The Best Elopement Locations in the World

The Ultimate Guide for
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to Elope

The entire world
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Where will you choose to elope?

Country after country full of lush forests, tucked away towns that are home to deserts spanning hundreds of miles, continents that are jam-packed full of epic mountain vistas — having all the options is never a bad thing. But, it might leave you wondering something super important: In a world full of magical spots, gorgeous views & adventures, where are the best places to elope?

We get asked this question all the time and we firmly believe there’s no one best place to elope. There are THOUSANDS of best places to elope — all of them as unique, stunning, and full of adventure as the next.

Pro Tip: The best place to elope is the spot that makes you and your partner happy. The entire world is yours.

Where will you choose?

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All of the photos in this guide were taken in locations our couples never even knew
existed. Throughout the elopement planning process, we send our couples custom
questionnaires to help match them with their best place to elope. We are adventure
seekers and love giving our couples the best off-the-beaten path, secret location ideas.

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Not quite finding what you’re looking for? Drop us a comment or contact us to ask specific questions about planning or our location scouting process. And, feel free to check out our travel schedule! All three of us are traveling frequently throughout the year and are able to extend existing trips to accommodate your elopement. We also have a list of locations we’ve been eager to visit, so don’t hesitate to ask if we’re willing to hop on a plane for you!

Ok, now onto the good stuff….

7 Factors to Consider when

Choosing your ideal
elopement destination


Scenery & Views

Obviously one of the major benefits of eloping is the option to be surrounded by the most incredible, jaw-dropping scenery in the world. So what’s your favorite type of scenery? Do you like the feeling of being on top of a mountain? What about a super old and magical forest with trees towering above you? You could also elope at the base of a powerful waterfall, the edge of a canyon, or cliff going straight into the sea. Think about the places that you two love and have enjoyed being the most—the places that inspire you, humble you, and make you feel happy and at peace.

Depending on the location, it’s also entirely possible to get multiple types of your favorite scenery in one day. Check out this helicopter elopement on Vancouver Island, B.C. that included a snowy mountaintop, a magical forest, and a private shell island, and a secluded rocky beach all in one day.

Ask yourself these questions:

Do you have a favorite type of scenery that inspires you?
What view do you want to be looking at when you say your vows?
What type of landscape would you feel happiest and most at peace being surrounded by on your wedding day?



Choosing a season you want to get married in – or, a seasonal quality (hot, cold, snow, etc.) actually doesn’t limit you to any time of year! How? Well, we photograph elopements ALL OVER THE WORLD! So, when it’s snowing in Colorado, it’s sunny in New Zealand. Whenever you want to elope, we can match that date with your ideal season! Choosing a season is an important part of elopement planning because it will determine what you wear, what activities you can do, and how accessible a lot of outdoor areas are. Though, if you don’t mind an unconventional mode of transportation, we can get many places year-round!

Being honest with yourself about seasonality can be the deciding factor for how fun your elopement is! If you absolutely hate extreme heat or cold, you’ll have a lot more fun if we put in the effort to choose a location and date with more mild weather. Also, seasonality will really affect the view from your location. If you’ve fallen madly in love with a photo of an alpine meadow covered in flowers, you’re going to have to plan an elopement for the exact same time of year that image was taken. But, if you love the beaches of Hawaii, they remain almost exactly the same year-round, and we’ll take those desires very seriously when choosing YOUR perfect destination!

Ask yourself these questions:

Do you have a specific time of year that you want to get married?
Is there a specific date that is meaningful to you?
Do you two have a favorite season?
Do you two prefer warm weather? Cold weather? How do you feel about wind, rain, snow, etc.?



Once you’ve thought about what type of scenery you want to be surrounded by when you say your vows, another important consideration is how far you want to travel to get to that dream spot. Certain types of scenery can only be found in specific parts of the world, which may require a lot of travel. Do you want to go to the Faroe Islands to get married next to a waterfall that flows straight into the sea? What about milford sound in New Zealand? Or do you want to have the impossibly jagged peaks of the Patagonia mountains be witnesses to your vows? Or a massive glacier in Alaska? In addition to international flights, some locations may require driving 4-8 hours from the nearest airport, taking a ferry, bush plane, helicopter, or a long hike to reach. Knowing how far you’re willing to travel, and what adventure you want to undertake to get to your destination, will help narrow down your options.

Also, if you or any guests you hope to invite have difficulties with strenuous terrain, you’ll want to think about whether a place should be considered, even if it technically can be reached. Be honest with yourself about your priorities and abilities. For example: if you live at sea level and don’t enjoy hiking regularly, Everest base camp shouldn’t be your elopement destination. Mobility and accessibility go hand in hand, and while we’re guilty of enjoying quite a bit of type 2 fun, we acknowledge there’s a line between adventure and sufferfest. We’d like to ensure you remember your elopement fondly!

Ask yourself these questions:

How accessible do you want the location to be?
Do you two like to hike? Or would you prefer an elopement spot that doesn’t require hiking at all, but still has great views?
What forms of transportation would you consider to get to an elopement spot? (4×4 road, helicopter, gondola, ferry, boat, etc.)
How far are you willing to travel from the nearest airport?



Another extremely important consideration when picking a location to elope is seclusion. In this age of Instagram, where previously unknown beautiful spots are being geo-tagged, and subsequently flocked by tourists from around the world—privacy is becoming tougher and tougher to find. The ideal combination of factors in the perfect elopement spot is stunning scenery, easy accessibility, and seclusion—but these days, you usually have to pick two of those three.

