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best places to elope in Colorado


Snow-capped mountain peaks, rugged 4x4 roads, endless wildflower meadows, alpine lakes so blue they take your breath away—this is Colorado, and it’s the perfect place for adventurous couples who seek a captivating and jaw-dropping elopement experience. Colorado is an ideal elopement location for folks who love epic springtime blooms or frosty winter-coated mountains. Colorado is packed with a never-ending supply of outdoor activities—perfect for couples looking for a little adventure on their just us day, but Colorado is also known for its epic vistas, accessibility, and surprisingly diverse landscapes, from desert sand dunes to snowy 14ers all within the bounds of one state. Looking for adventure? Craving beautiful scenery? Love distinctive seasons? Colorado might be the perfect place for you and your love to commit your lives to each other.

Here, you’ll find everything you need to know about eloping in this magical state. From marriage laws and legalities (extra bonus: you can self-solemnize here!) to a seasonal weather breakdown, this page has all the Colorado knowledge you need to decide if this epic and beautiful state is perfect for your wildly different wedding experience





Snowy mountains, turqouise alpine lakes, stretches of sand dunes, stunning canyons, wildflower meadows, hot springs—Colorado’s landscape is much more versatile than you might think. Famous for its epic, mountaintop views (it has over 50 14ers), it’s hard to find a state in the US that matches its mountain prowess. But, if you seek rugged 4x4 adventures, insane wildflower blooms, Swiss Alps style vistas, and miles upon miles of sand dunes, Colorado might be the perfect place for you, too.


Colorado isn’t just a winter wonderland (although, if fresh powder and snowy mountain peaks are what you want for your wedding day, it’s hard to top co).

  • FALL (September-november:

    if you’ve never seen a colorado fall, do yourself a favor and click here. CO famously changes into magical shades of orange, yellow, red, and more during the fall months. want to see it in full swing? head up into the mountains for a display of jaw-dropping fall colors.

  • WINTER (november-april:

    fresh powder, snowy sports, and all the winter wonderland magic you’ve been dreaming of. Colorado is a beautiful place to get married in the winter, especially if you’re adventurous! Be warned, though, it can get pretty chilly!

  • SPRING (march-june:

    though it technically begins at the end of march, you can anticipate winter lasting through april. when the snow melts in the spring, though, be ready for stunning wildflowers meadows everywhere you turn.

  • SUMMER ( june-september:

    THINK BRIGHT, SUNSHINEY, PERFECT weather for all the outdoor activites you’re dreaming of—hiking, backpacking, horsebackriding, offroading, rockclimbing (the list goes on and on).


best places to elope in Colorado

Colorado is absolutely overflowing with best places to elope, no matter what kind of adventure you’re looking for. We could fill up infinite pages in endless books with all the breathtaking locations that live within Colorado, but for now, we’ll start you off with our top three.


Rocky Mountain National Park, lovingly known as RMNP is the paradise people dream of when they think of Colorado. This national park encompasses about 415 square miles—each inch more stunning than the next. In RMNP, you’ll find epic mountain views cresting over 12,000 feet, over 300 miles of hiking trails, wildflower blooms, alpine lakes, snow-capped peaks, and so much more! It’s truly an adventurous couples’ dream elopement spot!


If you’re looking for rugged roads cut steep into the mountain side, aquamarine alpine lakes, stunning wildflower blooms, and fall colors so vivid they could break your heart, you’re looking to elope in the San Juan Mountain Range. These colorful, jaw-dropping mountains look like a scene straight from the Alps. With its gorgeous and jagged peaks (carved out by old volcanic collapses and glaciers), alpenglow, and plenty of chances for off-road adventure, you and your love will feel like you’ve been launched from reality into a storybook beyond your wildest imagination.


Did you know the tallest sand dunes in the United States exist right here in Colorado? They do—and they’re surroudned by glorious mountains, seasonal beaches, and primitive roads. We know— when people think Colorado, they don’t immediately think deserts, but you guys, this national park is EPIC. What’s better? The Great Sand Dunes National Park is a wild spot for stargazing, camping, hiking, and off-roading.

PRO TIP: remember when we said there are endless best places to elope in Colorado? We weren’t kidding. There are thousands of locations within this state that’ll make your jaw drop, and we have all kinds of recommendations for you up our sleeves. We’d love to share them all with you!

MARRIAGE laws & Legalities

There’s so much to love about eloping in Colorado—especially how easy it is to get married here. Because every state (and country) has different rules about getting married, it’s helpful to know before you decide on your location! Here are a few must-know details about eloping in this gorgeous, wild state.

  • self Solemnization— no witnesses or officiants

    That’s right—you can marry yourselves in colorado, no extra help needed. all you need to do is sign your own marriage license as officiants—the rest is up to you.

  • Your dog can technically witness your marriage and sign the license with a pawprint

    This is hands-down one of the most adorable ways to include your furbaby in your special day— we’ve seen it done!

  • marriage licenses are incredibly simple

    Pick up a marriage license M-F at a nearby county clerk office, mail it back or drop it off in person after your ceremony

  • Waiting periods don’t exist

    There is no waiting period for getting married in colorado. that means you can apply for your license, get married, and turn it back in all in the same day if you want—there are no time issues to get in your way.

  • The fee is minimal

    The license fee is only $30. know that it might cost additional $$ if you plan to get married in an area that requires a permit.



no witnesses or Officiants needed

Nope! You’re not misinterpreting us, self solemnization is exactly what it sounds like.

In Colorado, you’re legally allowed to marry yourselves! That means you don’t need a witness, you don’t need an officiant—all you need is you, your partner, and your marriage license!

According to Colorado State Law, couples are legally allowed to officiate and act as their own witnesses for their wedding or elopement ceremonies. The best part? It’s all legal! All your responsible for is acquiring, completing, and returning the license to the appropriate county office of the clerk and recorder.

Want to be legally married on your elopement day in the wilderness in Colorado? Don’t stress about finding an officiant or witnesses—you don’t need ‘em. Sign as your own witnesses and your own officiant, have your friends do it, or have your pup sign with their pawprints (couples do it, you guys, and it rules!)





Brian and Ernie knew almost immediately where they were going to elope. Like a lot of couples who choose adventure elopements, they knew they wanted something beautiful. They knew they wanted something intimate. And they knew they wanted something uniquely and perfectly them. The location almost instantly came to mind—Ouray, Colorado. Brian and Ernie—both from Florida—had spent summer after summer working together in Ouray. They knew that it was the perfect spot to pledge their lives to each other (it was where they’d gotten engaged, after all), and even better, they knew the perfect time of year to do it. Golden Colorado Fall.


leslie & jinson

Although Leslie and Jinson had a more traditional Chinese wedding reception with their families, they wanted to keep their wedding day just the two of them. They were drawn to the intimacy of an elopement and love adventuring together so a high alpine lake elopement seemed like the perfect fit. Leslie and Jinson met in high school, even going to prom together, and were friends for ten years before they started dating five years ago. It was clear from their beautifully emotional ceremony that these two are a perfect fit for each other as well.



At the very start of the planning phase for Katie and Logan’s elopement adventure, they asked me a question: if you were to pick the most incredible part of Colorado for us to elope, where would you choose? Immediately, I thought of the San Juan Mountains.  This incredible mountain range in Southwest Colorado (in Ouray, more specifically) is unlike any other place in the state because the mountains were formed so differently than the rest of the front range. A lot of these mountains were created from an old volcano that collapsed in on itself, then pushed back upward to be carved out by glaciers.

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