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From the basics of becoming an elopement photographer to learning how to optimize your marketing efforts to what actually goes into taking epic star photos & so much more… I’ve got you covered!

Elopement Photography 101

By Maddie Mae

  • The basics & first steps you should take to get started in elopement photography
  • The most important things to do to start
  • The 4 keys to becoming a successful elopement photographer

Don’t Get Ghosted

By Maddie Mae

  • The anatomy of your contact form & an initial email response
  • Why follow-up emails matter (& what those follow-ups should look like)
  • How to stop getting ghosted after a couple inquires with you

Easy Portfolio-Building While Traveling

By Maddie Mae

  • How to set up a low-cost styled shoot
  • Finding models & vendors (locally or abroad)
  • Building a portfolio without devaluing your work or the industry—that will actually get you booked

How to Price Elopements

By Maddie Mae

  • How to properly price elopements (including rolling in your travel costs)
  • Common myths about pricing elopements vs. pricing traditional weddings
  • How many hours you should offer

All-Day Elopements

By Maddie Mae

  • What to photograph for 8, 10, or 12 hours during a 2-person elopement
  • How to plan an epic all-day elopement
  • Putting together timelines that communicate the value of all-day elopements

Effective Pricing Guides

By Maddie Mae

  • Communicating your value through your pricing guide(s)
  • Tailoring your pricing guides to different locations
  • How to structure your packages on your pricing guide to avoid sticker shock

Optimize Your Site & Get Inquiries

By Maddie Mae

  • How to avoid common mistakes that photographers make on their websites
  • Effectively communicating your value on your website
  • What information you need above the fold so that a couple doesn’t bounce

Hiking Elopement Logistics

By Maddie Mae

  • Different camera backpack setups for hiking elopements
  • What to pack & bring with you for a hiking elopement
  • Setting up & preparing for epic hiking experiences for eloping couples

Photographing Couples in Landscapes

By Maddie Mae

  • Tips & tricks for shooting in outdoor landscapes
  • Why composition & lens choice matter
  • How to handle focusing & lighting in outdoor environments

How to Take Star Portraits with Couples

By Maddie Mae

  • Astrophotography with eloping couples
  • Resources to help you set up epic star photos
  • Gear, lenses, headlamps, & camera settings for star photos

How to Get Five-Star Reviews

By Maddie Mae

  • Tips & tricks on delivering the best experience before, during, & after your couple’s elopement
  • How to knock your clients’ socks off
  • Why you should always under-promise & over-deliver

How to Outsource & Hire Help

By Maddie Mae

  • How to know when you should outsource
  • What parts of your photography business to outsource
  • Where to find people to outsource to

How to Write Engaging Instagram Captions

By Maddie Mae

  • Formulas to write engaging Instagram captions that get comments, saves, & shares
  • Content recycling from blog posts to Instagram
  • Hashtag research methods to extend your account’s reach

Elopement Planning & Logistics

By Maddie Mae

  • What the unique needs of eloping couples are
  • What planning skills you need to learn to become an expert “guide” for your couples throughout their elopement experience
  • Tangible workflow tips to help you create a high-end service

All Things Legal & Liability with Paige Griffith

By Maddie Mae & Paige Griffith (of The Legal Paige)

  • What you need in your contract to protect you as a photographer
  • The type of liability insurance you’ll need to photograph elopements
  • The logistics of legally shooting abroad

Become a Legally Legit Adventure Wedding & Elopement Photographer

By Maddie Mae & Paige Griffith (of The Legal Paige)

  • What vital clauses you should have in your contract if you photograph adventure weddings or elopements
  • What insurance coverage you need and how it protects you legally
  • How insurance & your contract can work together to protect you against all sorts of worst-case-scenarios

The Elopement Photographer Course: Free Chapter (Workflow)

By Maddie Mae

  • What it is actually like to be an elopement photographer—and what the entire workflow for planning & photographing an elopement looks like
  • How to delight your clients with an epic workflow so that you get five-star reviews
  • Streamline & perfect your clients’ elopement experience with your own personal, unique touch

The 7-Day Elopement Photographer Challenge

By Maddie Mae

  • How to price elopements & communicate the value of an all-day elopement experience through timelines
  • How to craft a portfolio that is attractive to eloping couples, even if you’ve never shot an elopement before
  • How to make sure that all of your marketing efforts are elopement-friendly

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