| April 20, 2023

Luxury Meets Adventure for Pam & Elliot’s Amangiri Elopement

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Imagine getting married in a desert winter wonderland and after a full day of adventuring being able to retreat to a gorgeous and private luxury resort—eloping at the Amangiri in Utah makes that a reality for couples like Pam and Elliot.


Pam and Elliot wanted a no fuss day enjoying each other and the desert

How they chose to structure their day

  • Getting ready at the Aman spa
  • First look on the Aman property at sunrise
  • Explore nearby trails 
  • Ceremony surrounded by hoodoos
  • Afternoon horseback riding
  • Picnic prepared by Amangiri resort 
  • Enjoying each other’s company til sundown

Why these world travelers chose to elope in Utah 

Pam and Elliot felt that traditional weddings entailed, “Too many people, too much to do and not enough relaxing.” And after traveling to over 50 countries, they wanted their wedding day to be spent surrounded by the incredible Utah landscape simply enjoying each other’s company. An Amangiri elopement was the perfect balance of being immersed in relaxation and adventure—everything they could’ve asked for and more. 

Their intimate and slow-paced elopement 

Sunrise at Amangiri

Before the sun was up Pam and Elliot were busy getting ready. Pam had her hair and makeup done at the spa before returning to the suit where they got together separately. They had their first look on the stepping stones of their private heated pool. As steam rose around them and the desert they sweetly embraced. Then mere footsteps from there was a secluded trail for them to explore so they wandered around hand in hand taking in the grand landscape.

Saying “I do” surrounded by hoodoos

Their ceremony location was well worth the short drive—soon they were surrounded by a sea of towering, rusty red hoodoos. Their officiant was already there waiting for us. They chose a spot backdropped by beautiful sandstone where their officiant led a mediation before Pam and Elliot exchanged vows. They were all smiles and absolutely transfixed by one another. Of course they wanted to take advantage of the rock formations all around them so they quickly began exploring and jumping from rock to rock in their wedding attire. Pam clearly anticipated this fun in her hiking boots and leggings hidden under her dress! 

Just as we were about to head back to the resort some clouds moved in and we were surrounded by a flurry of soft flakes. Slowly the desert around them was kissed with frosty white snow. Pam & Elliot wanted a desert winter wonderful for their elopement and Mother Nature delivered!

Horseback riding through the Utah desert 

Once we returned to the resort, they enjoyed a chill little coffee break before heading out on an adventure excursion. I love it when couples enjoy slow moments with one another—adventure elopements don’t have to be go-go-go all the time! Through the Amangiri, they planned a private horseback ride through the desert to a secluded spot to enjoy a little picnic. The resort packed them some snacks to enjoy as well as a little wedding cake! A romance novelist couldn’t have written their afternoon any better.

Prioritizing togetherness & mental health 

These two were extra special, because of how in tune they were with each other’s needs. When we returned to the resort after horseback riding they felt fulfilled by the day they’d had so far, pretty beat from all the activities, and really wanted to just unwind together—so we ended our time together early. It was such a wonderful reminder that there’s no pressure to do anything that you don’t want to do and your day can unfold however you choose! Along with the adventure part of eloping there is also so much flexibility and freedom—Pam and Elliot really took advantage of that!

Perks of Having AN Amangiri elopement 

  • Stunning natural scenery: The Amangiri resort is located in the midst of Utah’s stunning natural landscape, surrounded by rugged mountains and dramatic canyons. This makes for a truly breathtaking backdrop for your elopement ceremony and photographs.
  • Intimate and private setting: The resort is a secluded and exclusive location, with only 34 suites on the property. This means that you can have an intimate and private elopement ceremony without any distractions or interruptions.
  • Luxurious amenities: The resort offers luxurious amenities, including a world-class spa, gourmet dining, and stylish accommodations. You can pamper yourselves before and after your elopement, making for a truly indulgent and memorable experience.
  • Personalized service: The resort offers personalized service and can tailor your elopement ceremony to your specific needs and desires. You can work with the resort’s wedding planner to create a customized ceremony that reflects your unique personalities and preferences.
  • Outdoor activities: Amangiri is located in close proximity to many outdoor activities, including hiking, horseback riding, and hot air ballooning. You can extend your elopement celebration with some fun and adventurous activities in the stunning Utah landscape.
  • Year-round availability: The resort is open year-round, which means that you can plan your elopement ceremony at any time of the year. You can choose to exchange vows in the warm sunshine of summer or the snowy wonderland of winter.

Pam & Elliot chose the perfect time of year to elope in the desert

These two decided to have their Amangiri elopement in February and it was the perfect time to explore the desert. The winter and spring months are the most dreamy and quiet time to enjoy Utah’s iconic landscape. Less heat means you can enjoy a full day of activities and less people results in near total solitude at the to-die-for locations with incredible views. The winter desert surrounding Pam and Elliot for their elopement truly matched their still and sweet energies—it was incredible to experience that with them and capture it all. 

xx Amber

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