| September 27, 2016

Erin & Graham’s Wedding on 3M Curve in RMNP’s Trail Ridge Road

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One of the weddings that will forever stick out in my mind as a mind-blowing journey is Erin & Graham’s intimate wedding in Rocky Mountain National Park. Discover their story!

None of the couples I’ve ever photographed have been models. Most humans are scared of cameras — but there’s nothing more fulling than helping a couple get lost in their love for each other in front of my camera. It’s the most incredible part of what I do as a photographer. 

Almost every single couple I’ve ever photographed has said to me, “We’re not super photogenic” or “We’re awkward in front of the camera,” or sometimes even “We really hate having our photo taken.” And rather than put me off… I absolutely love hearing comments like these, because there’s so much room for transformation. A couple who has never been photographed professionally before is a completely blank canvas and it’s the most fulfilling experience to take a couple on a journey to being completely vulnerable, relaxed, and purely themselves in front of my camera. 

One of the weddings that will forever stick out in my mind as a mind-blowing journey is Erin and Graham’s intimate wedding in Rocky Mountain National Park. Through intentionally getting to know Erin & Graham and planning an elopement from start to finish that would reflect their relationship, it was incredible to see the walls tumble down, and see their hearts unfold in front of my camera on their wedding day. The stars truly aligned and the scenery, the light, the weather, the location, and the emotion perfectly blended to create one of the most magical wedding days I’ve ever experienced. Watching these two cuddles in the morning light in the mountains was awe-inspiring. Their love is passionate, magnetic, free-spirited, and completely unhindered. 

The combination of fearless adventure & passionate intimacy is what drives me from the core of my photographic soul. From their intimate first look on Trail Ridge Road to their beautiful elopement ceremony at 3M curve in Rocky Mountain National park, and ending with a casual picnic at a cabin in Grand Lake, Erin & Graham’s wedding represents the perfect type of wedding that I love being a part of — and the one I imagine having myself someday. 

Vendor Credits:
Flowers: Lace and Lillies
Ceremony: 3M Curve, Trail Ridge Road, Rocky Mountain National Park

Any couple looking to elope in the rocky mountains near Estes Park should consider Rocky Mountain National Park, with only a $150 permit to get married up there… it contains some of the most jaw-dropping mountain views I’ve ever seen. Contact me for special elopement packages in RMNP.  I’ve photographed over 20 weddings in RMNP and I would love to help you find the perfect spot for your intimate wedding ceremony!

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