We have found there is usually a direct trade-off between accessibility & seclusion. The farther you are willing to travel to an amazing spot (especially if you’re willing/able to hike), the better the chances are you can have it to yourself. For example, everything else equal, a location up a 5-mile hike at sunrise in Yosemite National Park, is going to be WAY more secluded than going to a popular overlook you can drive to. There are of course exceptions to this rule, and this definitely doesn’t mean you have to hike somewhere in order to get seclusion for your elopement. You can also find seclusion up 4×4 roads, by taking a helicopter, or simply going at a non-popular time of day (like sunrise on a weekday), and avoiding peak season.

A good trick to see how busy a place might be is to search the location on Instagram—if you find thousands of photos tagged to that spot, you’ll want to think about finding somewhere more secluded (or going at a very non-peak time of day/year).

Finding an incredibly beautiful secluded spot is probably the biggest challenge we help couples overcome—and it often requires deep digging and intense research to find those lesser-known, still hidden gems (which there still are plenty of in the world!). You likely won’t find a secluded spot on easily google-able, or pinterest-able lists like “10 must-see places in Iceland”.

Ask yourself these questions:

How private do you want your location to be?
Would you be comfortable getting married at a more popular overlook or do you want to have no one else around?
If a few other hikers were around would that be okay?
Do you want to be immersed in scenery or if you could see a road would that be okay?
Would you be willing to get up for sunrise to have a place all to yourself?



Of course your elopement will be full of meaning, as it should be. A way to add another layer of meaning and intention to your wedding celebration is choosing a location that means something to you. It can be a place you’ve already traveled to with your partner, or a place you’ve always wanted to go! Maybe it’s a place that holds deep sentimental value to one of your families, or it’s been the subject of a photograph always hanging on your wall. Maybe it’s a place you never knew existed until we sent you the coordinates, but upon viewing it felt immediately right! Maybe the rush of an exciting new place is exactly what defines your adventurous relationship, and the most YOU thing would be to elope somewhere totally foreign.

Incorporating a meaningful importance to your elopement location also doesn’t have to come before the wedding! You could choose a place that later develops meaning because you travel back to visit for your anniversary. The fact is, eloping somewhere you’ve intentionally chosen for its natural beauty will anchor you there. We’ve witnessed it happen hundreds of times – a couple will arrive to their elopement with so much love in their eyes, and by the end of the day they will be staring at the scenery with a sense of respect and longing so deep, we know they’ll always remember what it felt like to stand in that exact spot. Outdoor elopements combine our love for our partners with our love for life on this gorgeous planet – that itself means so much!

Ask yourself these questions:

Do you two have a place that already means something really special to you?
Is there a spot that you two have always talked about or dreamt of going together?


Experience & Activities

You’ve got a whole day, maybe even a whole weekend or longer, to celebrate getting married to the love of your life – what are you going to do? Yes, you’ll share vows and take photos but this is your chance to get truly imaginative and make a to-do list of dream elopement activities! You can go drive 4×4 back roads, summit a mountain you’ve always wanted to climb, jump out of an airplane, go swimming with sharks, get matching tattoos, plant some trees, or go deep into the backcountry and set up camp. When we say the possibilities are endless when it comes to your elopement – we mean it!

Whether your elopement is a single trip or being combined with your honeymoon, we highly recommend that you first and foremost let your imagination run wild! What are some activities you’ve always dreamed of doing? Once you’ve considered all the possibilities, narrow it down to a handful of do-able things and be sure to plan buffer times. Don’t make the mistake of trying to do too much in one trip – instead, make sure what you do is enjoyed at 110%!

Ask yourself these questions:

Besides saying your vows, what other activities do you imagine doing on the day you get married?
How long are you planning to make your trip when you go to elope? Is it combined with a honeymoon?
Besides your elopement experience, are there other things that you want to do as a part of your larger trip (if you’re having one)?



Bringing along your loved ones can change the vibe of your elopement – but there are still many ways to include guests without feeling like you’ve sacrificed the intimacy and privacy of an elopement experience. If you are inviting guests to the ceremony itself, plan a time away afterward to enjoy the immense commitment you’ve made to your partner. If you want to say vows in privacy, but still want to share the moment with family and friends, return from your ceremony to a reception. The number of guests you bring will significantly affect your options for ceremony locations, and that definitely needs to be considered. But, having guests doesn’t mean you can’t elope in a stunning place! We’ve photographed elopements with up to 25 people present that felt just as intimate and special, while also somewhere with a mountain backdrop.

Some locations will have very specific limits when it comes to the number of guests you can invite. Some backcountry trails limit groups to 10 or less, whereas other locations in national parks say they will accommodate up to 50! We only photograph small weddings, with up to 25 people present, and we’ve found the biggest limiting factor to be the willingness and ability of guests to access the space. That said, we’ve witnessed grandparents hike miles up a trail to witness a cliffside ceremony. We’ve also found ways to drive guests in via backroads to reach a summit that a couple hiked to. If you want to invite guests to your elopement ceremony for it to be the perfect day – we will find a place where everyone can be present!

Ask yourself these questions:

Are you bringing other people along to your elopement or is it just you two?
If you’re bringing guests, how many?
Do any of your guests have accessibility or health needs to consider when finding the right spot?
How far are your guests willing to travel from the nearest airport?
Is your whole elopement experience going to be with your guests or will part of it just be the two of you?

