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Prepare you and your clients at every stage—from initial inquiry to delivering a consistent gallery

Informed by over a decade of experience with 400+ clients

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Say goodbye to inbox stress

Instantly revolutionize your workflow, stop getting ghosted, and effortlessly deliver a high-end experience

with 65 done-for-you email templates & questionnaires plus a complete workflow guide

4 unique & customizable brand voices (so you sound like you)

Copywriter-crafted (so you sound professional)

Tested on 400+ high-end wedding & elopement clients

Education & explanations with each email plus bonus tutorials

“I can’t even explain how amazing these email templates are and how much they have ALREADY made a difference to my bookings! I just booked my highest package EVER and I’m 99% sure the emails were the cause of it!”

– Bridget Stephenson, Portland, ME  U.S.A.

Planning assistance


Gain instant expertise and

Effortlessly level-up your client experience and deliver expert planning advice in a ready-to-send client guide

gain 100+ page fully-written & designed pages to guide your clients on “how to elope”

Completely written-for-you guide with all of the 100 pages of text included

30+ included elopement & intimate wedding planning topics)

Easy-to-customized Adobe InDesign (.indd) & Canva templates

Educational “Guide to the Guide” on how to get the most out of your guide

“I’m seriously floored. I’ve NEVER found a guide that offers this much knowledge and content to clients. I would pay SO much more for this. Worth every penny!”

– Brianna Parks, Redding, CA U.S.A.

consistent editing


Stop tweaking endlessly for each new scene

Get perfect skin tones in every lighting situation with 70 presets in a complete editing system

Designed for 7 unique real-life lighting situations: go to, harsh AF, bright background, blue hour & night, indoor, all the feels B&W, and wanderlust)

Complete editing system designed for 7 different real life lighting situations

30 time-saving tools for lens corrections, noise, sharpening & more

19 creative masks & brushes for haze, alpenglow, skies, & more

Tutorial videos and guides with easy installation and expert education

“Maddie’s are blowing my mind. You get SO MANY and the way they are labeled is genius! I am floored. You will 100 percent not regret buying!”

– Kelsey Justice, Birmingham, AL U.S.A.

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