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How to Pick the Perfect Elopement Location in Oregon

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Your Guide For Finding the Perfect-For-You Elopement Location in Beautiful Oregon

Before we even start in on why Oregon absolutely rules when it comes to elopements, we want to be totally upfront about where we stand on this whole location thing:

No matter where in the world you and your partner end up choosing for your elopement, the fact that you’re choosing to pledge your lives to each other in a meaningful, intentional, and intimate day makes your wedding day pretty dang perfect, to begin with.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t help you hunt down an epic spot to make it even more perfect, right?

When it comes to helping couples choose locations for their unique, wild wedding adventures, we also do our best to make sure we’re suggesting places that speak to them, fit their vision, and are totally in line with what they want. It only makes sense that every couple’s location list looks a little bit different.

Still, time and time again, we find ourselves recommending Oregon to so many couples for so many different reasons, but ultimately, we can boil it down to one, simple fact: Oregon is basically magic.

If rugged coastline, old-growth forests, rushing waterfalls, steep sand dunes, volcanic mountains, and crater-esque lakes all sound like they might be right up your alley when it comes to epic elopement locations, then we’re happy to report you’re in the right place to learn more.

The cool thing about Oregon is that it’s wildly diverse. But with a ton of absolutely jaw-dropping options and limitless opportunities for adventure, actually choosing your perfect Oregon elopement location can sometimes feel just a little overwhelming.

Don’t sweat it — we’re here to help.

As we like to say, a little guidance can go a long way — especially guidance from pros who’ve done this kind of thing countless times before.

When it comes to Oregon locations, we’ve got you covered. And when it comes to narrowing your Oregon locations down to a list of places that make the most sense for you, we’ve got you covered there, too.

No matter where you choose to elope in Oregon (or anywhere in the world), know this:

Eloping is all about what you and your partner want. There are no rules, no regulations, and no guidelines. An elopement is exactly what you make it. That very sentiment, that freedom to have a just us day, is one of the biggest reasons couples choose to elope.

So, hell yeah, you absolutely should pick the Oregon elopement spot that fits you and your partner perfectly — we’re proud to be here to help you do exactly that.

Oregon Views — What Type of Scenery Do You Picture?

Grab your partner’s hand (seriously, do it!) and shut your eyes. Think hard about the day you’re going to stand next to each other, holding each other’s hands like you’re doing right now, and saying your vows. Try to picture it all.

Now, ask yourself — where are you? What do you see?

You don’t need to know specifics to give this an experiment a go — this can be super vague. Are you on the top of a mountain you’ve just hiked up? Are you sitting in a kayak on a river? Are you running hand-and-hand down a moody, sandy beach toward a picnic blanket decked out with your favorite treats?

Really take a minute to think about what your surroundings are and talk freely to each other about what views make your hearts soar. Remember, there are no boundaries. Brainstorm, connect, and let your mind wander — no matter what your vision looks like, embrace it.

Whether you want to chase down Oregon waterfalls (by the way, there are 230 of them peppered throughout the state), bask in the alpenglow at the top of Mt. Hood, or want to drift off to sleep together listening to the Pacific ocean while you camp on the Oregon coast, we can guarantee you there’s a gorgeous spot in Oregon just waiting for you to discover it.

And you know what? If you can’t come up with just one answer — that’s okay! Who says your elopement needs to be in one place? If you’re a couple who loves the idea of a multi-day or multi-location Oregon elopement, we’re here to tell you that we’re so on board with that.

Your day is about what you and your love want — that includes the views, the scenery, and the landscape.

We’ve got plenty of excellent location inspo here in our Best Places to Elope in Oregon guide (take a peek!)

Seasonality & Weather

We’re going to address the elephant in the room right away because we know it’s on your mind. Yes, Oregon does have a rainy season, and yes, much like the rest of the PNW, it can get a little drizzly. But here’s the beautiful thing — Oregon isn’t rainy all that time. That’s the neat thing about seasons, they bring all kinds of options.