The United States of America

Best Places Elope

Standing on the shore of a lake 1,949 feet deep, or looking up at the craggy peak of the tallest mountain in North America, or perhaps exploring the quiet mossy groves of the Pacific Northwest’s temperate rainforest–the U.S. is a treasure trove of expansive wilderness and natural beauty for adventurous souls looking for their perfect place to say, “I do.” With so many incredible places to choose from, where are the best places to elope?

We get asked all the time which location is best for an elopement, but we don’t believe there’s one best place–there are ENDLESS incredible elopement locations all over the US–the best one is whichever will make you and your partner happy. 

The United States

Best Places to Elope


Rocky Mountain National Park

Perhaps one of the first places that comes to mind when you think of Colorado. With over 265,000 acres, this vast area of wilderness has some of the most pristine views including Longs Peak (14er). There are endless hikes, alpine lakes, pine forests, rivers, streams and mountains for days. RMNP also had one of the longest and highest paved mountain roads in Colorado! Trail Ridge Road takes you between Estes Park and Grand Lake and is open during the summer season.

Maroon Bells/Aspen Colorado

Another iconic area in Colorado, Maroon Bells is famous for amazing sunrises amongst photographers from all over the world. “The Bells” have a unique red hue which is amplified at sunrise, and in the reflections of the lakes in front of the peaks. This area is popular for aspen trees, and just absolutely breathtaking. Though this is a popular spot, ask us how to best avoid crowds here! We have a few secret spots up our sleeves. In the wintertime, this area is accessible by snowmobiles too!

Loveland Pass

At nearly 12,000 ft. in elevation, this mountain pass is accessible by 2wd vehicle year-round. There are numerous trails to explore with 360 degree views. Pass Lake is another beautiful spot along this road that is accessible in the summer and fall.

San Juan Mountains

Some of our very favorite mountains in Colorado! Think Switzerland— super unique &  jagged peaks! This area is AMAZING for hiking and off-roading! Truly, you could spend months exploring this area and still not get enough.

Great Sand Dunes National Park

Great Sand Dunes is a truly wild place – a heap of insanely tall mountains of sand right smack in the middle of snow-capped mountains. There is no place else like it. You can run/slide down them, go sandboarding, even set up camp in the middle of the dunes and stargaze. 

Colorado National Monument

All the Utah-desert feels but in Colorado! This little spot is often overlooked by other tourists, making it the perfect place to find your own spot to say your vows amongst the rocky cliff overlooks. 

Garden of the Gods

Another iconic, yet super unique area in Colorado. GOG is known for its towering red sandstone rock formations. There are beautiful trails you can hike, and numerous wedding ceremony locations like Sentinel Plaza, Three Graces Plaza, and Jaycee Plaza.

Sapphire Point

A beautiful overlook in Summit County is the perfect spot for an elopement or intimate wedding. Sapphire Point sits above the Dillon Reservoir and is accessible year-round. It’s about a 3-minute flat walk from the parking area, so it’s great if you have elderly guests attending. Fun fact: this is where Tori got married!

The United States

Best Places to Elope


Crater Lake National Park

Located in southern Oregon, this place is an absolute gem! Its main feature is the giant deep-blue, water-filled crater that is backed by mountains. This incredible “lake” is lined with cliffs featuring amazing viewpoints ranging in accessibility, which makes it both a great place to elope with loved ones who aren’t down for hiking far and for just the two of you to explore further. It’s the perfect place for snowshoeing and cross country skiing in the winter, hiking and swimming in the summer, and star gazing year-round thanks to this area’s incredibly dark skies. 

Smith Rock

Smith Rock State Park is located just outside of Bend in Central Oregon. Dreaming of rock climbing on your wedding day– this place is a rock climbing mecca! With almost 2000 routes, it’s a dream for climbers. In fact, it’s known as the birthplace of U.S Sport climbing! Spring and fall are best for both climbing & hiking for mild temperatures in this exposed high desert environment. Not a climber? That’s okay! This spot features more than just climbing. There are miles of trails throughout this Oregon desert landscape. Sharp slabs of rock jut out of the earth make a dramatic elopement backdrop. There is even a river winding through the valley – perfect for kayaking or hopping in for a lazy river float (in your wedding attire with a beer after a climb/hike?!). 

Oregon Coast

All 363 miles of Oregon’s coast are free and public. There are endless opportunities for exploring here– breathing in the sea spray, combing for sea life in tidepools, watching for whales, seals, and puffins, walking along the dramatic cliffs and beside tall haystacks jutting out of the tide. The beaches here are truly out-of-this-world. The weather is mild year-round, making it a great place to go no matter the season. You can spend your day strolling the shore, running down sand dunes, hiking cliffs, eating delicious seafood, saying your vows as the sun sets over the Pacific, and warming up next to a beach-side campfire.

Oregon Waterfalls

Looking to chase waterfalls on your wedding day? We might be a bit biased– but Oregon is THE place to be if you’re looking for an incredible waterfall to say your vows stateside. It has more than its fair share of cascades– hundreds actually, many that tower as tall as skyscrapers. There are plenty that are popular and frequented by many, like those in the gorge– but there are also many that remain off-the-beaten-path. Some even involve route-finding skills and some rappelling if you’re looking for a wild adventure. They flow best in the winter, spring, and early summer before warmer weather lessens their flow or dries them up. You can typically find Oregon’s waterfalls surrounded by bright green moss and lush forests– the very best kind of waterfalls. 

