travel dates calendar map

+ Share your travel dates
+ Connect with others
 + Book more weddings when you travel (and when you're home)
+ Hire other traveling photographers
+ Make friends worldwide!

This is a giant shared group calendar of all of our travel dates (and at home dates) around the world, that is searchable by date, or by location and can be viewed on a map, or on a google calendar. 

Note: By adding your dates & info to this calendar, you are consenting to others reaching out to you via your website or IG to ask to hire you or meet up



Please read & follow the instructions carefully.


  1. Add your name & email to this google sheet to request access to be able to add your dates to the group calendar (Note: It must be a google/gmail email, or you have to create an account to add to the calendar)

  2. You will receive an email granting you access to add your travel dates to the calendar.
    Click "View Calendar" in that email.

  3. Once the calendar is open, Click the red ( + ) sign in the bottom right corner to add your travel date as an event on the calendar. Don't forget to also add dates & locations that you'll be home! Make SURE you're adding the event to the "Weddings & Wanderlust " calendar or your dates won't show up!

    Title the event as follows: Your Name / / @yourinstagramhandle
    Example: Maddie Mae / / @maddiemaephoto

  4. Then click "More Options"

    Add your date range for you travel dates (You don't have to worry too much about adding specific times of day or messing with the time zones— people can always contact you for more details). Don't forget to add dates when you'll be home where you live! We have group members worldwide!

    Add your location, and make sure you pick a spot that Google Recognizes (i.e. start typing your location, and click on one that Google gives as an option).

    Click Save

    ❗This step is CRUCIAL if you want your dates to show up on the map ❗ Remember, google will add a specific pin 📍 to the map (even if you just type in a general area).

  5. Be VERY CAREFUL to not mess with anyone else's travel dates! This is a free, crowdsourced resource which needs to be treated with respect 🙏🙏🙏

  6. Once you've added all of your travel dates for the year, you will be able to see your travel dates show up on this map (also linked above), and you can see when other photographers will be traveling near year area:


Simply click on the pin 📍and see the photographer's information, as well as the "area" that they are going to be in (Note: Some people will put more specific areas than others, so make sure to reach out & contact them for more details if you want to connect or hire them). 


You can also search the group calendar for a location by clicking the 🔎 search icon on the top, and typing in a location. 


Enjoy! Connect! Hire! Be hired! Make friends around the world! 🌍