Oregon’s rainy season hits in the winter and lets up in the spring, but the state gets the whole range of seasonality — there’s a window of time for Fall colors, winter snowflakes, PNW-moody spring, and of course, a gorgeous summer.

If you love misty, foggy days that make for gorgeous, moody photos, then believe us when you say you’re going to truly dig Oregon November-March. Looking for some epic PNW-mood photos? Might we recommend a dreamy Oregon coastline elopement?

If you fancy yourselves more of a sunny-and-70 type of couple (no shame in that game), we suggest trying out Mt. Hood in June or July for some majorly beautiful wildflower blooms.

(Check out even more information about Oregon’s seasonality right here.)

Does a Private Spot Matter to You?

Lots of couples who are planning an elopement instead of a big, traditional wedding have plenty of reasons for taking their own, unique approach to their day, but in a lot of cases, it has to do with one major factor — intimacy.

For a lot of people, a 200-person wedding just isn’t the idea of intimate and secluded they’d painted in their heads, so an elopement (which can offer as much privacy as you want), is a very exciting option. With total privacy, couples can laugh, cry, and be themselves, fully embracing each other and their own feelings on a day that means so much. We love and respect that so much.

But still, the outdoors are for everybody (something we firmly believe in), so there’s not always a guarantee that you and your love will have your ideal spot all to yourselves.

That’s where excellent planning comes in. If your idea of the perfect Oregon elopement location is, say in front of an incredible Oregon waterfall, choosing one that requires a bit of lengthier hike to get to during a non-peak season could help you with your privacy equation. We’re not saying that finding a secluded, popular spot isn’t possible, it is! But it might take just a little more research — a job we’re happy to help you with!

Start Hunting Down the Perfect Elopement Location — Here are a Few Helpful Tools

If you’re ready to start really digging into Oregon elopement research, we’re so jazzed for you. While we’d be thrilled to help you get the ball rolling, we know how fun it can be to do your own research. Check out a few of these super useful tools (many of which we use to find incredible elopement spots) to start checking out this gorgeous state.

  • Social Media (Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook—check ‘em all)
  • Travel Guides (like Lonely Planet)
  • 4×4 Road Maps
  • Local Guides & Guiding Companies
  • Google Tools (Google Earth Pro, Google Maps, Google Street View)
  • Oregon-Based Hiking, Climbing, and Adventure Forums
  • Don’t forget, we’ve got quite a bit of Oregon information ourselves! Your welcome to give us a call anytime to chat about Oregon elopement locations and how to find the perfect one for you, but in the meantime, check out our Best Places to Elope in Oregon Guide, our blogpost filled with our favorite Oregon elopement locations, and of course, our 10 Top Reasons to Elope in Oregon post.

Picking the Perfect Oregon Elopement Location: A Quick Question Checklist

As always, there are going to be a few things you don’t automatically think of when you start to research your Oregon elopement locations. Don’t sweat it, we all do it! To remedy that, we’ve created a little checklist for you to review as you research so you don’t forget a few important factors:

  • Is your ideal Oregon elopement location accessible for the people you’re planning to bring (if any?) Remember, your elopement day is about what you and your partner want—whether that means you want to bring family or friends along or you want a just-us day.
  • Is being legally married on your elopement day important to you? Check out Oregon’s legal requirements for getting married and be sure they make sense for you, your partner, and the day you want to have. (PRO TIP: if you’re set on Oregon and you’re not down with the legal stuff, don’t sweat it—paperwork is just paperwork. You’re married on the day you say your vows, not on the day you sign a piece of government paperwork.)
  • Does your Oregon location have specific outdoor guidelines that might not align with your vision of the perfect day (i.e., no sparklers in a dry area that’s subject to forest fires)? Check out our blog about Leave No Trace Principles for even more info on proper outdoor guidelines.
  • What about permits — do you need particular permits or licenses in order to elope in your Oregon location?

At the end of the day, your Oregon elopement location should be a true, beautiful reflection of what matters to you and your partner. Dream big, follow your heart, and don’t let anyone keep you from having the elopement day of your dreams.

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