Eastern Oregon

This is probably not the Oregon you imagine when you think of Oregon. This state is only filled with green fern-lined trails, massive fir trees, and waterfalls– right? Nope. There is SO much more this amazing state has to offer and Eastern Oregon is one of the hidden gems. It is vast and filled with canyons, twisting rivers, sagebrush-covered plains, and desert. Painted Hills, Steens Mountain, The Alvord Desert, and the Wallowas are just a few of the magnificent landscapes here.

Willamette National Forest

There are an abundance of beautiful quiet elopement locations throughout this impressive more than 1.6 million acre National Forest. It’s covered with towering trees, dense old forests, crystal clear swimming holes, fire tower-topped wildflower-covered mountains, cascading waterfalls, rushing rivers, natural hot springs, and craggy peaks.  It is home to the  10,495ft tall Mt. Jefferson, Mt. Washington, Three Fingered Jack, and the Three Sisters. The Willamette Valley also boasts incredible wineries. Amazing locations can be found here year-round.

Mount Bachelor

While this mountain is great for hiking and vast views in the summertime, it is jam-packed with adventure in the winter. It’s the perfect place to ski, snowboard, and snowshoe for a winter wonderland elopement– all on top of a volcano. At the end of the day, you can head right into Bend for great food and beer to celebrate! Mountaintops not your thing? There are plenty of gorgeous places around the base of this mountain to explore and say your vows too! Lakes perfect for swimming in the summer, and forested trails that offer views of Mt. Bachelor in the distance.


This charming mountain town (where Tori lives) is home to incredible food, easy access to outdoor recreation, and a ridiculous number of breweries. You could easily say your vows at sunrise with Mt. Bachelor looming in the background, head to Smith Rock for an afternoon climbing sesh, float down the river in town with a beer in hand, then celebrate the day with good food and a brewery tour. 

Columbia River Gorge

Located not far outside Portland, the gorge is an awe-inspiring place filled with waterfalls, views of the Columbia River dividing Oregon and Washington state, and lots of wineries perfect for celebrating your elopement day. There is so much to explore on both sides of the gorge, and plenty of opportunity for easy-access spots for intimate weddings with loved ones. 

Mt. Hood National Forest

Mt. Hood is an Oregon icon, a strikingly beautiful mountain, larger than anything in the vicinity– you can spot it easily in the distance. The forest surrounding it is lush, waterfall filled and contains many easily-accessible lakes. It is a great elopement location year-round– offering skiing, snowmobiling, and snowshoeing in the winter, and lots of hiking, lakes to play in, and camping in the warmer months. The Government Camp area offers plenty of cozy cabins and lodges to stay in. 

Oregon Hot Springs

Okay so you might not be looking to elope IN a hot spring (I mean you do you) but if you have a love for natural hot springs then you could totally involve finding one and soaking in one into your elopement day! Perhaps starting or ending your day with a relaxing soak?

The United States

Best Places to Elope


Mount Rainier National Park

Mt. Rainier is undoubtedly an incredible mountain; when she stands out through the clouds there’s absolutely nothing more breathtaking. Eloping with her looming in the background is awe-inspiring. With most of the park inaccessible in the winter, the best time to visit is summer and early fall. Summertime brings endless fields of wildflowers and this area’s short fall brings far fewer crowds. Aside from just the popular (and crowded) park highlight reel, there are SO many trails in the surrounding area that offer incredible views of Mt. Rainier while also less trafficked.

North Cascades

The North Cascades are absolutely magical! There is so much to explore; turquoise alpine lakes, glacier capped mountains, rocky overlooks, and plenty of beautiful flower-filled meadows and forests. If you are looking for insanely amazing backpacking trails, this is most definitely your place. However, most trail access roads are impassable until the snow has melted in July– making the season here short, and snow-free only between July and October. 

Olympic Peninsula & Olympic National Park

There is nothing like hiking through a moss-covered forest to get to the beach. This section of Washington has it all; lush forests, clear blue lakes, rugged coastline with driftwood-covered beaches, waterfalls, and snow-capped mountains. If you want to elope in a variety of environments on your day, this is your kinda place. There are places to explore year-round – when the coast and rainforests are soaked you can head to the mountains for snow, and warmer months  bring wildflowers to the mountains and pleasant sunny days on the coast. 

Mount Baker – Snoqualmie National Forest

If you are obsessed with massive mountain ranges, lots of colourful wildflowers, and pure wilderness stretching in all directions– this might be your place. The number of months where this area isn’t covered in snow is short (next to 0), making July-October your best chance for accessible trailheads with passable roads. However if you are looking to elope in a winter wonderland– snowshoeing and skiing Mt. Baker can’t be beat.

Ross Lake

This area is only accessible via hiking, boat, or float plane! Its remoteness makes it the perfect place to find your very own private elopement spot with nobody else around. Also located here? Ross Lake Resort. Floating cabins directly on Ross Lake! It’s difficult to snag a reservation here, but 100% worth planning your entire elopement around if you can book a night here! 

Snoqualmie Pass

Just outside of Seattle, this area has an abundance of easy-access locations! Beautiful mountain lakes perfect in the summer and fall, endless spots for snowshoeing in the winter– and its proximity to the city makes it ideal for those needing something near a big airport or looking to celebrate their elopement day at a restaurant in the city. 

