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So you decided

A big wedding
wasn’t for you.

  • You didn’t want the stress
  • You didn’t want the family pressure
  • You didn’t want to plan a huge party for everybody but you

But if you’re not going to go the traditional route, what do you do?

when you throw out the rulebook…

and take back all of your choices on
how you get married

You open the floodgate of

Eloping Gives you
the chance to

  1. Actually focus just on the two of you and your relationship on the day you get married
  2. Shed the stress, anxiety, and pressures of a big performance or production
  3. Create a wedding day that actually reflects who you are as a couple
  4. Choose each other over everything and have a truly “just us” wedding experience

So why hold back? You deserve this.

Wait…real fast.

What does elope
really mean


/əˈlōp/ Verb

To have an intentionally intimate, authentic wedding experience where the focus of the day is actually about you two as a couple.

Why Elope

Because Getting Married

Should Be

Intimate & Meaningful

Fun & Stress-Free

Authentic & Intentional

Cause Let’s be Honest…

How you get
married matters

You know your wedding day deserves more than what a traditional wedding can offer

We always ask our couples:

“If you could imagine the BEST day from the time you got up to the time you went to bed, what would you see? What would you do?”

Spoiler alert: To have an intentionally intimate, authentic wedding experience where the focus of the day is actually about you two as a couple.

That’s why you choose to


Not because you don’t care about your day… but because you care more about it.

You care more about each other than you care about other people’s expectations

You’re not a fan of settling for the ordinary, run-of-the-mill, or “normal” way of doing anything

You know that most worthwhile experiences in life probably aren’t on the well-worn path.

Sound like you?

If so, sit back and relax, friend. Because we’re here to help you be fully present and in the moment on your wedding day where you look into your partner’s eyes and say “Omg, this is real. I just married you.”

Did you just breathe a
sigh of relief?

Good. Us too.

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Who are we anyway?

Meet Your

We are Maddie Mae, Amber, and Tori. We’re your photographers, elopement experts, cheerleaders, and your go-to adventure buddy on the day you say your vows.

How does this work?

3 Steps to your dream elopement experience

Reach out to us and let’s talk

Your first step is contacting us with whatever (vague or specific) ideas you have on when and where you’re dreaming of getting married. Then we’ll hop on a call with you so we can hear more, get to know you (no couple or elopement are ever the same), and give you ideas. Our approach is 100% customized to you.

We co-create your dream experience

Next, we design your dream elopement experience that’s completely personalized and tailored to your relationship and what matters to you—including customized location ideas, access to our go-to vendor recommendations, and a personally designed timeline full of unique activity ideas.

You have the best day of your life!

Our #1 priority on your elopement day is you two having the time of your lives—and you can leave it to us to ensure you two look and feel amazing as we create laid-back and fun images of it all. It’s not an all-day photoshoot, it’s a day full of your favorite activities, stunning views, and the crazy adventure of saying “I do.”

Badass Couples Like You

Here’s What It Feels Like To
Adventure Instead

Five star rated     150+ Reviews

“I give 10 stars!”

I'd give Adventure Instead 10 stars if I could. We made the decision to travel to Colorado for a small wedding with just family. We planned the wedding in 5 months, and as nervous as brides get before the big day, my anxiety was heightened due to the extensive traveling and preparation to get married in a state I've never been, and with vendors I've never met in person. Maddie honestly eased my fears, answered all my questions, and gave me loads of advice. She did everything with ease, and even escorted us to our other location, which we ended up changing at the last minute because we were not used to high altitude and I was nervous about the hike. Besides her obvious and mind-blowing photography skills, she made us feel incredibly comfortable, which is why you can feel the authenticity in all her photos. I've received countless compliments on my pictures (like, people saying they have never seen more beautiful wedding pictures, ever). You will NOT regret booking her, promise.


Amber from Adventure Instead was truly INCREDIBLE and a dream to work with! Amber is not only an artist at what she does, but ultimately became our wedding planner and coordinator as well. My husband and I were so nervous about planning an elopement from out of state, but Amber set our minds at ease right away. From the minute we spoke with her, we felt like we hired one of our best friends. She helped us plan everything, sent endless breathtaking location options based on our vision, and helped create a timeline for our perfect day. She captured the raw emotion we felt on that day in the most beautiful way and our pictures turned out better than we could have ever imagined. I honestly don't think we could have pulled this together without Amber and we are forever grateful to have found Adventure Instead to help make our day extra special and one we will never forget.


I can’t even put into words how amazing Adventure Instead is. Tori helped us to plan a day that would be fun and allow us to see so many beautiful spots. We never felt posed or awkward, she really made us feel comfortable and would encourage us to be snuggly and cute like we would if no one was around. I honestly was worried we’d come off awkward because my husband is super shy and we don’t like PDA, but our photos could not be more beautiful!! I still cry when I look at them!! Our families and friends were able to understand why we wanted to elope as soon as they saw those pictures. When my husband and I went through them we were so shocked we were captured so beautifully as us being ourselves, you can see the happiness in all of the pictures. If you are on the fence about eloping, or on the fence about hiring Adventure Instead versus another elopement photographer, search no further and book them. You will not regret it, they are so much more than photographers. They truly love what they do and have this down to a science so that your day can be a true reflection of you two as a couple and you’ll have the best experience possible. .

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So How Can We Start
Helping You?

Your biggest questions, answered.

What is eloping anyway?

What is eloping anyway?

An elopement is for the people who want nothing more than to spend, a day, two days— however long—basking in the intimate, meaningful moment where they choose to commit their lives to each other.

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Where should I elope?

Where should I elope?

We get asked this question all the time and we firmly believe there’s no one best place to elope. There are THOUSANDS of best places to elope — all of them more unique, stunning, and full of adventure as the next.

Learn More

How do I actually elope?

How do I actually elope?

Even though we’ve been professionally photographing elopements for years, we totally get how the concept of eloping can be confusing—but we’re here to help.

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What are your elopement packages?

What are your elopement packages?

We offer fully “UnBundled” elopement packages. You get everything you want and nothing you don’t.

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