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The Best Places to Elope in Washington State

Washington state is an adventure lover’s paradise, and even better, it’s a paradise for adventurous lovers who seek a unique, memorable day that’s all about them.

This state is ideal for couples who are looking to make their destination elopements just a little bit more adventurous.

With all the diverse landscapes you could ask for — this state has enormous mountain ranges, a moody coast, old-growth rain forests, glaciated mountain peaks, and alpine lakes all within its state lines — and plenty of adventurous activities and opportunities available to you, Washington is key piece of the PNWonderland allure that goes hand-in-hand with the Pacific Northwest.

Whether you’re looking for places to elope in Seattle, smack dab in the middle of a forest, on the Washington coast, or you’re planning to get married in a national park, Washington state has all of these locations in spades.

Are you already convinced to elope in Washington state?

We thought you might be, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to hear it —which is why we wanted to take it a step further and offer up some of our expert advice that we’ve gleaned over the years as professional elopement photographers and pro adventurers. Check out our list of the best places to elope in Washington state below!

Want to know more about the nitty-gritty details on how to elope in Washington state? We’ve got another blog post for that coming your way! In the meantime, study up on all the jaw-dropping places in Washington where you and your love can start planning your destination elopement.

A long road leads into a green, lush forest in Washington state as fog settles in the distance. This photo was captured by Adventure Instead, a Washington elopement photographer.
A bride and groom can be seen hiking in the distance on the steep side of a rocky, granite mountain that’s peppered with green moss. In the distance, an enormous mountain peak looms through the fog.

Olympic National Park, Washington

This is one of the crowning gems of the Pacific Northwest and an amazing choice for a PNW elopement because of its “three-parks-in-one” reputation.

If you and your love can’t decide on whether you want snowy mountains, rugged beaches, or lush rain forests for the backdrop of your elopement, we’ve got good news – you don’t have to pick.

Olympic National Park has all of these elements within its bounds – three distinct landscapes and three distinct ecosystems.

Located on the Olympic Peninsula, this national park is just two hours away from Seattle, which is convenient for both day trips and overnight adventures.

Imagine catching a sunrise peeking over the coast, then hiking through the mossy Hoh Rain Forest (or any of the other 600 miles of trails), and then basking in the alpenglow among the Olympic Mountain Range.

Another elopement perk of the Olympic National park?

You can find privacy and seclusion here. Olympic National Park is home to what’s known as the Quietest Square Inch in the United States — it’s said to have less noise pollution than any other location in the American wilderness.

In other words, it’s a calm and serene place for your personal, connected elopement ceremony and an absolutely ideal spot for couples seeking an Olympic National Park wedding with limited fuss or crowds.

Mount Rainier National Park, Washington

Made famous by its 14,410-foot mountain peak, Mount Rainier National Park is a breathtaking park located less than three hours from Seattle.

With jaw-dropping views of one of the world’s most iconic peaks, over 25 glaciers (and the largest collection of permanent ice on a single peak in the US south of Alaska), dramatic waterfalls, and alpine lakes, you’ll likely have to ask your partner to pinch you to ensure you it’s all real.

If you’re looking to add in more adventure to your Mountain Rainier elopement wedding experience, know that Mount Rainier National Park features an epic 93-mile backpacking loop known as the Wonderland Trail. This loop actually circles the volcano, has about 23,000 feet of elevation gain and loss, and can take anywhere from 9-13 days to complete.

A bride and groom run through a snow-covered meadow. Tall evergreen trees poke up behind them. In the distance, a snowy, granite covered mountain looms. The groom walks behind his bride, who is running and holding up the skirt of her wedding dress. These elopement photos were captured by Adventure Instead, a Washington elopement photographer.
Mount Rainier stands in the background, vast amounts of ice and snow covering the granite mountain. A bride and groom, closer to the camera, hold hands and run through a snow-covered meadow that has tufts of grass and wildflowers peeking through. At the center of the image is a tall, dark-green fir tree.

North Cascades National Park, Washington

We like to think of the North Cascades National Park as one of the best-kept secrets of the PNW.

While many recognize the name, this is one of the least visited parks in the country.


This is an epic and serene location for couples who want to elope in the PNW and are also looking to have a location all to themselves.

With over 400 miles of trails to hike (many of which are ideal for backpacking), this location is perfect for couples who have a thirst for adventure and are dying to have a North Cascades wedding.

