| February 4, 2015

An Engagement at the Denver Aquarium!? | Kara & Greg

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Denver Engagement Photographer

Kara and Greg’s engagement shoot at the Downtown Aquarium in Denver was so unique and fun. It’s obvious that these two have spent a lot of time there together. They have an aquarium at home and I was amazed by how much these two know about fish! Almost every tank we walked by, Greg informed me what kind of fish live in there and the unique ways they interact. There’s something weirdly romantic about aquariums. I don’t know if its soft blue mood lighting, or the mesmerizing fish just swimming around. Greg must have thought so too because we even walked by the exact spot where he proposed to Kara last year! These two have a beautiful relationship and I have so much fun exploring the aquarium with them. We even got to pet stingrays at the end! I officially have the best job in the world. I can’t wait for their Wedgewood at Boulder Creek wedding later this year! 

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