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“We’re super shy and awkward. We don’t look like the couples in your photos.”

— Said every single couple we’ve
photographed before they eloped with us.

We have a secret:

The way you look, or how comfortable you feel in front of the camera has nothing to do with how the photos we will take of you will look.

It’s all about the way you feel when
we take them.

What these images don’t show is how much effort we put into each and every one of our couples experience: the hours of location scouting and planning help we’ll do for you, the deep relationship and connection we’ll build as we help you dream up your day, and how we’ll come alongside you to help you remember to be fully present in the moment when we document your elopement day.

Let’s get some facts

  • Do you have to hike a crazy distance to get
    these photos? Nope.
  • Do you have to be super photogenic to look
    like all the people in these photos?
    Definitely not
  • Do you have to fit the “adventure” mold to
    hire us? No. (Also, what mold are you
    speaking of?)

So what do you
“have to” do?

All you have to do to “adventure instead” is be yourself

We want you to have a day that represents you and photos that look like the love you feel.

This is what it feels like
to “Adventure instead”

what matters most on your wedding day?

Not our photos.

You’ll notice when you look at most of our photos, that the couples in them aren’t looking at the camera. And there’s a reason for that.

When your day comes, we’ll help you remember why you’re there in the first place—to stare into the eyes of your partner and commit your life to them.

And that’s what it’s all about—not looking at us, not looking into a camera—but looking at each other and being present in every moment of your wedding day, and letting yourself feel every emotion that comes your way.

This is why you deserve to have an all-day “you-focused” elopement photographer as your guide

And this is how you can have the entire story of your wedding day documented, without finding yourself being a “prop” in someone else’s photoshoot.

What in the world would
you do with an all-day
elopement photographer?

We’ll let these real elopement stories
do the talking for us


& Pricing

See real


“Absolutely amazing!”

I hardly know where to begin with reviewing this absolutely amazing photographer. Deciding to elope was the best wedding decision we made, and hiring Adventure Instead was the second. Working with Amber was incredible. From the very beginning, she made us feel extremely comfortable and at ease, which I especially appreciated as we were planning our elopement from out of state. She stepped in as not only our photographer, but also as a planner and consultant. The time taken to get to know us both over email and phone calls cannot be understated. She listened to what we were hoping for in our ideal location and sent us a detailed list of so many options that fit our criteria, including photos and suggestions for each spot. Communication was huge for me during every stage of planning, and she was incredibly prompt at returning my numerous emails and answering all our questions to make me feel so comfortable along every step of the way. When it came time for our actual ceremony, she was the best mix of incredibly professional and wonderfully friendly, I instantly felt like I was in the presence of a good friend already. I cannot begin to express how wonderful our wedding day was, because not only was I marrying the love of my life, but also because Amber took great care in making sure we were able to truly enjoy every moment together and just be ourselves. For anyone who has ever felt awkward during a photo session or uncomfortable being posed in ways that are not natural to you and your significant other, Amber made the experience the complete opposite. She let us be completely ourselves and gave us a little direction when needed to make for the best photo opportunity. We hiked in the Rocky Mountains during sunset and even took a night walk around a lake and took some amazing night time shots. All my family and friends cannot stop commenting on how stunning and gorgeous every single photo looks! It was the most beautifully epic experience I could have ever asked for on my wedding day, I will be able to look back and say I truly loved every single moment, and one of the reasons we were able to do so was because of Amber. Amber and Adventure Instead truly lived up to their namesake- for anyone who wants to skip the big wedding stress and have an adventure instead, this is the very best decision you can make.

— Alyssa F.

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Got Questions About Elopement Photography?

We’ve got the answers, here.

Get in touch with us and this is the first thing we’ll help you figure out. During your free elopement consultation we’ll show you what’s possible and help you pick the right package—and you can always add more time throughout the planning process.

You’ll spend the entire day looking at your partner, soaking up the scenery, and making sure that not a single moment of your wedding day passes you by. We just happen to be there, taking photos to help you remember it all.

Your photos are meant to be part of the experience, not the main event. As your photographers and guides, we focus all of our energy on planning a day that’s for you and about you. Photos should never take away from the fun you’re having, they should just document that it happened at all.

We have yet to be at a wedding where it feels awkward. Because before we take a single photo of you, we’ll have you pause, slow down, take a deep breath, and just lock eyes with your partner. We’ll remind you why you’re here and that you don’t need to look at the camera at all.

Yes, yes, yes. We aren’t elopement photographers just for the super long hikes and getting up at 1am. We love those (of course!)—but the thing we care about MOST? You two get to be YOU and do YOU on your wedding day. Don’t let anyone (including us) make you feel like you’re not adventurous enough or that you have to be someone you’re not on your wedding day. #nohikingrequired

There really are no rules when it comes to having an elopement. You can roll out of bed at noon if that’s your style. The point is doing exactly what you want on this day. The time of day changes the light in photos, but there are two times a day that it’s beautiful. If “Adventure Instead” means capturing your epic shots at golden hour in the evening, we’re here for it.

These moments you’re seeing on this site—these don’t come from forced, in-authentic posing. These are real couples being their real selves and genuinely having fun. Of course we come with tons of ideas and suggestions (so you’re not wondering what to do) but our true priority is just to empower you two to just be YOU, and help you to have the best time together—exactly who you are—not anyone else.

Ready to

Start your adventure?

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