| October 22, 2018

Over the River & Through the Woods, to a Scottish Highlands Elopement (Part 2)

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Elissa and Daniel love to explore new locations and fell in love for the first time when they traveled together to see Niagara Falls. They love exploring together so having a destination elopement made a ton of sense for them. We believe it’s important for a couple’s elopement to reflect their relationship and what is quintessentially “them.” It’s a fun part of the process for us to help guide couples and help them create a day that’s uniquely them from start to finish. Nothing makes us more fulfilled than enabling couples to have the elopement day that they really want or hearing from them that their elopement would not have been the same without our guidance.

We helped Elissa and Daniel plan such an elopement experience in Scotland, even though they had never been before. If you missed part one of Elissa and Daniel’s Scottish Highlands elopement, click here! Late May in Scotland is typically foggy and grey so it was like being in a completely different country for Elissa and Daniel’s Day After photo session. The weather was bright and sunny, with a blue cloudless sky. In all the times I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to Scotland, I’ve never seen it look like that which was really special.

We traveled to an unmarked trail along a beautiful ridge that overlooks all of Loch Ness. The trail and ridge are very iconically Scottish with a typical Scottish Highlands view. From our vantage point, we could see Urquhart Castle and were almost able to see where Loch Ness connects to the North Sea on the north side of the loch. We explored the ridge together, taking photos in the sunshine, letting Elissa and Daniel bask in their newlywed glow.

Day-After sessions are a perfect way to get another “look” and explore a new & fun location after your dream elopement day.

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