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Utah at a Glance

Where will you choose?

Red rocks towering above your head like skyscrapers, desert sand beneath your feet, sandstone fins, craggy cliffs, blue lakes sparkling in sharp contrast of the southwest reds and golds surrounding it—and that’s just the south side of utah. Whether your snowshoed feet ache to explore every inch of a snowy mountain top or your hands are itching to steer an offroad vehicle through a desert trail in moab, we can only tell you one thing—utah is its own brand of magic.  

Truly, there’s just something about utah. If you and the love of your life ache for the overwhelming sense of wonder, of awe, of pure marvel that only the most breathtaking landscape can truly provide, look no further. 

Divided into three distinct geographical regions—the colorado plateau of the south and southeast, the central rockies, and the basin and ridge region of the northwest (which includes the great salt lake and tons of salt beds)—utah is undeniably diverse. And with over 22.9 million acres of public land in utah (that’s about 42 percent of the state),  5 national parks (arches, bryce canyon, canyonlands, capitol reef, and zion) and over 40 state parks, it’s the perfect state for an adventurous elopement. 

Utah is overflowing with southwest desert magic, ancient arches, towering mountains, and a sense of wildness and pure wonder you can only imagine—until, of course, you and your love see it for yourselves. 

Now, we give you what you really came here for—the best places to elope in Utah.

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With over 40 state parks, 22.9 million acres of public land, and 5 national parks that are so next-level amazing they don’t seem like they could possibly exist on earth, Utah is truly remarkable. Whether you and your partner love to hike, ski, snowshoe, offroad, rock climb, camp, or explore in your own unique way, Utah is an endless fount of adventure, of wilderness, of awe.

Choosing Your Utah Elopement Location

Salt flats, sandstone ridges, tower arches, eroded hoodoos, vast canyons, colorful and layered rock formations, craggy cliffs, epic buttes, mountain vistas—Utah has a little bit of everything. Characterized by three distinct regions (the rocky mountains, the basins, and ridge region, and the colorado plateau), Utah is simultaneously covered in mountains that tower 13,500 feet, spanned by dry salt flats, and peppered with deep-cut canyons, eroded valleys, and desert plateaus. The question here isn’t should we elope in utah?—It’s more like how can we choose just one spot in Utah?

(Pro tip: you don’t have to!) 

Landscape & Seasonality

The Best Time of Year to Elope in Utah

Utah is known for two main things—its hot-as-heck summers in the south and its snowy winters in the north. But Utah actually has an astonishing showing of every single season, which means you can absolutely expect golden aspen falls and springtime blooms—both of which are downright stunning.



Believe it or not, Utah sees quite a bit of fall color. From golden aspen groves in the mountains to remarkable pops of color in southern Utah parks (you have to see Zion), you can’t miss fall in Utah!

Months: September – December

Activities: Hiking, mountain biking, climbing, canyoneering, offroading



Though Utah can have unpredictable spring weather (random bouts of snow and rain), the mild temperatures and gorgeous blooms make it the most popular season for southern national parks. Be prepared for epic views, but also, be ready for crowds.

Months: March – June

Activities: Hiking, biking, discovering waterfalls, offroading



Powder lovers will rejoice in northern Utah’s gorgeous, snowy beauty. While the mountains get pounded with snow, southern Utah is much milder (though, there’s always, at least, a little bit of snow)

Months: December – March

Activities: Skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, hiking, mountain biking, climbing, canyoneering



Sure, we all know southern Utah gets hot, but it’s prime adventure time (and prime water time, we’re looking at you, Lake Powell). The northern section of Utah also gets rather warm, but it’s a bit milder than the desert south.

Months: June – September

Activities: Hiking, kayaking, SUPing, boating, paddleboarding, offroading

Best Places to

Elope in Utah

With over 40 state parks, 22.9 million acres of public land, and 5 national parks that are so next-level amazing they don’t seem like they could possibly exist on earth, Utah is truly remarkable. Whether you and your partner love to hike, ski, snowshoe, offroad, rock climb, camp, or explore in your own unique way, Utah is an endless fount of adventure, of wilderness, of awe. 

Best Places to

Elope in Utah


Moab—the mecca of all things adventure. From world-famous offroading to rock climbing galore, Moab is globally-renowned as a paradise, a haven, a Valhalla for adventurers, explorer, and all those who seek that feeling of overwhelming wonder and wildness. Many people call Moab the gateway to a few of the glorious national parks in Utah (including Canyonlands and Arches), but it’s also just a fun, funky town packed with adventure—consider Moab the gatekeeper to an infinite space of rock formations, slab rock trails, desert, rocky monuments, and more (it’s also right on the Colorado river, too!).

Arches National Park

Landscapes like you’ve never seen, colors you could only imagine, textures and formations that’ll have you pinching yourself to make sure you’re awake—arches national park is truly a red-rock wonderland. With over 2,000 delicate, natural stone arches peppered throughout this park, arches is remarkable in ways you have to see to believe. Packed with soaring pinnacles, massive fins, and giant balanced rocks, arches is packed with trails, breathtaking camping spots, and unmatched sunsets and stargazing.

Lake Powell 

Spanning both Utah and Arizona state lines and nestled within a vast 1.25 million acres of the glen canyon national recreation area, Lake Powell offers unmatched scenic vistas, craggy orange cliffs, geologic wonders, and a panoramic view of the two states so beautiful it could break your heart. Lake Powell (technically it’s a reservoir, but we’re not complaining) is one of the best places to elope in Utah for couples who love adventures on or near the water, but you can truly do it all here. Whether you want to climb, hike, rappel, camp, backpack, lake Powell is the perfect spot. Filled with backcountry opportunities and enormous swaths of nearby public lands that are free to explore, it truly is a gorgeous, and adventurous, place to elope.

Pro tip:

These are just a teeny-tiny sampling of what Utah has to offer—don’t forget about spectacular gems that are perfect for your adventure elopement like Zion National Park, Canyonlands National Park, Capitol Reef, the Bonneville Salt Flats, Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park, Antelope Island, Goblin Valley State Park, and so much more! We could talk nonstop about all the best places to elope in Utah—and if you give us a call, we might (you’ve been warned). All that to say, we’ve got a ton of intimate, unique, and jaw-dropping locations up our sleeve that we’d love to share with you!

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