| May 20, 2020

This Sahalie Oregon Waterfall Elopement Blew All others Out of the Water

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Lindsay and David eloped in the Willamette National Forest during an adventurous weekend filled with unique rentals, quiet hikes, and incredible Oregon locations.

A bride and groom smile at each other while standing in front of an Oregon waterfall.

Lindsey and David fashioned this private Oregon waterfall location into a fairytale elopement

How they chose to structure their two day elopement

  • The perfect evening in an AirBnB treehouse-nook
  • Day one excursion to Oregon’s coastline complete with tidepools and lighthouse
  • Day two secluded sunrise ceremony at The Sahalie Falls attended by a rainbow
  • A spontaneous hike through the forest and blue water discovery
  • A locally sourced gin cocktail to cheers becoming husband and wife!

About Lindsey and David

Have you ever been around a couple where their kindness and love for one another is palpable—from the way they speak to one another, how they touch one another, and their attentive awareness of the other person? That is Lindsey and David to a tee. David is outgoing and friendly while Linsey is more reserved and warm. They complement one another perfectly!

The Most Prefect AirBnB Treehouse Hideaway in all of Oregon

The treehouse they stayed in for the first few nights of their trip was something out of a Disney movie. Imagine wall-to-wall books and a ladder-like in Beauty & The Beast! The whole space was open and inviting—pretty much the coolest rental ever! Lindsay and David cuddled in the hammock as the sunset while I snagged a few detail shots and sweet moments they were quietly sharing. I highly recommend couples traveling for their elopements find a house or cabin they adore to spend the weekend in—it really adds to the experience.

A couple sit in a library room at an Airbnb.
A couple sit in a hammock at an Airbnb.

Viewing the Oregon Coastline before their Elopement

A couple kiss on a beach at the Oregon Coast.

Lindsay, David, and I became fast friends which made our time together that much more comfortable and fun. We all hopped in the car the following more to head out on a two hour drive to the Oregon Coast. David had actually proposed to Lindsay at a lighthouse,  the coastline held a special place in their hearts and love story. I made sure that one of the hikes I planned for us to explore that day included a lighthouse so they could embrace the salty sea breeze with some sweet nostalgia. They hiked around rocks, meandered through driftwood, and explored tidepools at the base of the lighthouse. The whole morning was relaxed and joyful – we were extremely lucky to have the trails to ourselves with such perfect weather!

Landscape of Oregon. There is a rainbow reflecting in the air.

Their Elopement at the Sahaelie Waterfalls of oregon

Getting ready at another dreamy airbnb

Dark and early, at 3am, I met them at a new Airbnb closer to their ceremony location—believe it or not it was just as cute (if not more so) than their previous one! Even though David has seen Lindsey in her dress prior to this day, there is something moving about seeing your partner in their wedding attire the day of. The ‘this is it’ jitters of excitement set in for both of them as Lindsey fastened David’s boutineer. We set off to Sahalie Falls and successfully beat the traffic, crowds, and sun there.

Epic Waterfall Backdrop Ceremony

It wasn’t long before we could hear the rushing falls as we made our way up the blue-lit trail. The waterfall was bigger than any of us could imagine and the bellowing sound of the water left us awestricken. Sahalie Falls is one of many Oregon waterfalls perfect for an elopement. When the sun had finally risen they made their way through to a moss-covered overlook to exchange vows. With water crashing behind them David gushed about how he knew he wanted to marry her from the start as he pushed her hair back behind her ear. It was inspiring to see such loving people find a home within one another.

Hike through the forest and farewell rainbow

The only thing left to do was explore the Mackenzie River Trail and surrounding areas in wedded bliss! They took in the thundering falls, strolled through the trees, leaned romantically on bridges, snuck kisses where they could, and were fully immersed in one another. As we were taking one last look at Sahalie Waterfall the sun crept over the edge of the falls, illuminating the mist to create a rainbow! Talk about a fairytale!

What the Mackenzie river has to offer you

Lindsey and David needed a two day elopement

It was clear from the beginning of Lindsey and David’s elopement planning that they wanted flexibility and have ample time to enjoy the experience with one another. They valued being able to move through their days with ease so if they wanted to hike multiple trails they could or if they wanted to go home early at the end of the day to eat cupcakes and drink gin cocktails they could do that too! In fact, they ended up doing all of that—and so much more. They were able to experience all of the beautiful and quintessential things Oregon has to offer. Think of all of the fun possibilities and everything you could do, by extending your elopement timeline.

xx Amber

Please respect the outdoors by practicing Leave No Trace. Learn more about how to apply the principles of Leave No Trace on your next outdoor adventure here.

A bride and groom hold hands while walking through a forest.
A bride and groom look at each other while standing on a bridge in the forest.
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