| April 6, 2020

Airbnb Wedding Venues

Here at Adventure Instead, we are big fans of creative wedding venues. We’re especially intrigued when those venues come in the form of dreamy, unique Airbnbs.

For couples who are looking for something a little “out of the box”, you may consider an Airbnb as the perfect solution. With an Airbnb, you could have access to private beaches, hiking trails, secluded forests, and more. But wait, there’s even MORE! The perks of incorporating an Airbnb into your day are limitless.

For elopements and intimate weddings, an Airbnb would be able to house all of your guests in one place.

  • Stay someplace unique! Why the hell not? You’re already making your day special by choosing to elope, so there’s no stopping you now!
  • For elopements and intimate weddings, an Airbnb would be able to house all of your guests in one place.
  • Venue. Check! Elopement ceremony location. Check!
  • As we all know, there is always a chance for rain (snow, sleet, tropical storms..) on your wedding day but with an Airbnb, you’ve already got your backup, indoor location secured.
  • “Feels like home!”. Well, maybe not entirely. But with an Airbnb, you do get all the amenities of a home. Depending on the location, you could be on a property with land and have acres upon acres to yourself. Because, let’s be honest. Who doesn’t want a secluded, cozy home to live in during their wedding weekend? Cue the #stressfree “ahhhhhhs”.

Questions to Ask Before Booking a Rental Property for Your Wedding

Is there natural light?

When reviewing properties online, be sure to keep an eye out for natural light! Natural light will be great for your photos.

Where is it located?

Location, location, location. Yep – this applies even for your short-term rentals. Let’s face it, what’s an amazing elopement ceremony and reception without a view? Here are a few other questions you may want to ask:

  • How much of the property will be yours to use?
  • Where are the views located?
  • How close is the Airbnb to other homes?
  • Is there enough parking for your friends & family?
  • How close is it to restaurants, bars, activities, and other things that are important to the two of you?
  • And, most important of all — what is the distance from your actual elopement ceremony location? For real! We recommend checking this out on Google Maps before making things official.

Is the host or house event-friendly?

Ensure that your chosen property is event-friendly. Airbnb has listings all over the world that are perfect for hosting events, but not every listing is. If you aren’t finding what you need on Airbnb, we have a few other places we recommend looking: VRBO, GlampingHub, HomeAway, Boutique Homes, Under Canvas and Book a Treehouse. For a more local vibe, we recommend searching for location-specific rental companies like  The Redwoods in Yosemite in California for example.

Do they allow pets?

We’ve basically written the “guide” on How to Include Your Dog in You Wedding, so you better believe we’re recommending that you double-check on the pet-friendliness of your Airbnb.

How do the reviews look?

Be sure to check the reviews! The last thing you and your partner want (or need) during your special wedding weekend is an unexpected surprise.

Does it fit the vibe of your elopement?

Do the home and location match your personality? Will you feel comfortable and at ease inside? We can’t really answer these questions for you, but if you’re one of our couples we are more than happy to be an Airbnb matchmaker!

Real Airbnb Wedding Inspiration from Adventure Instead Couples

Fiona & Seth had cake and their first dance back at their adorable rustic A-frame Airbnb after a long hiking Washington elopement.

Epic Airbnb in the Faroe Islands

We met Elaura & Daryn for the first time outside their Airbnb —a location so epic even pictures don’t do it justice. (To put it in perspective, the owner of the Airbnb said he often sees whales in the fjord outside his window while he’s doing dishes).

Airbnb wedding in Ouray, CO & 4×4 roads near Ouray & Silverton, Colorado, U.S.A.

We were so obsessed with this library treehouse in Oregon, we spent over an hour with Lindsay and David taking photos and exploring this little slice of paradise.

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