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Patagonia Wedding & Elopement Photography

Welcome Fellow Adventurers! 

There aren’t many couples brave enough
to decide to adventure instead and elope somewhere abroad as wild as Patagonia.
so if you’re reading this, congrats on being pretty badass


Patagonia is said to be the last true wilderness on earth—with its hundreds of pristine peaks, thousands of miles of trails, innumerable glaciers, Caribbean blue alpine lakes, and glacial lagoons around every corner—it’s easily the most adventurous and awe-inspiring place on earth. 


how do you elope in patagonia?

Planning a wedding—especially a unique destination elopement that hasn’t been done before—can feel a little bit like trying to hike in the dark without a headlamp (it’s confusing, overwhelming, and easy to get off track).

Consider us your guiding light— your full-service elopement photographer, wedding guide, adventure buddy, and best friend as we help you create the wedding experience of your dreams (all while taking bad-ass photos of your epic day).

We start working with you while you are still in the dreaming & planning stage, so that we can help you find the absolute best locations, help you with the logistics of getting to Patagonia, getting married there, how to hike somewhere amazing to say your vows (if you'd like to!), and even putting together a game plan for the timing of your day so you get the best views.

It’s dreamy, right? We agree. That being said, we’re sure you have questions—and you should! You might be thinking, “where can we say our vows?” or “can we legally get married here?” or “what if we don’t want to hike—can we take a helicopter instead?”

Every logistical, detailed question you have about your elopement experience in Patagonia is important. And we have good news.

We can help you with all of this

We’re here to make sure you have the most unforgettable, incredible day of your lives—we’re here to ensure that on the day you’re choosing each other forever, everything is epic, beautiful, and perfect for the two of you.


the best places to

elope in patagonia

everywhere you turn in patagonia, there’s a new adventure awaiting you—

—But that doesn’t mean we don’t have our very own list of the most beautiful places to elope in Patagonia. As full-time adventurers—and photographers who are always on the hunt for the most epic locations—we’ve undoubtedly found some of the greatest locations in Patagonia. And we’re here to share them with you!

  1. Torres del paine national park

  2. Los glaciares national park

  3. El calafate

  4. puerto montt

  5. patagonia lakes district


HINT: Our Patagonia elopement location list is much, much longer than the top 5 spots! We like to keep our hidden gems off the internet to help protect them. Don’t worry, though, our locations are your locations—let’s link up to chat about more of the most beautiful places to elope in Patagonia!

eloping in patagonia faq’s

Answering the tough questions—the top 5 eloping faq’s for patagonia elopements

Maybe you’re dead-set on eloping in Patagonia. Maybe the mountains, the icy blue lakes, the glacial lagoons, and the endless adventure are all calling out to you—you’re ready to elope in Patagonia. But are you? Eloping in another country can be super easy, but that doesn’t mean you’re not going to have questions. When we talk with couples about eloping in this beautiful wilderness, we tend to run into a few similar questions—so we decided to lay it all out for you. Can it be done? Heck yeah! What are the rules? We’ve got you covered. Check out these top FAQ’s about Patagonia elopements.

If you’re keen on checking into all the FAQs about eloping in general, check out our post here!

  1. Is Eloping a Legal Way to Get married?

  2. Do We need a Wedding Officiant or witnesses?

  3. Is it Hard to elope here?

  4. do we have to get legally married on the day we elope in patagonia?

  5. what if we’re already married—can we still elope in patagonia?

YES. Eloping is a totally legal way to get married. That being said, where you get married will determine how you have to get married for it to be legally recognized (the requirements, paperwork, etc.)

It depends! Because Patagonia is technically Argentina & Chile, each will have their own rules, regulations, and requirements.

Eloping here and saying your vows is super easy if you treat the paperwork and legalities as just that—paperwork and legalities!

No way! In fact, it’s much easier to get legally married in your home country (sign the papers, etc.) and then elope in Patagonia exactly the way you want to—without stressing about the paperwork!

Absolutely! If you’re already married, you basically made it easier to elope in Patagonia. You’ve already signed the paperwork and jumped through the hoops in your home country—now you can elope exactly the way you want to without any issues, paperwork, or legal requirements.


PRO TIP: If you’re looking for even more info on how to elope (anywhere in the world) check out our how to elope database here. If you’re anxious to elope but can’t narrow down a specific spot, we’ve got a best places to elope database here for you, too!

5 Steps to the Best
Adventure of Your Life

1. Chat with US by phone, and pick a date

Let's get to know each other better! We'll help you pick a wedding date that fits in our Dec 2018 - Jan 2019 travel schedule to South America

2. Hire uS

You reserve your date with a signed contract & 50% retainer

3. Unlimited Consults

I'll get to know you and create an epic list of location ideas & help you imagine, dream up, and plan your day

4. It all comes together

You pick your favorite spot, book your travel, and find some rad clothes to wear

5. Best day of your life

We adventure together on your wedding day, and document you two having the best time of your life


So what now? Do you want to create the most unforgettable Patagonia elopement?