San Juan Islands

Pacific Northwest forested mountain island life is the best way to describe this collection of 172 named islands and reefs. Accessible by ferry (or float plane) this area is amazing for boating, whale watching, and those looking for a peaceful laid-back elopement– likely with a killer sunset. These islands offer all the moody weather in the winter time, and absolutely gorgeous weather the rest of the year!

Washington fire towers

Washington is filled with old fire towers perched on top of mountains! It’s still possible to access the inside of many of them– talk about an awesome getting ready spot or place to host your celebratory elopement picnic! You could even opt for spending the night in one, snuggled in a sleeping bag, stargazing, with a warm mug of spiked hot chocolate in hand. 


Leavenworth is a cheeky little german-inspired town located right in the middle of the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest. There are an abundance of gorgeous summertime hikes to turquoise lakes, and stunning mountain views. In the wintertime, while many areas in Washington become inaccessible, there is plenty of snowshoeing to be had near here!

The United States

Best Places to Elope


Yosemite National Park

An absolutely mesmerizing part of our country, and a national park that should be on everyone’s list (in our opinion). It’s honestly difficult to come up with the right words to describe such a place. Yosemite is known for amazing hikes, views, waterfalls, towering 3,000 ft tall granite cliffs, and giant sequoia trees. The scenery here is almost painterly. There’s a lot to see here: Half Dome, Tunnel View, El Cap, Taft Point, Valley floor, and Vernal Falls… You may even spot some black bears! The dreamy and mystical sunrises and sunsets here are ones you’ll always dream about. All these factors make Yosemite a perfect and memorable place to get married.

Accessible year-round, but some roads close during the winter months and typically don’t reopen until May. Avoid mid-Summer during wildfire season if possible. 

Big Sur

Picture rocky seaside cliffs, dense green forest hikes, fields of wild succulents, and endless beaches to explore up and down the coast. You may recognize the iconic sunset photos at Pfeiffer Beach. We recommend staying in a yurt or “human nest” at Treebones Resort to really top off your Big Sur experience.

Amazing year-round

Joshua Tree National Park

While Joshua Tree is a rock climbing mecca, it offers more than just that– amazing rocky desert landscape filled with captivating Joshua Trees, this landscape is so unique and would make for an amazing elopement location. As a bonus: there are so many awesome vacation rentals surrounding it, and nearby Palm Springs would make for a sweet honeymoon spot.

Mount Whitney

The tallest mountain in the contiguous United States. Absolutely unbeatable views from the rocky summit. Would be a great destination for a backpacking elopement— especially for a couple who really wants to feel accomplished.

*(Bucket list elopement location for Amber)

Lake Tahoe

Gorgeous clear turquoise water, boulders, beaches, and mountain views. Lake Tahoe is a perfect destination for anyone who loves “lake life” in the summer and skiing in the winter.

Muir Woods/Muir Beach

If you enjoy the feeling miniature surrounded by giant redwood trees, you’ll feel right at home in Muir Woods. This scenic area is just around the corner from the San Francisco Bay, so within minutes of wandering through this tall forest, you can be walking along the shore of Muir Beach and looking out to the bay. This is a great little slice of nature without having to venture far from the city. Plus, Alcatraz is nearby and it would be hilarious to take wedding photos there.. Kind of kidding. 😉

The United States

Best Places to Elope



Endless red and orange canyons, steep cliffs, with a blue snow capped mountains in the background. There is so much room here to run wild, hike, off-road and not see another soul for hours. Not to mention the nearby state and national parks! This area is perfect for anyone who loves camping, hiking, climbing, off-roading, rappelling, and canyoneering. This is the mecca for adventure sports!

Capitol Reef National Park

An underrated National Park if you ask us— imagine dirt roads weaving through BRIGHT red rocks that are jutting straight out of the ground and amazing natural arches. If you’re looking for a desert elopement location with non-stop views, consider eloping with us in CRNP!

Bonneville Salt Flats

There is nothing like it anywhere else in the United States– a seemingly endless space of white salt cracked earth when dry, and a shallow pool of glass reflecting everything around it when wet. This area is easily accessible (you can even drive directly on the salt flats depending on the time of year!) making it an incredible place to elope with loved ones, or just explore, captivated, for hours yourselves. 

Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area

Located in Northern Utah and part of Wyoming. Picture fiery red rocky cliffs overlooking bright blue water below. This would be a STUNNING location and easy to find solitude and seclusion. In one day you can hang out on the edge of a cliff, overlooking it all, and be boating at the bottom and camping or picnicking on the shore looking up. There’s great ice fishing here in the winter time too!

Salt Lake City

Not far from SLC is the beautiful Uinta-Wasatch-cache National Forest with insanely beautiful hikes, waterfalls, mountain views for days, and even great wildflowers in the spring! You’re probably thinking what doesn’t this National Forest have…and so are we! This area of wilderness is absolutely pristine and there are so many trails to choose from making it a great choice for an outdoor loving couple. Wasatch Mountain State Park is also nearby as is Park City, a wonderful ski resort town. You can find adventures here year-round!

The United States

Best Places to Elope


Lake Powell

Have you ever considered a houseboat elopement? Because this would be the most perfect place to do it!! Lake Powell is huge–stretching over 185 miles. It would be so awesome to find a secluded spot on the lake for a ceremony, dock up on shore, or visit one of the many overlooks like Alstrom Point. You can then make your way to secret cliff jumping spots, or weave your vessel through Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. Seriously loving the idea of a post-vow houseboat party.

