begins with a coastal hike through the forest to a cliffside where the views of the Pacific are absolutely endless. The next stop is a beachside picnic atop bleached driftwood. You enjoy the warm sun, salty breeze, and one another’s company. You decide to wander the shore for a hit and run into some tide pools full of little aquatic wonders. The entire beach turns pure gold as the sun begins to set. We then make our way to a nearby rock arch where you decide that’s *your spot*—the perfect place to say ‘I do’. The two of you celebrate with a first dance, kicking up ocean water, and spinning one another around like little kids. 

Wow—okay, what do you think?! This is a real-life romance novel just waiting for you to step onto the page. We’ll sprinkle in some champagne, a cozy beach fire, sparklers, and anything and everything else to make this day unequivocally yours. Considering Bandon Or. as your place to elope?

What to do around Bandon Beach on your wedding day

Camping on the coast

There are numerous state parks such as Bullards Beach State Park, Humbug Mountain State Park, and Cape Blanco State Park where you can reserve a camping spot. Can you imagine being able to wake up on your wedding day to the sound of the ocean and enjoy a warm cup of coffee on the beach? This couple opted for a camper van instead of a tent for their coastal elopement and it was a blast!

If you’re looking for something a little less rustic to get ready for your wedding and decompress afterward there are a ton of beautiful accommodations in the area to choose from. 

Explore the sand dunes

We’re not sure what it is exactly about sand dunes that make people want to run up and down them like little kids, but we love it! The rolling hills of smooth sand make for some truly cinematic photos as well. You can find pockets of dunes throughout this coastal region, but if you’re looking for gigantic, otherworldly dunes we recommend going to Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area.

Go on a hike

One of the things we love the most about Oregon is its diverse landscape and this area is no exception—you can go from ocean views to being completely engulfed in spectacular forests within minutes. These coastal hikes are extra special because you’ll be surrounded by towering trees and thick vegetation, then suddenly it’ll open up to a secluded beach cove. Here are some of the best hikes in Oregon

4 Stunning Scenic Viewpoints around Bandon Beach

All of this state’s breathtaking 363 miles of coastal beaches are free to the public thanks to the the1967 Oregon Beach Bill! Unbelievable, right? The only exception is if you want to have a large event or have fixtures such as arches or tents for their wedding, then there is a permitting process. Otherwise for all the couples that want a simple—no-frills—just us—ceremony on the beach the coast is your playground! Here are some of our Bandon favorites with cliffside overlooks, romantic boardwalks, tidepools, secluded beaches, and enormous rock formations.

Together we can scope out the perfect cove, arch, or overlook to say ‘I do’. We know all the best free wedding venues in Oregon!

Are you ready to plan your dream elopement on the Oregon Coast?

We understand that Oregon is wildly beautiful so there are countless options and narrowing them down can be tricky. Try reading our blog post on How to Pick the Perfect Elopement Location in Oregon and don’t hesitate to reach out—our phenomenal in-house elopement planner is here to help you find your dream location! 

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