You’ll find alpine lakes, rushing waterfalls, rocky ridge line, and dreamy glaciers (it has the second most glaciers in the U.S.!) in this astounding park.

We like to think that this location is an absolute dream for a couple looking to elope in Washington state.

A bride and groom take hands on the side of a mountain and bask in the golden, glowing light the sun is casting of them. Off in the distance of this elopement photo, several mountain ranges can be seen.

The Washington Coast

When people think of eloping on the coast of the Pacific Northwest, typically their minds shoot straight to eloping on the beaches of Oregon. Granted, we can’t blame them — the Oregon coast is stunning.

But we’re going to let you in on a little secret —the Washington Coast is just as beautiful, too. Although much of the Washington Coast is found on the Olympic Peninsula (as if that’s a negative, right), we don’t want to just lump it into the same category as Olympic National Park and call it a day. The Washington Coast covers more than 150 miles, leaving you and your love plenty of secluded, gorgeous space to have a just us day.

Choosing to elope on the Washington coast means you’re choosing to throw yourselves into a magical space that feels otherworldly. From October – April, you can bet you’ll catch those moody feels with tons of misty rain and overcast skies. The summer, on the other hand, offers up some of the most gorgeous sunsets you’ve ever laid your eyes on. As for the old-growth forests growing up the coast and the jagged, rocky sea stacks — luckily, those are year-round on the Washington coast. No seasonal visit required.

The coast is only a few hours away from Seattle, but there are great little towns close by that are quirky and full of spunk (we’re looking at you, Port Angeles). There are even amazing areas to camp on the beach in Washington —imagine tucking in for the night in a tent by the ocean, waking up to sandy kisses, and saying your vows on the same beach you spent the night on. Pure magic we tell you.

Waves crash against rocky boulders on a misty Washington beach during the golden hour. The waves spray all over as they hit the boulders in the shallow water. This adventure elopement photo was taken by Adventure Instead, an elopement photographer.
A bride, wearing a soft, purple gown, leans against her groom, in a black suit, as they stand among the rocky crags along the Washington Coast. In the distance, the Pacific Ocean is calmly lapping up against the rocks. Tiny bursts of red flowers are blooming on the side of these coastal rocks.

Mount St. Helens

Before we dive into some of the cold hard facts about eloping in Mount St Helens, can we just ask the question — what’s cooler than saying, “yeah, we eloped on an active volcano.”

Because the answers that top that are pretty few and far between.

With blossoming wildflower fields in the summer months in the midst of a barren landscape and snowy mountains in the winter, this elopement location is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Just a few hours away from Seattle (closer if you’re coming from Portland), Mount Saint Helens offers you and your love the chance for a unique elopement full of alpine lakes and wildflower fields.  It also offers you the chance elope in Washington in a place that quite literally has regrown from the ashes of total destruction.  

Snoqualmie Mount Baker National Forest

Walking through the wonderland that is the Snoqualmie Mount Baker National Forest is like stepping out of this world and right into an outright unbelievable one.

This convenient location (just under an hour from Seattle) is a beautiful spot for a destination elopement because it has so much to offer —skiing and snowshoeing in the winter, hiking infinite trails in the summer, waterfalls to hunt down, and some of the most insane alpine lakes to gawk at in the entire state.

This gorgeous spot is located on the west side of the Cascades and tucked between Mount Rainier and the Canadian border. With its mountain meadows that explore with wildflowers in the summer and it’s lush, old-growth forests, it’s truly an unreal place to elope.

Think the warm summer is an opportune time to visit? You should see it when the leaves change in the Fall and when the snow falls in the Winter.  

A newly married couple embrace as they stand on a mossy, lush piece of land next to a cascading waterfall in a Washington forest. This elopement picture was captured by Washington elopement photographer Adventure Instead.
A newly married couple, still in their wedding attire, balance on a few fallen trees laying a few feet above the ground. Enormous green trees surround them in their destination elopement in an old-growth forest in Washington.

Are you ready to plan your destination elopement?

Whether you’re looking for a Seattle elopement, a national park wedding, have a specific desire for a Mount Rainier wedding, a North Cascades wedding, or want to find a cozy spot to elope on the Washington coast, we can help you find the best places to elope in Washington state.

As seasoned adventure elopement photographers, we’re more than ready to help you get your special, just us day all set— reach out to us for pricing, elopement locations, or any questions you might have about the best places to elope in Washington state.  



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