The United States

Best Places to Elope


If you’re looking for absolute guaranteed seclusion on your wedding day, you’ve come to the right state!


Excellent state for helicopter and float plane elopements

You can easily see vastly different landscapes in a matter or hours here

GREAT for multi-location elopements

Talk about absolute captivating wilderness. Especially if the thought of taking a helicopter somewhere magical on your elopement day excited you! This place loves their helis and it is such an awesome way to access private glacier lakes, and untouched beauty. 


A quaint fishing town. This area offers seaside adventures (sea kayaking, boating, tidepooling, fishing) AND incredible rainforest hikes with lakes, waterfalls, and tall, mossy trees. While you’re here you can also swing by Sitka National Historical Park and check out an incredible collection of totem poles while you walk through nature.

A GREAT spot for spotting sea life and wildlife

You can also boat or helicopter out to various rental properties ON ISLANDS

Denali National Park & Preserve

We can’t think of a much better backdrop than the beautiful 20,000+ft tall Denali! Imagine standing in front of a lake, with this overpowering mountain reflecting in the lake and filling up your viewpoint, and the undeniable beauty of the Alaskan wilderness. Denali NP is also a great area for spotting wildlife because it is so protected. An elopement here would be an unforgettable experience. Most services are available through here (like shuttle buses) between mid-May and mid-September. 

Gates of the Arctic

For those looking for a truly epic and adventurous elopement experience. This is an undeniably beautiful, inspiring, and seemingly “untouched” area of Alaska. There are no established roads or trails here, just pure wild Alaskan wilderness. Imagine winding rivers running through the center of a vast glacial valley as far as the eyes can see. If you are not fully comfortable in the backcountry, you are able to hire guides for a truly adventurous elopement. This is a bucket list location

Wrangell – St. Elias National Park & Preserve

This is the largest National Park in the United States with 9 of the 16 largest peaks in the United States— talk about an incredible place to get married! That means you have over 13.5 million acres to explore! Imagine the largest glaciers you’ve ever seen, turquoise blue glacial lakes, lush greenery, wildflowers, and amazing rustic cabins to stay in. We think it’s a perfect place to get married because if you keep coming back to celebrate anniversaries, you will never run out of something new to see!

Glacier Bay National Park

f you’re inspired by the magnificent blue color of glaciers like us, definitely consider this astonishing location for your elopement or intimate wedding! You can get up close and personal to the glaciers by boat, AND take a helicopter for an unforgettable tour of them from up above. Glacial landings (yes, you can LAND on the glacier for your ceremony), are available up to mid-May.

Kenai Fjords NP

South/Central Alaska. Over 50% of this National Park is covered by glaciers including Exit Glacier and Bear Glacier. There’s a popular trail here called the Harding Icefield Trail which gets you an insane view of Exit Glacier and would be extremely memorable for a hiking elopement. Imagine standing on a huge cliff, towering over a massive glacier when you exchange vows!! Kenai NP is most accessible May-September.

Aleutian Islands

Towering lush green seaside islands that are so picturesque it’s not even funny! This area is reminiscent of the Faroe Islands or Lofoten Islands, but here in the U.S.!

The United States

Best Places to Elope

North Carolina

Blue Ridge Parkway

This incredible drive through the Blue Ridge mountains offers beautiful overlook after beautiful overlook and an abundance of trails to waterfalls and viewpoints. This would be an incredible place to elope, especially for a couple looking for an epic “roadtrip”. Spring and fall are our favorite times here. April & May for flowers and lovely weather and October for fall colors turning these “blue” mountains into a hundred shades of red, orange, and yellow. 

Mount Mitchell (aka Tori’s childhood)

At 6,684 ft, Mount Mitchell is the tallest mountain east of the Mississippi River! It offers spectacular views of the surrounding mountains, and is best visited May-September when the weather is warm since it can be cold at the top even in the summer! Best part– you can opt for hiking OR driving to the top! Making it the ultimate adventure elopement location, especially when including loved ones needing something easily accessible. 

Nantahala National Forest

A lovely + vast area of North Carolina known for its pristine waterfalls and beautiful wooded area. Nantahala National Forest is just about an hour from Asheville, a wonderful town to stay in before and after your elopement with great restaurants and good vibes.

Pisgah National Forest

So. Many. Gorgeous. Waterfalls. Also, so many great campsites, hiking + mountain bike trails, rock climbing, and even horseback riding trails. This area has it all for the outdoor enthusiast. 

The United States

Best Places to Elope


Great Smoky Mountains National Park

The countries most visited National Park, and it’s no wonder why. This place is absolutely breathtaking. GSM straddles the border of Tennessee and North Carolina and is covered with intensely beautiful tree covered mountain ranges, streams, rivers and waterfalls. This Park is accessible and beautiful year-round, though their peak season is June-August and during peak fall foliage in October. We suggest considering a shoulder season for a little more quiet + seclusion!

Fall Creek Falls 

Over 250 feet tall, this powerfall waterfall is a sight to behold! You’ll actually find this whole area is spotted with waterfalls, and you can visit a handful of them in one day if you wanted! Some are more easily accessible and could easily work for an easy access intimate ceremony site.

The United States

Best Places to Elope

New York

Adirondack Mountains

This stunning wilderness is made of rolling mountains, overlooks on the edge of steep cliffs, lakes, and streams, and wildlife. This destination is great for water and land recreation, and a great place to go to just relax. This area would be *amazing* for an Autumn elopement when the hills are sprinkled in color. Not far from Lake George— a great recreation area.

