| August 28, 2017

Incredible Adventure Elopement for Kari & Karen in Tofino Canada

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I struggle for words when I think about this elopement. There are some days that you meet the most perfect people, who are destined to be together, and all just feels right with the world when they finally get to say their vows and be officially married. 

Kari & Karin are the actual definition of an adventurous couple. They met 11 years ago at the airline where they both work and have traveled literally all over the world together thanks to their free flights and flexible schedule. They love traveling, camping, hiking, scuba diving, and mountain climbing. Last year they climbed to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and got engaged on the summit! Basically, this couple truly knows how to live adventurously — and for me, meeting them was like finding two long-lost friends who I have really just known forever — we had the most incredible two days together frolicking around Tofino — an absolutely nostalgia-inducing little adorable beach town on Vancouver Island. 

After a plane trip, a car drive, and a ferry ride, I got into town and Kari & Karin took me on my first experience of whale-watching. We got all suited up in crazy astronaut-like attire and got on a Zodiac. We got sprayed with cold seawater as we saw numerous grey whales spouting around us. We then of course stopped at Tacofino for all their taco deliciousness and ended the evening with a casual shoot exploring Long Beach — finding sand dollars, and climbing over rocks to watch the sunset. 

On their wedding day, they got ready together in their cozy beachside lodge and we stopped for Chocolate on our way to the airport. We met up with the most awesome helicopter pilot, Jason from Atleo River Air Service, who flew us up to the top of a glacial mountain overlooking the whole Clayoquot Sound. They said their tear-filled vows and laughed along to a ceremony that was specially customized by Karin’s sister. After they were finally officially married (YAY!!!!) we got back in the helicopter and flew over a nearby glacier and then back towards the sound. As we were headed toward a little uninhabited shell island for a picnic, we spotted another grey wale from the air that was spouting!

We landed on our own little private shell island and had a picnic with some sea otters and explored around. After our exploration, we flew back to the airport. On our drive back to the lodge we spotted a little rainforest hike on the side of the road and decided to go adventuring. We finished up THE most perfect wedding day by riding cruiser bikes on the beach and hiking toward a rocky point on Long Beach. When we reached the best view and while the sun was setting, I had Kari & Karin lay out a blanket to do some cuddly sunset photos — I pulled out a laptop from my camera bag that had a surprise video toast from their family members ready to play. It was a perfect way to end the most jaw-dropping, and heart-melting elopement day with the two most incredible people. 

Kari & Karin — thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me be a part of your mind-blowingly awesome helicopter elopement. I cannot express the gratitude I feel to get to call this my job — you literally made all my dreams come true. 

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