Finger Lakes

Another perfect “lake life” wedding destination! This area is perfect for those who love being on the water, relaxing on the shore, hiking, and winery hopping! There are literally over 100 wineries surrounding these lakes— what?! Not to mention, there’s great nearby hiking and camping. Nearby is Taughannock Falls State Park and Watkins Glen. 

We think a spring or fall elopement would be the most comfortable temperature wise, but when everything is frozen over in the winter, it could look like a scene from the movie Frozen.


AKA “The Gunks” A great place for rock climbing, exploring the rocky cliffs, all not far from New York, New York. Imagine lush green tree tops, standing cliffside, and exploring the nearby lakes and streams.

Awesome fall foliage alert

Watkins Glen

A state park with well maintained pathways through a gorge with beautiful waterfalls and mossy walls.You can even reserve pavilions here for an intimate picnic!

Taughannock Falls State Park

Witness a 215 ft waterfall here– it’s absolutely breathtaking. This fall is three stories taller than Niagra Falls! There are plenty of beautiful areas to explore around here, making this an amazing stop on a multi-location elopement day.

The United States

Best Places to Elope


Ricketts Glen State Park

If you too love East Coast waterfalls, look no further! Ricketts Glen is a favorite PA State Park located about 45 minutes outside of Wilkes-Barre. Lush greenery in the summer, amazing fall foliage in the fall, and ridiculously cool frozen falls in the winter time!

Delaware Water Gap

The Delaware Water Gap splits Pennsylvania and New Jersey. It’s an incredibly scenic area with miles of trails, including a section of the Appalachian Trail. There are many beautiful waterfalls here, grassy beaches, and accessible year-round! We love hiking to the overlooks here, and think it’d be an amazing spot to exchange vows— especially at sunrise when there aren’t many others out and about.

Hawk Mountain Sanctuary

This would be such a unique idea! HMS is a raptor conservation and observation center with miles of hiking trails, and incredible beautiful rocky overlooks. Picture rolling hills for miles! 

Hickory Run State Park

In the Pocono mountains, this area is known for its vast boulder field, endless waterfalls (even some you can cliff jump into!), stunning overlooks, and tons of hiking trails. There’s even a lake with a lovely beach for wading, swimming and fishing. There’s even a small, beautiful stream side wedding chapel here! 

Lake Nockamixon

Located in Bucks County, Lake Nockamixon is a large reservoir with lovely bike, hiking, and walking trails, boating access (even rentals!), an amazing place to watch sunrise or sunset. Nearby is a lovely streamside covered bridge, which would also be a beautiful spot on a multi-location elopement day!

The United States

Best Places to Elope


Silver Springs

These natural cold water springs would make for the most beautiful elopement backdrop! Especially for those with a love of canoeing/kayaking, or down for jumping into a pool of crystal clear turquoise water.

Sanibel Island

These quiet sea-shell filled beach shores on the west coast of Florida make for the perfect laid-back beach elopement spot– complete with sunsets over the water.

The United States

Best Places to Elope

US Virgin Islands

An amazing US beach destination with bright turquoise blue waters, extremely rush greenery, and white sandy beaches.

The United States

Best Places to Elope

American Samoa

This U.S. territory is spread over three islands that consist of rainforests, coral reefs, white sandy beaches, turquoise blue water, and steep lush seaside ridges. 

Best Places to

Elope in the US

New Hampshire

White Mountains National Forest

This mountain range is unlike any other place on the East coast of the US! So much alpine landscape and so many mountains to summit! 

The United States

Best Places to Elope


Acadia National Park

A coastal National Park with various sections— each offering its own unique experience. Picture beautiful bodies of water with rocky shores, thick forests, and miles and miles of views. This is a great area to catch some Fall foliage too, though there is no wrong time of year to visit, it’s always gorgeous here.

Maine lighthouses

If you love the history and significance of lighthouses, Maine would be a truly special place to elope! There are SO MANY to choose from, and we absolutely love the idea of a lighthouse elopement or intimate wedding. Some of our favorites include the Nubble Lighthouse, Hendricks Head Lighthouse, and Portland Head Lighthouse.

Baxter State Park

Higher elevation hikes with absolutely breathtaking views and scenery. This pristine wilderness area covers over 200,000 acres and contains the state’s highest peak, tons of rocky overlooks, beautiful lakes, and home to lots of wildlife.

Mount Katahdin

Great destination for backpackers! This is the highest point in the state of Maine and marks the completion of the Appalachian Trail, so whether you are an AT graduate or day dream of this scenic trail, this would be a unique and memorable elopement destination!

The United States

Best Places to Elope


Grand Teton National Park

The Tetons are some extremely impressive mountains! This area is great for any couple who LOVES to hike and is especially inspired by steep jagged mountains, pristine lakes, and enjoys being surrounded by a lot of wildlife. We love the western feel of Jackson Hole, and all of the areas to explore and play outside here.


One of our favorite National Parks for spotting wildlife! This volcanic hot spot would be a truly unique elopement experience— perhaps in front of a colorful hot spring, along the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, at Mammoth Hot Springs, or surrounding Yellowstone Lake.

Bighorn National Forest

Located in Northeast Wyoming. Picture rolling green hills, mountains in the distance, and an unbelievable collection of wildflowers in the springtime! While you’re here, check out Crazy Woman Canyon!

The United States

Best Places to Elope


Glacier National Park

If you are looking for the perfect place to have a mix of gorgeous scenery and lots of wildlife– look no further. This park is extremely popular for good reason– it is a colorful, unique, mountain-filled, wildlife-overflowing, magical place. Don’t let the popularity scare you though– there are still plenty of places to find some peace and quiet and take in the views.

The United States

Best Places to Elope

New Mexico

Ghost Ranch

Attention all art fans!! This would be a stunning desert location for an elopement or intimate wedding. Georgia O’Keefe lived here for a number of years and a lot of her work was of or inspired by this area. There are vibrant and unique rock formations here, lovely hiking trails, and even a beautiful labyrinth rock maze. Ghost Ranch is located about 1.5 hours from Taos.

Tent Rocks National Monument

This area is wild! The hoodoo rock formations fill up a vast area, and you can weave through them and explore for hours! There are slot canyons and caves here to check out too. TRNM is not far from Santa Fe and could easily be paired with other nearby spots for an epic multi-location elopement! 

Hotel Luna Mystica

 A fun + unique place to stay, just up the road from the Rio Grande Gorge, has a bunch of vintage campers you can rent in the middle of the desert and a brewery next door

Rio Grande Gorge

When driving near Taos, out of nowhere this large gorge appears! You can hike along the edge of it and get away from the parking area. This is a beautiful spot at sunrise and sunset, and you can even walk out to the middle of the bridge!

White Sands National Park

This place almost feels out of this world with its rare white sand and mountains in the distance. You can easily hike into the dunes and find a secluded area all to yourselves. Pro tip: Bring some sleds! 

Best to avoid in mid-summer heat

The United States

Best Places to Elope


Red Rock Canyon

Located in the Mojave Desert, this area is an awesome day trip from Las Vegas! Obviously it gained its name from the beautiful red sandstone rock formations towering over the desert landscapes. There are many hiking trails to check out through here, including a box canyon trail! Winter and spring are the best times to visit this area due to the extreme heat in the summer months.

Lake Tahoe

Gorgeous clear turquoise water, boulders, beaches, and mountain views. Lake Tahoe is a perfect destination for anyone who loves “lake life” in the summer and skiing in the winter

Sand Mountain

“Zipping through these sand dunes on UTVs was one of the most insanely fun adventures of my life” -Amber
These sand dunes are 600 ft tall and are constantly moving and changing form. You can hike to the top of these, or for more of a thrill, rent a UTV/ATV/dirtbike and zip through them. You can easily find a totally secluded spot for a ceremony, and even camp in front of them. 

The United States

Best Places to Elope


Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

I think one of Michigan’s best kept secrets is that they have this incredibly scenic area in the Upper Peninsula that is perfect for anyone who loves Autumn colors, waterfalls, rocky cliffs, and water sports. This is the ultimate place to enjoy “lake life”.

Sleeping Bear Dunes

HUGE, steep sand dunes that drop straight down into turquoise lake water. This area would be so unique and versatile for an elopement location. There are also lots of nearby hikes, so you can easily get a little bit of everything.

The United States

Best Places to Elope


Cumberland Island

This island is accessible by ferry and no cars are allowed! This makes for a quiet, peaceful, natural island filled with mossy oak trees and a herd of wild horses that roam the beach.

The United States

Best Places to Elope

South Dakota

Badlands National Park

Just beyond Wall Drug (if you know you know), is this wild landscape famous for fossil beds and rock formations. Imagine weaving through hallways of rocks, or standing on the edge of a steep wall looking down into carved out valleys. This area has a sort of otherworldly feel, almost like you’ve landed on another planet. It would be a truly unique location for an elopement!! 

Black Hills

Located near Mount Rushmore, the Black Hills are a great area to hike, climb, and camp. This area sort of reminds me of the Foothills Colorado meets a small mining town in Pennsylvania. There are awesome rock formations around here and this area is known for fossil and gemstone hunting! 

Best Places to Elope

the world

Best Places to

Elope in the Around the World


If you are thinking of getting married or eloping in the awe-inspiring country of Iceland, you are in luck! In addition to having your wedding in the most scenic country on earth, you also have the chance to get epic wedding photos that actually do those jaw-dropping landscapes justice.

New Zealand

New Zealand is unlike any other country in the world. Glacier capped mountains, fjords lined with hundreds and hundreds of waterfalls, fields of purple and pink lupine flowers lining vivid turquoise lakes, magical rocky black sand lined beaches, lush green rainforests, this country literally has every perfect elopement landscape. Along with the sounds of birds everywhere you go, wineries galore, and so many adrenaline-rush-inducing activities!


Patagonia is said to be the last true wilderness on earth—with its hundreds of pristine peaks, thousands of miles of trails, innumerable glaciers, Caribbean blue alpine lakes, and glacial lagoons around every corner—it’s easily the most adventurous and awe-inspiring place on earth.

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Choosing a unique rental property is one of our favorite ways to help decide where you want to elope! There are so many incredible A-Frame cabins, oceanside villas, and even treehouses in many of the epic locations you might already be considering. You’ve got to start the day somewhere – you might as well wake up somewhere beautiful!

Rental properties also make great ceremony locations or gathering places if you’re going to have guests at your elopement. Check with your host to make sure they are fine with a small group at the property for hosting the ceremony or maybe a reception afterward!

If you’re looking for inspiration and advice to help you choose an incredible rental to home-base from as you elope, check out THIS BLOG!

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